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From: <>
Subject: Re: currency value
Date: Sat, 14 Feb 1998 11:30:25 EST

I am not sure (I went back thru file cabinet and looked) who originally posted
the request for value of English pound in relation to American dollar in 1951.
I can tell you where to go to look: check old Wall Street Journal files in
library. The Journal runs a chart every day showing relative values of
currency. If not there, in N.Y. Times in the business section.
Then remember this: The U.S. dollar in 1951 was worth a whole lot more in real
value than the 1998 dollar, so you may want to adjust accordingly. In 1951,
$100 a week was a princely salary. teachers were making about $3500 a year.
you could feed a family of four for about $55-$65 a month and eat well. In
texas, where I lived, you could buy a decent house for no more than $10,000,
and really nice one for $15,000. A four-door Dodge ran about $2300.
so make your calculations accordingly.

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