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From: "Aaron Orr" <>
Subject: Re: Attention Please!!
Date: Sat, 14 Feb 1998 00:50:05 -0500


I thank you for your good posting and I can verify all you have said.


> From: Edward Andrews <>
> To: Gail Moore <>
> Cc:
> Subject: Re: Attention Please!!
> Date: February 13, 1998 8:44 AM
> Gail Moore wrote:
> >
> > GENEALOGY= to me as taught to me by a Genealogist at one of the
> > biggest Genealogy Librarys in the US.
> >
> > The study of ones roots, be it names, dates, family stories (on this
> > list known as the dreded chit chat), marriages, births, places,
> > census sheets, book information, etc......the list goes on and on.
> > Please re-read what it says about posting.
> >
> > Each and every one of the subjects now being called chit/chat
> > began as a simple question to a subject found while tracing someones
> > and sparked an interest. Sometimes learning more about some of these
> > subjects helps unlock closed doors to
> > more hidden ancestors.
> In the Ulster American Folk park outside Omagh there is a ship. It
> lies between the area of the Park which is a replica of Old Ulster,
> and the area which is America.
> To get form one site to the other, you have to pass thorough the
> ship.
> It is a useful piece of symbolism for us on this list.
> The S-I list has an intresting feature in that we are two people,
> those whose ancestors passed through the ship, and those whose
> ancestors did not.
> I will say nothing about those whose ancestors did go through the
> ship. Their recent experience is not my recent experience. To me the
> Civil War was fought in either the 1920s or the 1640s. That however
> does not make it - and I am only taking it as an example - is not part
> ot the experience of the group. That the pains of reconstruction do
> not still leave a shadow across the list.
> We are a bastard race - even ignoring the more recent additions to
> our gene pool in America, the Scots Irish are a weird mixture, and we
> are also Children of the Scots - themselves as Iain Henderson says -
> a bastard race.
> We went to Ireland to do a politically incorrect job - to take over
> from the natives. Those of you who went to the colonies, when they got
> there, often used to do the same job.
> Our understanding of the Christian faith is one which reflects
> political and theological disputes which often were spent, and
> irrelevant by the time that they reached us.
> Our diet reflected what we could get, where we were.
> On a list like this we could go in for name spotting. I am not sure
> that this is going to do us any Good.
> I say nothing about genealogical research in America. In Ulster it is
> difficult to take the first steps. My parents Birth Certificates are
> not available, nor their parents. This in addition to the reluctance
> of the older generation to even transfer their knowledge makes it
> difficult to get anywhere. It is notoriously difficult to get back to
> Scotland.
> Of course people get into discussions, which to those who are not
> interested, may seem to be off list, but from which it is quite
> possible that people may glean something which helps them to place
> their people.
> It is after all no more intrusive in terms of mail, that the
> question:-
> BLOGGS, came from Ireland some time, please help - which is a piece
> of proper genealogical request.
> As far as the question of style and spelling. If you can understand
> it, then it is valid communication. If you can't understand it, you
> can delete
> I hope that this helps focus people's thoughts.
> Edward Andrews
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