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From: Carl Backers <>
Subject: Re: Memories
Date: Sat, 14 Feb 1998 09:25:27 -0800

Nancy F. Skidmore wrote:
> Hi Ya'll
> I just had to respond to all the folks complaining about the chit chat on
> the list. I am on several mail lists I get about 300 emails per day. I
> have to really work at it just to keep up.
> It is amazing to me just what triggers memories. Sometimes just a word
> or phrase will take me back to my child hood. Through one of these
> responses I remember my Mother telling me the name of my real Father.
> Mom was so shy about talking about it as all she felt was shame. She had
> an affair with a married man and I was born out of Wed lock. The subject
> caused her so much pain that I think I repressed the memory.
> A phrase quoted in a family story brought back that memory so now I have
> a name that I didn't have before I also know he was part Cherokee.
> So if not for an off hand quote I would not now have this info.
> Triggers for memories have been studied by some very renowned people and
> they still don't understand them all.
> So for my part keep them stories coming. Keep referring to your
> upbringing. Use those old sayings you heard in your home. Talk about
> popular recipes when you were growing up. Throw in some humor. And only
> the good Lord knows what might come of it.
> Keep it coming
> Nancy Gregory Skidmore
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Hi Nancy,
Your letter jogged a memory of mine and I wanted to ask if the SI folk
made boiled custard. My Irish grandmother always madeboiled custard and
since I loved it as a kid and still love it today, I just wondered if it
was a tradional dish. She would never tell anyone her recipe but I used
to watch her make it and could not wait until it was cooled to have
some. When ever I was sick with whatever or had my tonsils or appendix
out, she always made a batch of boiled custard. I have had baked
custard and Flan but it is NOT the same. She has long passed away in
1964 but whenever I hear or see anything about custard, I always very
lovingly think of her and the great times we had together. She also
told me stories of the "old days". Now, I have 10 grandchildren and can
tell them about my "old days". I would like to be able to make them
some boiled custard.
Connie Backers, No. Calif.

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