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From: "Carson William Millar" <>
Subject: Re: Di Joke
Date: Tue, 17 Feb 1998 14:47:59 +1100

Since gaya is obviously fond of quoting Gaelic,can you please tell me and
others on the list the Gaelic word for FREEDOM?

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Date: Monday, 16 February 1998 16:05
Subject: Re: Di Joke

>At 06:39 PM 2/13/98 EST, wrote:
>>Dave, there is nothing lower than trashing the dead, whether you like them
>>not. Let Di rest in peace. And give her children a brake. I'd think you
>>want the same for you..............Donna
>And does that mean our children who have suffered for generations under
>their greed and lust for power will also get peace. It is too bloody bad
>the whole load of inbred basterds, including the Queen Mum were not in the
>Just because she is was a big deal with People Mag et al, she was just
>another Royal to me. I am not about to change my opinion just because she
>got killed in a DWI accident. Just thank God her and her companions, in
>their usual "we can break the law, we are Royals attitude", did not take
>some inocent party or family with them. We need more tunnels, and more
>Royals in them. Now study your geniology and find out the part played by
>these inbreds in bringing/ forcing your people over to the new world.
>That's what the list is for, and thus I shall say no more on this matter,
>and appologise for straying from the original purpose of this subject
>oriented list. Leangu dlu\th ri cliu\do shimsir, (Follow closely in the
>ways of your forebearers) study your personal history and you may also
>quickly loose your fasination for the Royal Family, the clan chiefs and the
>other "great leaders".
>PS. if you wish to question more please do it on a private correspondance.
>If I seemed rude it was a case of attempting expediency and not a rebuttal.
>Eili\dh an'Faoileann

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