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From: John Carpenter <>
Subject: Re: Old Time Clothes
Date: Sat, 14 Feb 1998 07:13:02 -0800 (PST)

John, I believe I'll send for a copy of the catalog.
It sounds like it might be useful and certainly
interesting in what it preserves. Some of our
ancestors clothes seem hilarious, but then some of
ours will too.
A couple of years ago, my daughter (mid 20's)
commented that junior high kids are really dressing
oddly now, but she suspected that she and her friends
had too. I told her that indeed they had but so had
some of us in the ancient 1950's and so there was no
reason to say much.

---John Giacoletti wrote:
> For those of you who don't like Highland attire and
for some like myself
> who do, you might find the following "catalog" of
Amish and Plain Clothing
> interesting.
> It's put out by Gohn Bros. "Our 94th Year" 105
South Main Box 111
> Middlebury, Indiana 46540-0111. Phone (219) 825-2400.
> The "catalog" is a 12 page list of two columns each
page. The company
> doesn't take credit cards Each catalog issue has 1
illustration. About a
> year ago the illustration was of "Old Fashioned
High Top Shoe for ladies.
> 12 eyelets, leather upper, leather sole, all
black.. Med. width. Sizes
> 5-10. Note: Order one size smaller than normal."
$109.98 pr.
> The current catalog has a picture of two folded
blankets like in a
> newspaper ad. "Hudson Bay 'Point" Blanket. Made
since 1779. Woven in
> England of pure wool. Color: Multi stripe. 4
point (double) 72 x 90'
> $164.98. 6 point, 100 x 90" $205.98.
> Looks like they put a lot of value in keeping warm!
and having dry feet!
> With a little imagination this catalog is really
wild and a lot of fun.
> You could end up dressing up like your Presbyterian
ancestors of the early
> 1800's. Ladies can get a Black, all hand made
BONNET for $22.98 Men coul
> get OLD FASHIONED NIGHT SHIRT, below knee length.
$27.98. 100% cotton.
> Natural color.
> In the Hard-To-Find-Corner, there's a listing for
"Large Black Buggy
> Umbrellas." No. 16. 16 single braces. 50'
diameter, wood shaft. $15.98.
> Might be just the umbrella for football games or
> There's columns of sewing materials, quilting
supplies, all kinds of
> linens.
> Women's underwear - Ladies' Bloomers, 100% cotton.
$5.29. Ladie's
> sleeveless vests. 100% cotton. Round neck.
Pullover. No buttons. $5.69.
> Wow! This stuff could really spark the amorous
life - imagine going to bed
> just like ggg grandpa and grandma. For off-nights
there's all sorts of cozy
> flannel stuff and slippers.
> They got 11 kinds of scissors.. For the gents
> RUBBERS, which turn out to be overshoes.
> Books include "God Given Herbs for the Healing of
Mankind, 97 pages @
> $5.98. And Lancaster Amish Cookbook. 1,000
recipies, 355 pages. $13.95
> They even got a "Red Tomato Pin Cushion" for 89
cents. My mother and
> grandma had one of those.
> Much of the material is very practical work
clothes, gloves, suspender
> supplies. There's a Thermo Mask. "Can be worn
open face or just eyes
> exposed" @$ 4.98 for your terrorist activities [see
going to bed stuff
> above.] Horse blankets. Men's Broadfall Drop
Front Work Pants, all sizes
> and weights of cloth, including "Heavy wt. wool,
black or Confederate gray.
> $49.98. The south will rise again.
> I buy "Ropp Old Fashioned (Colonial) Shirt" to go
with my kilt for daywear.
> Two button closure, long sleeve, regular collar,
button cuff, wooden
> buttons,. 6 oz. shirting, oxford muslin. 100%
cotton. Natural color.
> $23.98. You gotta pay $45.00 for these from the
Scottish vendors!
> John Giacoletti

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