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From: "Lois/Gene" <>
Subject: Re: Movies
Date: Sat, 14 Feb 98 09:05:40 PST

> The Quiet Man -

My own favorite. :)

> Braveheart - (actually filmed in Ireland, I believe)

I'm not sure where the rest of it was filmed, but some of the battle scenes were
filmed, I believe, just 10 miles or so from Edinburgh. Isn't that amazing?! In Scotland
(and Ireland too!), you don't have to go far to see WONderful changes in
landscape. Love it.

> So there you have it, the Rob Hilliard Scottish/Irish Movie Top 6.

I recently posted a request for favorite reference books. Perhaps I should have
included favorite movies, etc. so that other movie-lovers (like me!) could benefit
from the recommendations. So, I guess I'll broaden the scope of my request....
If the other listers would be so kind, I'd appreciate hearing what your favorite books,
are...or movies, recipes, traditions, best tips for researching, general info on your Clan
(not details of your own family genealogy, though...too much for me!), or just
whatever trips your only request is that it's related to S, I, or S-I interests.
I'd even like to hear your own collection of "family sayings" that may have S-I origins.
(My aunt Lizzy used to say, "A whistling girl and a crowing hen will come to no good
end".) Never gave it much thought at the time. Then in Ireland a few years ago, I
bought a book on "Irish ways" and found that it was thought unlucky to hear a girl whistle.
Ahhh, NOW I understand....although I still don't know about the crowing hen.

I'd be glad to sort through everything I get, then pass along the results...if anyone's

As in my earlier post, please send your reply to my personal e-mail addresss, so as
not to clutter up the List. Thanks!!

Lois Hume-Brummer

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