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From: <>
Subject: Re: Di Joke
Date: Mon, 16 Feb 1998 01:22:55 +0000

At 06:39 PM 2/13/98 EST, wrote:
>Dave, there is nothing lower than trashing the dead, whether you like them or
>not. Let Di rest in peace. And give her children a brake. I'd think you would
>want the same for you..............Donna

And does that mean our children who have suffered for generations under
their greed and lust for power will also get peace. It is too bloody bad
the whole load of inbred basterds, including the Queen Mum were not in the
Just because she is was a big deal with People Mag et al, she was just
another Royal to me. I am not about to change my opinion just because she
got killed in a DWI accident. Just thank God her and her companions, in
their usual "we can break the law, we are Royals attitude", did not take
some inocent party or family with them. We need more tunnels, and more
Royals in them. Now study your geniology and find out the part played by
these inbreds in bringing/ forcing your people over to the new world.
That's what the list is for, and thus I shall say no more on this matter,
and appologise for straying from the original purpose of this subject
oriented list. Leangu dlu\th ri cliu\do shimsir, (Follow closely in the
ways of your forebearers) study your personal history and you may also
quickly loose your fasination for the Royal Family, the clan chiefs and the
other "great leaders".
PS. if you wish to question more please do it on a private correspondance.
If I seemed rude it was a case of attempting expediency and not a rebuttal.
Eili\dh an'Faoileann

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