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Subject: Re: [S-I] The Siege of Londonderry - Ireland - 1689
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According to the Armistend Family History,Richard Talbott - who came to
Maryland in 1649 -was the son of Sir Robert Talbott ,the 2nd Baronof Carlton
Co., in Kildare: and Grace Calvert. Grace Calvert was the daughter of Sir George Calvert
1st Baron Baltimore.
According to the Armistead material Richard TALBOTT was next in linrto become Earl of
Sherwsbbury , however because of his loyality to King Charles,his estates were confiscated
by the Cromwell Party,and he came to Maryland by invitation of Governor Stone in 1649,
He settled in Maryland at the time period as Sir William Talbottand Colonel George Talbott-
all relativews of Lord Baltmore. Sir Robert Talbott's nephews became Earl of Shrewsbury
.In 1649 Richard receved a patent from the proprietary govermnt of the province for a tract
of landknown as Timber Neck in 1655 he married Elizabeth Ewen. In 1656 he bought Poplar
Knowle, a plantation on West River,Anne Arundel County. He died about 1662.
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> The Siege of Londonderry - Ireland - 1689
> The French and Irish forces of Catholic King James II set siege to the supporters of the Protestant King William III, in the city of Londonderry.
> The Siege of Londonderry was a pivotal point in world history. The defence of that city and the events surrounding it, marked the end of the era of
> absolutist Monarchy and bolstered the fledging concept of Parliamentary Democracy. Its story is fascinating.
> We have spent many hours poring over historical documents to bring you this wealth of knowledge on the Siege of London-Derry. You can search for the
> names of people involved in the Siege, read about events, view illustrations of the city, see portraits of some key players and find out interesting
> facts.
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