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From: Josephine Lindsay Bass <>
Subject: [Southern-Trails] BLOUNT
Date: Sat, 01 Jul 2000 14:09:01 -0400

The Blounts were a fascinating family - i linked with PENDLETON & GAINES
and there Lydia BONNER (dau of Sheriff Thomas) who m. Joseph Blount III ca
1750 had a son John Bonner Blount. Mary PENDLETON (missing parents?) m.
Demsepy Connor in Chowan Co. NC? their son m. Nancy Blount. Need more
research on these lines. if anyone has data please send. josie
(1) 1 Jacob BLOUNT, 35600
- --------------------------------------
Birth: 1726
Occ: mbr of the provincial Congress;officer in the Revolutionary War
Residence: Craven Co. NC
Sources: See:1
Father: Thomas BLOUNT, 35609
Mother: Ann READING, 35610

fourth son of Thomas Blount and Ann Reading, was in the battle of Alamance
in 1771, was a member of the provincial Congress and an officer in the
Revolutionary War. He married, first (1748) Barbara Gray, and second a
widow, Mrs.Hannah Baker, nee Salter, and third Mrs. Mary Adams, by whom he
had no children.

Spouse: Barbara GRAY, 35602
Residence: NC
Sources: See:1
Marr: 1748

Children: William, 35598 (1749-1800)

Other Spouses Hannah SALTER

(2) 1.1 HON William BLOUNT GOV OF TN, 35598
- --------------------------------------
Birth: 1749, Blount Hill, Pitt Co. NC
Death: 1800, Knoxville, TN, age: 51
Occ: Terr. Gov; Sen TN
Residence: Knoxville, TN
Sources: See:1

1 He was elected a member of in legislature in 1783 and was elected to the
Continential Congress in 1782-83-86-87. He sat in the convention that
formed the constitution of the United States in 1787.Immediately upon the
cession of what is now Tennessee by North Carolina, to the Federal
Government President Washington appointed William Blount Territorial
Governor. This was, by the way, a somewhat important position for he was
appointed "Governor of the Territories of the United States South of the
Ohio. "William and Mary Blount left children, namely: Ann Blount, Mary
Louisa Blount, William Grainger Blount, Richard Blackledge Blount, Barbara
Blount and Eliza Blount. Of these Ann Blount married firstly, Henry Irwin
Toole, Second, of Edgecomb, North Carolina, and had children, Henry Irwin
Toole, Third, (born 1810, died 1850, married Margaret Telfair) and Mary
Eliza Toole (born 1812, who married Dr. Joseph Lawrence) and married
secondly, Weeks Hadley, of Edgecomb by whom she had several children. Mary
Louisa Blount married Pleasant M. Miller, and left several children, one of
whom, Barbara Miller, married William H. Stephens. William Grainger Blount,
son of Governor William Blount and Mary Grainger Blount was a member of
Congress from Tennessee. He never married. Richard Blackledge Blount
married and left children.Barbara Blount, daughter of Governor William
Blount and Mary Grainger Blount, married General Edmund Pendleton Gaines as
his second wife and left one son, Edmund Pendleton Gaines, Second, who
never married. Eliza Blount, daughter of Governor William Blount and Mary
Grainger Blount married Dr. Edwin Wiatt and left children.

The house in which Governor Blount lived while in Knoxville is still
standing just as it was when it was the Governor's mansion. His grave in
the yard of the First Presbyterian church, of which he was a member, is
marked with a large marble slab and a similar stone covers the remains of
his wife.

Spouse: Mary GRAINGER, 35599
Residence: of Wilmington, NC & Knoxville, TN
Sources: See:1

daughter of Colonel Caleb Grainger

Children: Barbara, 25922 (-<1802)

(3) 1.1.1 Barbara BLOUNT, 25922
- --------------------------------------
Death: bef 1802
Residence: NC
Sources: See:2,1

1 Barbara Blount, daughter of Governor William Blount and Mary Grainger
Blount, married General Edmund Pendleton Gaines as his second wife and left
one son, Edmund Pendleton Gaines, Second, who never married.

Spouse: GEN Edmund Pendleton GAINES, 21614
Birth: 1777, Culpeper Co. VA
Death: 1849, New Orleans, LA, age: 72
Occ: War Of 1812; Arrested Aaron Burr On Charges Of Treason
Residence: Culpeper Co. VA & NC & AL Territory & New Orleans, LA
Sources: See:3,4,5,2,1
Father: CAPT James GAINES, 21612 (~1742-1830)
Mother: Elizabeth STROTHER, 21613

Gen. Edmund P. Gaines, Commander Fort Erie in the War of 1812 and the
officer who arrested Aaron Burr on charges of treason. "Hero of Lake Erie".

Petition of the Inhabitants of the District of Washington, MS Territory: 11
FEB 1809
GAINES, Edmund P.
GAINES, George S.

Children: Edmund Pendleton, 25923

(4) Edmund Pendleton GAINES Jr, 25923
- --------------------------------------
Death: Washington DC
Residence: Washington DC
Sources: See:2,1

Research: Marengo County, Alabama Marriages 1818-1828
Gaines, Edmond P. Sample, Susan 20 FEB 1828

Gaines, Francis T. Cade, Winifred P. 24 APR 1820

1. Notable Southern Families, Volumes I-II. Richmond, VA: n.p., 1918.
Notable Southern Families, Volumes I & II. Ancestry Com data base. 5/00
2. Ancestry Com submitter: EMail:
3. William ArthurTaylor, 3001 Roblin Blvd. Winnipeg, Manitoba R3R OB8.
EMail: 6/98
4. "Colonial Families of the United States", Volume IV by Mackenzie, George
Norbury. Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co. Inc., 1907. Borderbund CD.
5. BIO of George S. Gaines; Written by Jay Guy Cisco,
From Historic Sumner County, Tennessee 1909

Wylie was by 2nd WIFE

Spouse: Hannah SALTER, 35603
Residence: NC
Sources: See:1

widow Baker.

Children: Wylie, 35601 (1768-1835)

Other Spouses Barbara GRAY

(2) 1.1 HON Wylie BLOUNT GOV OF TN, 35601
- --------------------------------------
Birth: 1768, Blount Hill, Pitt Co. NC
Death: 1835, Near Nashville, TN, age: 67
Death Memo: residence of Wylie Johnston
Burial: Clarksville, TN
Occ: Gov 1809 to 1815; Judge Supreme Court of TN
Residence: TN
Sources: See:1

Willie Blount, the ninth child of Jacob Blount was the first child by his
second wife, Mrs. Hannah Salter Baker. He was born in 1768 and was twenty
years younger than his distinguished brother the Colonial Governor. The
similarity of his name with that of his elder brother causes confusion to
the casual student of Tenneessee history. Though it was spelled Willie it
was pronounced Wylie and was probably a family name in his mother's
line. His first political position was Secretary to his
brother then Governor William Blount and he evidently made the most of his
opportunities for at twenty eight he was a Judge of the Supreme Court of
Tennessee and at forty was elected Governor. He served as Governor six
years, (1809 to 1815) in an exciting period of history. During the War of
1812 he tendered to the United States, two thousand five hundred
volunteers, and it is from them that the State gained its name, the
Volunteer. He pledged his personal credit to equip three regiments which
went to General Andrew Jackson at New Orleans. He was active in the Creek
War also, raising almost as many volunteers and three hundred thousand
dollars which for that period was a tremendous sum of money. He died at the
residence of Wylie Johnston near Nashville in 1835 and is buried at

He married Lucinda Baker, daughter of John Baker and his wife Anne Norfleet
Baker. They had two daughters, one of whom married Dr. J. T. Dabney and the
other a ---Dortch. A son of the latter, Willie Blount Dortch, married a
daughter of Governor Aaron V. Brown.

The monument in Clarksville erected by the State to the memory of Governor
Willie Blount gives his birth place and his brother's as Bertie County,
North Carolina, but the Historian, John H. Wheeler credits Blount Hill in
Pitt County as their birthplace.

Spouse: Lucinda BAKER, 35604
Residence: TN
Sources: See:1

daughter of John Baker and his wife Anne Norfleet

1. Notable Southern Families, Volumes I-II. Richmond, VA: n.p., 1918.
Notable Southern Families, Volumes I & II. Ancestry Com data base. 5/00


Lucinda spouse of (2) 1.1
Jacob (1) 1
HON Wylie GOV OF TN (2) 1.1
Hannah spouse of (1) 1


Barbara (3) 1.1.1
Jacob (1) 1
HON William GOV OF TN (2) 1.1
GEN Edmund Pendleton spouse of (3) 1.1.1
Edmund Pendleton Jr (4)
Mary spouse of (2) 1.1
Barbara spouse of (1) 1

- --------------------------------------
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