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Subject: Re: [TENNESSEE] Circuit Rider Preachers
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Thank you for sharing that.
Yes all of those who pioneered this country were survivors, for them I have
the utmost of respect.
I just can not even think when a family set out sometimes on foot, carrying
only what their hands would hold and moved sometimes not to just the next
county but sometimes states away. Especially in Colonial America were the
roads were nothing more than just a foot path, (Indian trail) .

I traced on family who owned land in S.C; but sold it 1806,
With a wife and three small children set out by foot and moved to St Clair
Co Ill. stayed there till about 1816 and then moved to TN,
By 1830 they were living in Miss.
Get this the first few moves were by walking as all they owned was two
horses and what they could carry!

If I had been the ancestor who came to this country, probably would not have

Thank heavens they did;
and in the process of it all formed still the greatest nation ever.

Rose C

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> If you don't mind, I'd like to join in the conversation about Circuit
> Riders. I can give you a little more info on them. I am a descendant of
> 1 Circuit Riding preacher [great grandfather] and his brother was one
> as well, both serving in Missouri and Arkansas.
> A circuit riding preacher was one who may have had as few as 2 churches
> or most of the time, had more, that he was the preacher for. The
> churches were small, not able to afford a full time preacher, and
> generally were close enough in location that he would preach at one
> church 1 Sunday [and perform the funeral and wedding duties that week
> as well as visit the sick, backsliding members, business meeting needs,
> etc.] during that week, and do the same the next week for one of his
> other churches [who ever was on the schedule]. My own ggrandfather had
> 4 churches during the month, so each church got him for 1 week of the
> month, and then the schedule aka circuit, started all over again.
> Riding horseback, through all kinds of weather, he was there for the
> circuit churchmembers. He carried a 6 shooter, for wild animals, and
> his wife went with him to the church closest to their home. Thus, the
> name, circuit riding preachers [or circuit riders].
> I marvel yet today when people say its too bad, cold, hot, etc., to go
> to church when the circuit riders faced the elements all the time, as
> did the members, riding horseback, in buggies, etc., because it was
> such a valuable time for all of them. They also didn't have places to
> eat out at, afterwards, and many times brought food with them, for the
> 'dinner on the grounds' after church. We have it so good!
> Hope this helps!
> Lanita
> Missouri, born in Tennessee
> I think my family tree is a few branches short of full bloom.
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