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From: <>
Subject: Old Time Clothes
Date: 14 Feb 1998 20:01:18 EDT

Thanks for the posting. I live in an area of Old Order Amish...many are
my husband's relatives. It's not uncommon to travel down Rt. 669
through Somerset Co. Pa into Garrett Co. Md. behind a horse and buggy
with 3 little boys peeking out the little back window, going about 5
MPH. I always enjoy the delay and the relationship we have with this
community. And I love the clothing for sale in the little Amish Stores
around here. All of these stores are in someone's home. Best bargains
around for material..especially flannel and black cotton.


GI>For those of you who don't like Highland attire and for some like myself
GI>who do, you might find the following "catalog" of Amish and Plain Clothing

GI>It's put out by Gohn Bros. "Our 94th Year" 105 South Main Box 111
GI>Middlebury, Indiana 46540-0111. Phone (219) 825-2400.

GI>The "catalog" is a 12 page list of two columns each page. The company
GI>doesn't take credit cards Each catalog issue has 1 illustration. About a
GI>year ago the illustration was of "Old Fashioned High Top Shoe for ladies.
GI>12 eyelets, leather upper, leather sole, all black.. Med. width. Sizes
GI>5-10. Note: Order one size smaller than normal." $109.98 pr.

GI>The current catalog has a picture of two folded blankets like in a
GI>newspaper ad. "Hudson Bay 'Point" Blanket. Made since 1779. Woven in
GI>England of pure wool. Color: Multi stripe. 4 point (double) 72 x 90'
GI>$164.98. 6 point, 100 x 90" $205.98.

GI>Looks like they put a lot of value in keeping warm! and having dry feet!

GI>With a little imagination this catalog is really wild and a lot of fun.
GI>You could end up dressing up like your Presbyterian ancestors of the early
GI>1800's. Ladies can get a Black, all hand made BONNET for $22.98 Men coul
GI>get OLD FASHIONED NIGHT SHIRT, below knee length. $27.98. 100% cotton.
GI>Natural color.

GI>In the Hard-To-Find-Corner, there's a listing for "Large Black Buggy
GI>Umbrellas." No. 16. 16 single braces. 50' diameter, wood shaft. $15.98.
GI>Might be just the umbrella for football games or such.

GI>There's columns of sewing materials, quilting supplies, all kinds of

GI>Women's underwear - Ladies' Bloomers, 100% cotton. $5.29. Ladie's
GI>sleeveless vests. 100% cotton. Round neck. Pullover. No buttons. $5.69.

GI>Wow! This stuff could really spark the amorous life - imagine going to bed
GI>just like ggg grandpa and grandma. For off-nights there's all sorts of cozy
GI>flannel stuff and slippers.

GI>They got 11 kinds of scissors.. For the gents there's MEN'S BLACK TINGLEY
GI>RUBBERS, which turn out to be overshoes.

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