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From: Gaye Cook <>
Subject: Re: Savage - Fermanagh
Date: Sat, 14 Feb 1998 15:40:05 +1100

Hello Linda:

Thank you very much for the Savage background information. It is very

>The really correct answer is you'd trace them backwards to where
>they came from Scotland. This isn't terribly easy -- or even possible.
>You can make assumptions if they are Presbyterians and seemed (or
>you seem) culturally Ulster Scots.

You are right. I have a number of Irish lines that I keep putting on the
shelf in frustration when the records and information seem to dry up around
1800 - as in the Savage case.

>Thanks for asking -- I learned all this history. Now the list
>has only has a couple questions of you: Are you rich too? And
>if so, can we all come and stay free at your mansion??

Rich in ancestors perhaps and the 'mansion' has dimensions more in keeping
with the gamekeepers lodge!

>Seriously, I suspect if you can tie your family into this one,
>you will trace your family farther than most of us. I'd check
>LDS catelog for published genealogies.

I will check this out thankyou. But, if true, then they were not strictly
speaking Scotch-Irish.

>Lisvoy must be a town....anyone know?

Lisvoy is in fact Lisboy, a townland near Enniskillen - thanks to Ron
Cushman. With the information he has kindly passed on, I should probably
tackle the Griffith Valuations which I have heard is a valuable source of

Many thanks to all who responded
Gaye Cook

PS I have followed the Mason conversations with interest. As long as I can
remember, my Dad went off to 'ride the goat' on a regular basis.

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