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From: "Robert T. Hilliard" <>
Subject: RE: Movies
Date: Mon, 16 Feb 1998 08:16:14 -0500

I didn't forget them, they just didn't make my cut. That's why I through
it out to the list-to get some others' opinions.
From: Valorie Zimmerman
Sent: Saturday, February 14, 1998 5:46 PM
To: Robert T. Hilliard
Cc: 'Scotch-Irish'
Subject: Re: Movies

Robert T. Hilliard wrote:
> OK Smart Guys,
> For those of us who don't feel like chasing every last ancestor, every
> single minute, I have another screwball thread for you, with a little bit of a
> St. Valentine's Day twist (no, no massacres involved). I've been
> thinking about my favorite Scottish/Irish movies lately

You forgot "Rob Roy", "Circle of Friends" and one I can't remember the
name of. Set in Ireland during the "Troubles", from the point of view of
a child of a formerly wealthy Prot. family, who sympathizes with the
native Irish. There's the lusty maiden aunt(s?) with her 10 or so dogs,
the gardener, a doomed love affair, a hanging, the Black and Tans
roughing up folks in the town...and it was wonderfully adapted from a
great novel, which I also read. But the title is a blank. 5 years ago or
so for the least that's when I saw it on TV.
And how about "Trainspotting"?

Valorie Cowan McBee Zimmerman

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