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Subject: [TEEL-TEAL-L] Mainly James R. Teel
Date: Fri, 23 Apr 1999 00:04:27 EDT

My name is Virginia Harris and I have been subscribed to the TEEL list for
some time now but have not given any input into the list. I am already on 4
other lists besides this one and have not taken the time to give what little
info I have.

But, a few days ago, James R. Teel sent info that was part of my family and I
had to respond. I really don't have much info at this time but will give
what I have. James, I have some old pictures of some of these family members
that you mentioned. The people I remember is in a picture dated 1941. I
wasn't born until 1946 but some of these people we have visited when I was
young. Names: Elmo and Nadine Teel and their son Johnny somewhere around
Blue, Oklahoma. I don't know if Elmo and Nadine is still alive but Johnny
Teel is younger than I am and he is an AUCTIONEER somewhere probably in the
state of OK. My mother was born in Blue, OK in 1915. Her mother died when
she was 5 years old. Others in the picture are: it says mother, this must be
Elmo's mother, I remember her; Mrs. Teel, Smith, Mr. Teel, Ford, Sonny and
the two kids are Elmo's cousins. When I was younger, my family visited them
often in OK.

Also, another picture of Aunt Clara Teel. A single picture of her made
professionally, by a photographer. Another picture of a man sitting down and
it looks like his wife and a teen daughter. On the back is written Cleril
Teel. I don't know who wrote the name down but only one name written.
Another picture of a man, his wife and three children. It looks like 3
girls. I know for sure there are 2 girls and the baby looks like it is
dressed in a dress. On the back is Com Teel, Aunt Clara and family. Another
picture is a "young" man, not sure of the age, a woman and 6 children
standing in front of an old house. On the back is Com Teel and family. One
last picture that I can find right now is a picture of a man, his wife and 5
children sitting down, looks like in a studio to have their picture taken.
On the back it says Uncle Com, Aunt Clara, Lucy Tallant Roland's sister and
family. Lucy Tallant Roland was my mother's mother. Lucy Tallant's mother
was a Teel. That is where my family connection comes in. I have been out of
town and have not contacted my cousin in Houston who has more family info
than I do. I will try to make contact with her as soon as I can. I have not
heard from her since 1995, when my mother died.

I'm sorry I can't give more info right now, but I will try to get more and
get back to all of you.

Thank you James for giving me that little push. James, you didn't say where
you are. I live in East Texas. Just wanted to see if we are close to each

Until next time,
Cousin Virginia Harris

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