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Subject: [StateGenSites] New Call-in Talk Radio Show
Date: Thu, 27 Dec 2001 13:01:52 EST

You've got a FRIEND in genealogy!
DearMYRTLE's Daily Genealogy Colum

DearMYRTLE Partners with The SEEKER
New Call-in Talk Radio Show
Press Release:
December 27, 2001

Pat Richley
6023 26th Street West PMB 352
Bradenton, FL 34207

Linda Hammer
2560 10th St. #103
Sarasota, FL 34237

DearMYRTLE, popularly known as "Myrt" to her genealogy readers has teamed up
with Linda Hammer, THE SEEKER, to co-host a 2 hour talk radio show -- The
SEEKER with DearMYRTLE. Broadcasting live weekday evenings from 8-10pm
Eastern US, the show originates in Sarasota, Florida at WTMY 1280 AM,
beginning January 7, 2002. The show will be simulcast on the internet. A
follow-up broadcast on Saturdays at 2pm will feature the "Best of..."

"A perfect combination!" says family historian Myrt of this partnership with
The SEEKER. "Typically 1/3 of my requests for help concern adoption and
other 'finding a live person' issues. Linda works tirelessly to assist people
seeking their birth parents, long lost loves, high school and military

"Understanding our heritage is a quest we all face at some point in time,"
says Linda. "Myrt teaches the hows and whys of sound family history research
techniques with a twinkle in her eye, and has enough spunk to keep us all
going through the rough spots."The show will feature how-to segments, best of
the internet spotlights in addition to guest speakers and listener telephone

The SEEKER with DearMYRTLE will draw upon Hammer's broadcast experience as
the driving force behind "The Seeker Live" talk show since 1996. She says
"Myrt has appeared as a guest several times, adding elements of experience
and a ready wit."

Listeners may tune in via the internet by going to either DearMYRTLE or The
SEEKER's web site, to click on the show's logo. Call and tell Myrt and Linda
who you are looking for at 941-954-1280 or 1-800-488-1280 during the show.

About DearMYRTLE. Pat Richley has been writing the genealogy column since
1995 in the Golden Gate Genealogy Forum (AOL Keyword: roots) and on the
internet at She began "onlining" in 1985, when the
internet was just the FIDOnet, and the modems were a mere 300baud. Her recent
book "The Everything Online Genealogy Book" discusses the use of this ever
changing information superhighway in conjunction with tried-and-true
genealogy research techniques.

About THE SEEKER - Since 1990, the Seeker helps find missing friends and
relatives. Linda Hammer, a former process server, private investigator, and
Navy veteran created . This site provides many avenues for
people to research their ancestry, find missing friends and loved ones, even
military pals.

WTMY 1280AM Sarasota is part of the Metropolitan Radio Group, Inc.

FamilySearch Web Site NEWS>Facts & Figures. 7,400,000 average number of hits
per day.

Ancestors PBS TV Series - "[Genealogy is] the third most popular hobby in the
United States, the second most popular topic on the Internet. It has even
generated more than 2 million separate web sites."

RE: Senate Resolution 160 had 84 co-sponsors and was approved by unanimous
consent making October 2001 Family History Month. "Researching ancestry is a
very important component of identity. It can lead to long-sought-after family
reunions or allow for life saving medical treatments that only genetic links
will allow," Says Senator Orrin Hatch in his press release 26 Sept 2001.

Happy family tree climbing!
Myrt :)
Daily Genealogy Columnist
AOL Keywords: roots, myrtle

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