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From: "Peggy Murdock" <>
Subject: Re: Scotch-Irish-D Digest V98 #138
Date: Sat, 21 Feb 1998 08:08:52 -0600

"I wanted to ask if other's are finding links between the kinds of "world
view" and "family rules" taught without explanation in their family of
origin and the history/custom of the SI people? A kind of "inherited"
cultural way of being?"

I would like to add my two cents to this discussion. After my husband and I
were married, we took a trip to Europe starting in Ireland. We crossed from
Ireland to Scotland on a boat, and when we landed in Stranrear (sp?) where
2/3s of the population are named Murdock (it 's not a clan name it means sea
farer), a taxi driver took us to a private home to spend the night where a
couple sat us down to tea in front of their fire and told us story after
story about the locals. There were dog stories, one about a dog who stood
in the road and challenged every car that came by but was never hit, but the
one that I will never forget was about a young man whose family sent him
away to college. In telling the story, the woman told us the boy grew long
hair. She shook her head in disbelief as she mentioned "all that money"
they had spent on his education. The implication was that he owed them
because they spent money on his education. A light dawned in my mind and I
said to myself, as I realized that my father hadn't invented that attitude,
but that it had been transmitted down nonverbally over five generations. It
was a surprise because I hadn't seen that in my Forbes grandfather, but
Daddy sure had the Scottish mindset. I think Daddy wore the same suit his
entire adult life.

As he aged, Daddy became more willing to spend money on himself and others,
but I know his basic attitude towards money came from the Scottish shore.
Bye the bye, the money tree? Daddy planted all that money he could have
spent on himself in the stock market, and it grew. But I think he was able
to do that because of the example he picked up from his Mallory (English
heritage) aunt.

Peggy Forbes Murdock

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