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From: linda Merle <>
Subject: Re: Savage - Fermanagh
Date: Fri, 13 Feb 1998 22:38:52 -0800

Hi Gaye,

> I will check this out thankyou. But, if true, then they were not strictly
> speaking Scotch-Irish.

"Scotch-Irish" is a very inexact term. It really means a Protestant who
came from Ireland. You might mean they weren't Ulster Scots, but the
one there married a Montgomery. So the kids were half Scots.

You'd have to look at all the grannies to even genetically decide --
they contribute 1/2 of the genetic make up. And even so, you tend to
be what you feel -- in my family, which is mixed, some feel quite
Ulster Scots and others quite Irish. It gets hard to say what you are.
My brother in law, surnamed Campbell,-- his ancestors came from
Ireland and were Catholic. They married Irish Protestants over here,
so he has first cousins who are Presbyterian. He was raised Polish
Catholic by his mother. His father left the family very early. He
does not like the Irish Catholic church because he's used to the Polish.
He's comfortable with Presbyterians because of his relatives. What
is he? He doesn't know. His dad is a self described "Irish mick" --
but what's the grandchildren going to be since they are now attending
a Presbyterian church? Confused perhaps.

> remember, my Dad went off to 'ride the goat' on a regular basis.

<grin> All I have to add is my brother does so and our mother had a
goat cart in which she rode a child. So she rode behind the goat!

Linda Merle

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