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Date: Sat, 14 Feb 1998 23:12:31 EST

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<< Harry was born during the Civil War in 1863 and the family may have been
displaced due to the conflict. I have found a Henry St J. O'Neill in the
Culpeper/Madison, Virginia area until about 1850. Could there have been a
Baptist-Irish community in this area? >>

I have known a number of Irish descendants who were Baptist. In fact, I lived
in a West Texas town many years ago where there were two 'Baptist ministers
named O'Brien - and they were not related.
Several things account for that. One, their mammas were not Irish, perhaps.
Two, the family lived out on the frontier where Baptist church was flourishing
and all were "converted." Three, altho originally Catholic they may have
married outside the chruch, for some reason been excommunicated or
Baptists were in the past, still are for that matter, great missionaries, and
some are powerful persuaders. In this country I am never surprised to find
Baptists with all kind of ethnic names - Mexican, Italian, Irish, Polish, etc.
Usually because of one of above reasons.
Altho I am of Irish Catholic descent (O'Brien myself) I almost was a Baptist.
Family on my mother's side are all Baptist (with a little Methodist thrown
in.) When I was small, we lived in small towns where there was no Catholic
church, so we went to Baptist, Methodist, Lutheran - whatever was handy.
Conversion ot Baptist faith could have come at many stages in his life.


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