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Subject: Jacob Theis, 7 in family - A Founder Family
Date: Fri, 28 Jan 2005 16:17:35 -0500

Hi Theis members, espec those w/a VA background.

Barry Wetherington

Jacob Theis, 7 in family - A Founder Family

A Brief History
The Zion Lutheran Church at Floyd, Virginia
Marguerite Tise
contributed to this site by Jack Spangler June 2002
[Thanks Jack Spangler - I'll be looking for an email address to send you
thanks. bw]

[One may wonder how &/or if 'Marguerite Tise' is an alternate spelling bw]

Zion Lutheran Church is located one mile north of the town of Floyd,
just off the road to Christiansburg (Route 615). The white frame church
stands in a grove of magnificent oak trees, separated from the old cemetery
by a thick growth of pines.

The Lutheran congregation dates from the very early 1790s when a
group of German Lutherans from Frederick County, Maryland, settled in the
area; they were followed by numbers of German settlers who travelled down
the Valley of Virginia to seek new homes in what is now Floyd County. They
were first served by the travelling preachers who heard the call and
included the "Little River congregation" in their itineraries; they came
periodically to preach, baptize the children, give communion and administer
the rites of the church. Services were held in cabin homes, under trees, or
wherever they could find a gathering place. Children born between the
pastor's visits were all baptized together when he appeared. The record
shows that on April 30, 1805, twenty-eight children were baptized.

The congregation was formally organized on May 10, 1813, under the
jurisdiction of the North Carolina Synod, by the visiting preachers, Rev.
Jacob Scherer and Rev. R. J. Miller, who were on a missionary journey from
North Carolina through the Valley of Virginia. The 24 men who signed the
charter represented with their families 195 members, an indication of the
size and vitality of the congregation. At the organization service, Rev.
Scherer preached in German and Rev. Miller preached in English. The records
of the congregation were kept in German until 1833.

The first house of worship was a log schoolhouse and church which
stood in the center of what is now the church cemetery. It was built prior
to 1813, probably even before 1809 when the congregation was formally
registered with the Virginia Conference of the Pennsylvania Ministerium as
the Little River Church in Montgomery County, with elected officers: George
Epperly, Henry Cronk and George Zentmeyer. In 1838 the log church-school
was replaced by a larger log building on the same site. In 1861, a third
church was built of brick and stone and relocated several hundred feet from
the old site on the edge of the oak grove near the site of the present
building. The congregation soon outgrew the old one, which was then torn
down. In 1979 and addition was added to the church for Sunday School rooms
and fellowship hall.

The first regular, resident pastor of Zion congregation was Rev.
Martin Walter, who came to Floyd in 1826 from Botetourt County, originally
from Shenandoah County. He was followed by Rev. Daniel J. Hauer, and in the
first one hundred years of its existence Zion was served by twenty-eight
pastors. Eleven men have gone forth from the congregations of the Floyd
Parish to serve as ministers of the Lutheran Church, an outstanding record.

It may be of interest to note that Rear Admiral Robley D. Evans
(Fightin' Bob) of the US Navy, Captain of the "Iowa" in the battle of
Santiago in the Spanish-American War, attended Sunday School at Zion when a

Zion Church has played an important part in the history of the
Virginia Synod. On May 21, 1842, the Synod of Southwestern Virginia was
organized at a meeting held at Zion Lutheran Church, Floyd.

In 1853 the second Lutheran congregation in the county was organized
out of Zion. It was first known as Olive Hill, later became Burke's Fork.

Gladesboro, Carroll County, was organized in 1855 as a part of Zion;
it became a separate congregation in 1959.

In 1879, St. Mark's Lutheran Church, Willis, was organized out of
Zion. Later Burke's Fork joined with St. Mark's to become one congregation
which grew and flourished and soon surpassed the mother church in

Zion Church, Floyd, and St. Mark's, Willis now make up the Floyd Parish and
are served by one pastor, now Rev. Richard A. Giessler.


These records are of historic value. The data compiled involved transactions
from the German Script in which the greater portion of the record was
written.ยท Here is a rough translation.

In the year of our Lord Jesus Christ 1813, the 10th. of May, the
undersigned families, under the authority of the Evangelical Lutheran
Conference of the State of North Carolina, according to the order of the
same, were allowed to be organized, and the same order to be followed in the
ministrations of the travelling preacher. B.G. Miller and J. Scherer.

Johannes C. Meyer, Elder, 9 in family
George Frederick Pflieger, Deacon, 9 in family
Jacob Ebberle, 13 in family
Daniel Welst, 5 in family
Christian Ebberle, 12 in family
Phillip Steichelman, 13 in family,(son of John m.
Frances Wade 14 Dec 1811) Wife Peggy M.F.
George Ebberle, 13 in family
Abraham Pflieger, 11 in family
Heinrich Sauer, 8 in family
Samuel Reidinger, 14 in family
Heinrich Krank, 8 in family
Georg Saner, 10 in family
Michael Pflieger, 7 in family
Wilhelm Marchel, 6 in family
Jacob Marchel, 7 in family
Wilhelm Rutrauf; 2 in family
Petrus Meivel, 5 in family
Johannes Weber, 3 in family
Johannes Maurer, 10 in family
Wilhelm Marchel, Sen. 1 in family
Jacob Theis, 7 in family
Christopher Scholosser, 7 in family
Johannes Kitterman, 11 in family
Johannes:Ruthrauf, 4 in family


Johannes Weber, Joseph Pflieger, Isac.Pflieger, Menassa Theis, Philip
Kitterman, Wilhelm Krank, Johannes Ebberle, JACOB EBBERLE, Heinrich Rutrauf,
Jacob Sauer, Maria Sauer, Sarah Sauer, Catherine Sauer, Elizabeth Theis,
Maria Ebberle, Sophia Kitterman and Margareth Steichelman.

Jhn. C. Meyer and wife, Georg Pflieger and wife, Elizabeth Pflieger,
Elizabeth Gutekunst JACOB EBBERLE And wife, Margareth Gutekunst, George
Ebberle and wife Heinrick Krank and wife, Christine Pflieger, Christian
Ebberle and wife Susannan Marg. Theis, JOHANNES RUTHRAUF, SARA RUTHRAUF,
Elizabeth Sauer, Maria Ebberle, Elizabeth C. Meyer, Elisabeth Ebberle,
Catharine C. Meyer, Salloma Ebberle, Nicholaus Theis, Wilhelm Margel

Johannes Zantmeyer and wife, Georg. Pfluger and wife, JACOB EBBERLE AND
WIFE, W. Morkel, Heinrich Krank and wife, Christian Ebberly and wife, Johan
Weber and wife, Phil Steichelman and wife, Henrich Sauer and wife XR SARAH
RUTHRAUF Polly Gutekunst, Elisabeth Pflieger, Georg. Gutekunst, and wife,
Elisabeth Guthekunst, Catharina Terry, Joseph Pflieger, Wilh. Krank, Rebecca
Steichelman, Manasa Theis, Phil Kitterman JOH RUTHRAUF, Isaac Pflieger,
Margreth Gutekunst, Susanna Theis, Catharine Pfliegar, Polly Ebberly,
Elizabeth Theis, Sophia Ketterman
Elisabeth Zentmeyer, Susanna Theis, Elisabeth Ebberly, Salome Ebberly, Maria
Ebberly, Maria Sauer, Catharina Sauer, Elisabeth Sauer, Sarah Sauer.
On May 30, 1814
The following persons were received into the congregation by Rev. I. L.
Marker Philip Steichelman and his wife Pagy, Peggy, Georg Guthekunst and
wife Polly.
Communicants May 21, 1815
John C. Meyer and wife, Georg Pflieger and wife, Margaretha Guthekunst,
Elisabeth Guthekunst, Wilhelm Marchel, Jacob Theis and wife Jacob Ebberle
and wife, Philip Steihlemand and wife, Georg Ebberle, Christian Ebberle
Elisabeth Sauer, Georg Guthekunst and wife, Christian Weber, Samuel
Reidinger and wife, Elisabeth Reidinger, Nicholaus Theis, Elisabeth Theis,
HANNA MARCHEL Wilhelm Krank, Heinrich Krank, Maria Ebberle, Margaretha
Steichelman, Catharina Terre, Marg. Guthekunst.
Comm. Nov 26, 1815
Georg Pflieger and wife, Elisabeth Guthekunst, Wilhelm Morcel, Henrich
Krank, Jacob Theis and wife. Catharine Pflieger, Samuel Reidinger and wife,
Catharina C. Meyer, Joh. C. Meyer and wife, Christina Weber, Sussanna Theis,
Elisabeth Reidinger, Elisabeth Sauer, Philip Kitterman, Margareth
Guthekunst, Isaac Pfleiger, JOH RUTHRAUF, Philip Steichelmand and wife,
Margareth Steichelman, JACOB EBBERLE AND WIFE, Elisabeth Krank, Maria
Ebberle and Elisabeth C. Meyer, Catharina: Sauer.
Comm. Sept. 29, 1816
Georg Pflieger and wife, Jacob Ebberle and wife Christian Ebberle and wife,
Georg. Guthekunst and wife, Samuel Reidinger and wife Wilhelm Marche Jacob
Theis and wife Heinrich Sauer and wife, Wilhelm Ruthrauf and wife Manassa
Theis, Christopher Shlosser and wife, Catharine Pflieger, Elisabeth
Reidinger, Elisabeth Guthekunst, Margareth Guthekunst, Widow Catherine
Reidinger, Margareth, Guthekunst, Maria Weddel, Elisabeth Sauer, Susanna
Theis, Elisabeth Theis, Saloma Ebberle, Maria Sauer, Heinrich Krank
Elisabeth C. Meyer and Saloma Sauer.
(No Theis/s thereafter - in fact, there were NO Theiss in the site - only
Theis. Anyone know the difference? Barry)
Apparently no Theis births either.
Barry Wetherington

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