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Subject: Baptist and Irish
Date: Sat, 14 Feb 1998 02:30:22 EST

Help needed with Irish and the Baptist church.

My G-Grandfather, Henry St. John Joseph O'Neill, came to Eastern Colorado
with the Rail Road from Pennsylvania. Due to his suicide in 1914 the family
destroyed all records and most never talked about him again. It may have been
too painful for them. As a result there are few absolute facts known about

We do know that Harry came from PA but aren't sure if he was born there
or in MD, VA or Ireland. Harry's one surviving child, Emma Pearl Murphy who
was 9 when he died, is very adamant that he was Baptist. Emma Pearl is 94 now
and can't remember too much beyond this. The family is split about 50/50 over
Harry being born in Ireland vs. Pennsylvania with one vote for Baltimore, MD.

I have only found a few notes in passing about the Baptist church and the
Irish to America. Is it possible that Harry's family were Baptist and
immigrated as such? Or could they have joined the Baptist church after
arrival in the US?

So far the only document I have been able to obtain is Harry's death
certificate which gave Harry O'Neill as his name and PA as a birthplace. Was
there any Baptist-Irish areas in PA?

Harry was born during the Civil War in 1863 and the family may have been
displaced due to the conflict. I have found a Henry St J. O'Neill in the
Culpeper/Madison, Virginia area until about 1850. Could there have been a
Baptist-Irish community in this area?

Another possible link is a Henry St.J. O'Neill in Philadelphia, PA in
1860. Does anyone know of a Baptist-Irish link in Philly?

Thanks for any and all input.

Jerry Roebke (born Charles Thomas O'Neill-Romine)

Ps I was adopted out, raised in the Anglican Church and married in the Baptist
in Colorado.

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