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Subject: [Scotch-Irish] Sir Robert Cowan, writer of letters
Date: Sat, 29 Jun 2002 20:56:02 EDT

My favorite Ulster ancestor is Sir Robert Cowan, son of Alderman John Cowan
of Londonderry and grandson of Robert Cowan, presbyterian elder who was
married 1662, St. Columb's (Derry) Cathedral. I am fond of him because he
was kind enough to write a letter in 1733 discussing the family genealogy
which confirmed what my "uncle" Dr. James B. Cowan wrote in 1895 from
Tullahoma, Tn. when he too was writing a letter to a distant relative about
the family genealogy. It sure helps to have ancestors who kept the family
tree up to date and like I have said many times, "Skill in genealogy is good
but luck is much better."

Sir Robert Cowan made his fortune while employed with the East India Company
and his younger sister Mary inherited it after his death. She married yet
another Stewart, Alexander Stewart of the Ards, and they lived in the BIG
house called Mount Stewart which is on the National Trust.

>From The Cowans of Stirling who provided goods to the royal family at
Stirling Castle to the Derry Cowans including merchant John Cowan and his son
Sir Robert Cowan we seem to have always been in the mercantile trade.
Perhaps that is why two of my 5th great uncles, Nathaniel and Samuel Cowan
opened the first store in Knoxville, Tennessee continuing on the tradion of
their fathers.

Robert Cowan
My kids all call me "Sir"

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