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Subject: Old St. Marcus Cemetery / St. Marcus Park
Date: Sat, 12 Feb 2000 10:27:39 EST

Hi List,

Does anyone else on this list have family burried in the Old St. Marcus
Cemetery (now St. Marcus Park)? My GGGrandparents, Fred and Margaret
KUHLMANN are both burried there as are several other relations of mine. When
I first started my family history quest, I found a letter from my Grandmother
Kate KUHLMANN-WEBER to the proprietors of this cemetery in South St. Louis
near Holly Hills and Gravois. The letter was heartbreaking. Grandma was in
her 70's and was concerned about the state of the cemetery being overgrown
and having been recently vandalized. She was shocked that she could no
longer find her sister's graves or those of her grandparents.

Evidently shortly after Grandma wrote her letter, the City of St. Louis
confiscated the cemetery from the proprietor. Instead of cleaning up the
cemetery and preserving the graves as you might expect, the City finished the
job the vandals had started. They pushed over the smaller stones to make it
easier to mow the grass. They removed some of the stones from their
gravesites and used them to help build a wall around a pseudo war memorial
near the entrance to the "Park". Ironically the marker of Anna Wall (my
great great aunt) was used to build this wall. Today some of the larger
monuments and tombstones still stand in the middle of this now public park
and it's considered by local youth to be a great place to party on Halloween.

My GGGrandparent's graves are now the site for beer bashes and picnics. Out
there somewhere under the weeds and beer cans are also the bodies of two
little girls ages 1 1/2 an 3 who died just days apart. Their heartbroken
parents burried them in what was supposed to be hallowed ground. For some 80
years after the girls died, their sisters (my Grandma and Great Aunts)
faithfully came to visit their graves every year. Sadly grandma was in no
condition physically to care for the gravesites herself but she did try to
get the proprietor to keep the cemetery in at least some semblance of repair.
She died knowing her sisters were lost forever beneath St. Marcus Park.

If you have any information on St. Marcus Park, or know of any efforts to
restore the cemetery, I'd be interested in hearing from you.

Ken Weber

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