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Subject: Re: Does Scotch-Irish include English?
Date: Sat, 14 Feb 1998 11:08:06 EST

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<< If a family of immigrants to the United States call
themselves (or are called) Scotch-Irish, but their roots are in
England, that could well set a researcher off on the wrong trail.) >>

Iain, so far as I can determine, you probably are right. Which may be why we
cannot always trace these folks.
I know some of my ancestors came from Northern Ireland, and we always assumed
they were true Scotch-Irish, but from their names it is difficult to tell.
They may be English.
so without a pedigree chart, if they came to the States (or trhe colonies if
it was a long time ago) from that part of Ireland which is not Gaelic
Catholic, we lump them as Scoth-Irish. If later it can be proved they wer e
not, that is one thing. Proving it is something else.
labels may be a catch-all, but it does help sort temporarily.
Just where would you categorize names like Henderson, Wilkinson, Anderson,
Foster, (some of mine) if you know they came here from Ireland?

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