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Subject: Re: [TX-1936] Request to expel Sarah Reveley
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In truth, I do think we all owe the Daughters a considerable debt of
gratitude. Not only do they "maintain" (more or less) the Alamo for free
and with no admission charge, but ever since the days of Clara Driscoll and
Adina DeZavala they have also provided everyone with such wonderful free
entertainment too.

You should have to PAY for entertainment like this!

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Subject: [TX-1936] Request to expel Sarah Reveley

Dang I just wasted $50!
August 25, 2010

Ms. Sarah Reveley
436 Corona Street
San Antonio, Texas 78209

Re: Request to the Board of Management of The Daughters of the
Republic of Texas to expel Sarah Reveley, DRT 026845, from membership of
The Daughters of the Republic of Texas.

Dear Ms. Reveley:
This is to inform you that pursuant to and in accordance with the Bylaws of
The Daughters of the Republic of Texas, Article I Membership, Section 10,
"Tennination for Cause," we the undersigned members of the Board of
Management do hereby present to the Board of Management an application to
expel you from membership in The Daughters of the Republic of Texas or, in
the alternative and at a minimum, to reprimand, discipline or suspend your
membership for a definite period of time. The facts pertaining to this
request are based upon the following conduct which is prejudicial to the
best interests of the Daughters of the Republic of Texas, including but not
limited to disclosure of information to the public which reflects negatively
on DRT; failing to comply with demands from legal counsel representing DRT
to cease and desist from actions deemed to be injurious to DRT; circulating
divisive, libelous, slanderous, and/or defamatory statements or publicity;
and causing a hostile work environment for volunteers and employees of the

As examples of your actions that have violated the Bylaws, you forwarded a
confidential attorney-client privileged memorandum to the Governor's Office
and Attorney General's Office in advance of a meeting between DRT and those
offices that impacted the trademark negotiations; you recently threatened
extortion against one of the BOM officers unless she convinced the President
General to "back off" from you (the tape will be available at the hearing);
and you have ignored requests from DRT to remove proprietary, copyrighted
internal documents that you were advised were obtained through improper
means. Your blogs contain mean-spirited personal attacks against Alamo
employees and volunteers. Instead of working within the DRT membership to
affect the changes you have advocated, you have chosen to publicly attack
and ridicule the very organization you have sworn to support.
In accordance with DRT's Bylaws, Article I, Section 10 (c), you have thirty
(30) days from the receipt of this letter to reply in writing by certified
mail, return receipt, to all members of the Board of Management. Pursuant to
Section 10 (d), you are entitled to a hearing by the BOM in executive
session. At that hearing, the members who signed this letter may be heard
and you will also have an opportunity to be heard. The BOM will make their
decision by ballot and a two-­thirds (2/3) vote is required for action of
this kind to be taken. You will be notified by certified mail of the Board
of Management decision.

Your past conduct indicates that you post letters and documents from DRT on
various websites and distribute anything regarding DRT to your mailing list
outside DRT membership. DRT is, as you know, a private membership, nonprofrt
corporation. While much of the business of operating The Alamo is made
public, matters involving disciplinary action against personnel, employees
and members is a very private matter, and privacy is important for the
benefit and sensitivities of both the DRT and the individuals involved. We
ask that you respect those notions of personal privacy in dealing with this
matter, as we will.

Karen Thompson
Historian General

Stephanie Gault
Recording Secretary General

Melinda Navarro
District VII Representative

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