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From: ellen Levy <>
Subject: Second Part: About Solomon Tharp (1753)
Date: Sun, 18 Apr 2004 16:00:35 -0700 (PDT)

Hi everyone.

I hate to be the harbinger of bad news, but most of
what is posted about Solomon Tharp's early history is
simply not true, misinformation, skewing of the
genealogical record, or not based on any sources
whatsoever! Here's what I mean:

1. Solomon was born Oct 16, 1750 in Woodbridge,
Middlesex County, New Jersey.

There is absolutely no proof that Solomon was born in
Woodbridge, or ever set foot in Woodbridge. As far as
my own research goes, I've found no records indicating
Solomon was born there or resided in Woodbridge at any
point in his life (church, woodbridge birth records,
tax records, court records, etc).

So why this confusion???

There was a Solomon Thorpe born in Woodbridge about
1720 who married "Hannah Unknown." This Solomon was
the great-grandson of Thomas Thorpe of Woodbridge, a
line I have researched quite extensively. This
Solomon died in 1750, about the time that the other
Solomon was born. These are totally different men
from different Thorpe/Tharp lineages.

Additionally, I have found no proof that Solomon Tharp
was born Oct 16, 1750. The DAR marker at his supposed
gravesite marks his birthdate as 1753 (no birthplace
given). I have no idea what the source for this
particular information is either.

Given the fact that Solomon's wife Hannah Tate was
born in New Castle County, Delaware, where many
Maryland Tharp's settled in the late 1600's (in fact,
many of these Tharp's became Governor's of Delaware!),
it makes sense to look for Solomon's birthplace in

2. Solomon is the son of Thomas Tharp (1685) and
Elizabeth Ellis.

This one really drives me mad because it confuses the
Maryland and Woodbridge Thorpe lines. Thomas Tharp
(1640) of Maryland married Elizabeth UNKNOWN. We know
nothing about his Elizabeth other than she was born
about 1661 and she eventually left Thomas Tharp for
another man by the name of James Carle.

There is indeed a Thomas Thorpe who marries an
Elizabeth Ellis. This Thomas is the son of Thomas
Thorpe (1631) of Woodbridge. Elizabeth Ellis first
marries Unknown Eldridge, then Thomas Thorpe.
Elizabeth Thorpe then marries Richard Powell of
Woodbridge, NJ. There is quite a color legal battle
in the Middlesex court records as Thomas Thorpe (1631)
battles with his daughter-in-law over his deceased
son's estate.

What is known about Solomon's early life is very
sketchy, to say the least. We know he died in 1849 in
Cass Co., Michigan, having previously lived in a
number of places: Pennsylvania(??), Virginia, North
Carolina, Ohio, Michigan. The DAR marker at a
cemetery in Michigan (where, unfortunately, there is
no proof that Solomon is even buried) states that
Solomon was a private in the NJ Regiment in the Rev.
War, and gives the dates as 1753-1849. He was at
Valley Forge 1777-1778. For information on Solomon's
Rev. War service, please contact me directly at

It is interesting to note that Solomon Tharp's wife,
Hannah Tate, was from a Quaker family. In fact,
Hannah was expelled from the Quaker faith for marrying
a Baptist (well, and also for also having "carnal
knowledge" of her husband prior to marriage).

The Maryland Tharp's, though not apparently Quaker's
themselves, had close ties to Quaker families. In
fact, the witness to Thomas Tharp's will (Henry Hosier
Sr. Will was probated 21 Nov 1686) was from a
well-known Quaker family. For a more complete history
of the Maryland Tharps, an excellent resource is
"Descendants of Thomas Tharp, Born About 1640,"
compiled by Robert Tharp in 2003.

Please contact me if you would like further
information at . Hope this
clears up some of the confusion over this Tharp line.

Ellen Coffman

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