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From: "Lois/Gene" <>
Subject: Re: Scottish Postings...
Date: Sat, 14 Feb 98 07:53:49 PST

> Yes, Phil I'm interested in Scottish information.
> Regards,
> Joanna

Ditto for me, Phil. Sounds WONderful...

And to the rest of the listers, I have a question. I live in a predominately German
community, so our local library, in keeping with local interest, has very few books
on S-I subjects. (I've read all three of them several times.) I can get books on
inter-library loan, but that's not as convenient as getting one off the shelf. There
are a handful of S-I people in the county who share my own interests in history
and genealogy. We meet now and then to share info and socialize with "kindred
spirits". We've decided to make it a group project to donate a good selection of
S, I, and S-I reference books to the library, and would appreciate knowing what
YOU feel is a good selection. (Out of respect for my library, I must tell you, they DO
carry "The Steel Bonnets"). question to you is this: Would you be so kind as to recommend your own
personal favorites... as few or as many as you'd like? Even references to web sites,
parish records, etc. would be appreciated. In return for that favor, all I can offer at this
point is to compile a list of the most popular recommendations that I'd be glad to post
when complete. Perhaps it would be a good thing to have on hands for future

To save the space on the List, please send your suggestions to my personal e-mail
address. Thanks in advance...


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