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From: Mary Inglis <>
Date: Thu, 19 Nov 1998 23:04:38 -0800

This is in response to info/query submitted by Wilma Norton.
She asked about Dick Tarwater and the Jacob Tarwater who married a

Richard TARWATER is believed to be son of Jacob Wesley TARWATER, son
of Jacob TARWATER and Margaret DOZIER - OR - the son of their eldest
son, Jacob WESLEY - see notes below about 1860 census.

1850 Knox Co., TN Nov 8 and 11th (double entries)
Margrett 60 TN
Jacob W. 25 TN (Jacob Wesley TARWATER)
James M. 23 TN
Thomas D. 18 TN
Richard 8 TN
Elizabeth 22 TN
This census entry indicates James M. and Elizabeth were married
October 1850. Their marriage bond dated 10-17-1850 gives her name as
Elizabeth NEAL. (Other persons show Jacob and Margaret also had a
son, William)

It is possible that Richard was son of Jacob and Margaret. Richard is
shown as age 8 in 1850, but age 16 in 1860. He is living with Jacob
Wesley TARWATER in 1860 and that 1860 census should be viewed again to
see relationship. If brother, then Richard was son of Jacob and
Margaret (DOZIER) TARWATER. Relationships are not shown in 1850
However, I show Richard was son of Jacob Wesley TARWATER and grandson
of Jacob and Margaret (DOZIER) TARWATER. Viewing the 1860 again for
relationships is vital for accuracy.

1860 Knox Co., TN
TARWATER, Wesley 35 TN
Richard 16 TN

1860 Marion Co., ARK Yellville, PO
TARWATER, J. 36 TN (James M. TARWATER age 23 in 1850)
Elizabeth J. 10 TN
Jacob 8 TN
William 6 TN
TARWATER, M. 69 TN (Margaret DOZIER TARWATER) his mother
(Nearby were his brothers, Thomas D., and Wesley and Richard)

1870 - I don't find my record
1880 Jackson Co., ARK
TARWATER, James 53 TN (23 in 1850, 36 in 1860) and his 2nd wf
Frances 40 AR
Abram 14 AR
Martha 12 AR
Eliza 10 AR
John H. 4 AR (could be John N. - illegible)
Malvina 1 AR
These are all children by the 2nd wife, Frances.
Nearby is James's son by his 1st wife, William N. and wife Anna and
their children.
This entry erroneously shows parents of James as born in England.

James' son, Jacob, by his 1st wife married Sumara MAXEY (also found
spelled Samira) This Jacob was born May 1852 in Knox Co., TN and died
about 1872/3 in Arkansas (county?). Sumara/Samira MAXEY, his wife,
was born March 1854 in Ark.

1880 Marion Co., ARK, Water Creek Twp
TARWATER, Jacob 28 TN (Soundex shows him as either James or John???)
Samira 26 AR
Nancy 6 AR
Andrew 2 AR

1900 Jackson Co., ARK, Jefferson Twp
TARWATER, Jacob 48 b May 1852 TN
Samira 46 b Mar 1854 AR
Alford M. 13 b Nov 1886 AR
Frances T. 10 b Jun 1889 (Frances Tennessee TARWATER)
Dora A. 8 b Apr 1892 (other records: Dora Ellen)
This census shows they were married 28 years, had 9 children, but only
4 still living. I once received information which was said to have
been from Frances Tennessee TARWATER (who married George Washington
VICKERY)that a son of Jacob and Sumara/Samira was named Burley and he
died at age 21 in 1900; that one son named Arthur never married and
died in the winter of 1900 at age 21 (possibly same person?) More
research needed for children. Of the ones named in 1900, Alford M. is
said to have died at age 21 in Nov 1908 and is buried in Surrounded
Hills Cem.

Frances Tennessee TARWATER married about 1909 George Washington
VICKERY and she died in 1976. Dora Ellen b 27 Apr 1892 married
William Melton, and died 1980 in Tehachapi, Kern Co., CA. ( Some
persons claim that the eldest daughter of Jacob TARWATER and his wife,
Sumara/Samira (MAXEY) TARWATER is said to have been Elizabeth Nancy
TARWATER b 26 May 1868, but that does not bear out since the 1860
census shows eldest child listed is Elizabeth J. age 10)

Added note: Early membership applications and info can no longer be
used as proof as so many of the early ones contain errors and were
submitted without documentation. However, some show that Jacob
TARWATER who married Margaret "Peggy" DOZIER 25 May 1807 Knox Co.,
TN was son of Jacob TARWATER who was baptised 26 Apr 1761 Lancaster,
PA and died about 1789/98 Knox Co., TN. His wife was Maudlin/Modelena
That Jacob TARWATER, at his baptism, was shown to be son of Georg
TARWATER (note spelling) and wife Elisabeth. This Jacob bapt 1761
Lancaster, PA is claimed to be the same Jacob who served as a private
in the Bedford Co., PA militia under Captain Paxton.

Again, I hope this shows the ease with which errors can be passed on.
Extreme care must be taken when copying records. Soundex of censuses
do not always reflect what the true census showed. Hearsay from
well-meaning family members, years after the fact, can be misleading,
etc. etc.

Mary Inglis
Listmistress of TARWATER

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