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Subject: Samuel THOMPSON & Ann JENNINGS - VA, 1728
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It looked like there was lots of activity with the Samuel Thompsons of
VA while I was on vacation. I've shared this with some Thompson cousins
and I thought I'd share with the group (Samuel fans and family) and try
to narrow the subject line for other folks on the list. I re-typed this
information from an old document. Sorry for the repetition, I typed it
as written. There is more on the Robertson line from Mildred Thompson
(if anyone wants that information). Here goes:

In “Old Families of Nottoway,” by Turner, I found the following:
William Jennings, born in England, died in America 1775. He married
Mary Jane Pulliam of Hanover Co., VA in 1724.

In 1798 William Jennings of Acton, Suffolk and Grosvenor Sq., London,
died a bachelor at the age of 97. This William was a nephew of Col.
William Jennings of Nottoway. He left a fortune of, or valued at two
million, and being an only child, parents dead, is said to have left it
all to heirs of Col. William Jennings of Nottoway Co., VA.

From records in possession of the Jennings descendants, Thomsons (later
spelled Thompson), I secured the following:

Col. William Jennings came to America from the British Indies and fought
in the Indian Wars. He was a British Captain. He left England soon
after the death of his father, Humphry Jennings; came to America,
married Mary Jane Pulliam of Hanover Co., VA and neither ever returned
to England. He was born in England Nov. 10, 1676 and died in Hanover
Co., VA, 1775. Wife was born 1704, died 1774. William Jennings was the
son of Humphry (b. 8/23/1629, d. 9/6/1690) and Mary Millward Jennings
(b. 1657, d. 1708). This Humphry was the son of John Jennings (b.
4/9/1579, d. 2/25/1657) who married first Mary--second Joyce Weaman,
both of England.

The youngest child of William and Mary Jennings was a daughter Anne,
often called Nancy Anne. She married Samuel Thompson (originally
Thomson). Anne was born in Hanover Co. of Virginia 1736, and died in
Pittsylvania Co., VA., 1811, and is buried at Riceville, Pittsylvania
Co., VA 1811.

Samuel Thomson was born ________, died Sept. 1779, Nottoway Parish of
Amelia Co. His will is on record at Amelia Court House, Sept. 7, 1779,
and names Christopher Robertson as one of the executors. (See Heitman’s
Historical Register which gives -- Samuel Thompson, Capt., Virginia
Militia 1777-1779). Col. Wm. Jennings deeded 200 acres of land to Anne
and Samuel in Nottoway Parish of Amelia County. A court was held in
Charlottesville, VA, May 1850 tracing descendants of Humphry Jennings of
England. the Pittsylvania County convention was held May 5, 1850:
Nottoway Co. convention held March 25, 1850 to dispose of the English
Jennings estate. See “Turner’s Record of Nottoway” and Charlottesville
Courthouse records for proof. Col. Wm. Jennings heirs traced directly
back to England and records state were not doubted by a member of the
Charlottesville committee.

The Virginia Statutes compiled by Wm. Walter Henning states that Samuel
Thompson, gentleman, was one of the incorporators of a town in Franklin
Co., VA., and that he married Anne Jennings, youngest daughter of the
retired British officer, William Jennings; children listed as follows:

Mildred (Milly) married Christopher Robertson
Jennings married Miss Street
Mary Pulliam married Edward (Ned) Robertson
Nancy married Culbert Price
Washington married Jane Storr (or Stott)
William married 1. Dorothy Stockton 2. ______Pickett
Samuel, Jr. married in 1796 1. Martha Carter (b. 1779, d. 1849) and 2.
Patsy (Farmer) Terry
Waddy E. (b. 11/16/1777, d. 1/26/1851) married Katherine E. James in
Franklin Co.
John (married - no heirs)

I feel sure these children are listed as to age as Jennings was 1st son,
Washington was 2nd, William was 3rd., Samuel, Jr. was 4th son and Waddy
E. was 5th son and Mildred was oldest child as shown by her father’s
will, 1779. Many Thompsons in Franklin and Pennsylvania Co.

John Jennings (b. England, 4/9/1579, d. England, 2/25/1657) married 1.
Mary ? and 2. Joyce Weaman.

A son, Humphry Jennings (b. England, 8/23/1629, d. England, 9/6/1690)
married Mary Millward (b. 1657, d. 1708)

Their son, Capt. William Jennings (b. England, 11/10/1767, d. Hanover
Co., VA, 1775) married in 1724 Mary Jane Pulliam of Hanover Co., VA (b.
1704, d. 1774)

Their known children

Joseph married Miss Fowlkes ( a daughter of this union married Richard
Oliver of Nottoway)


Anne married Samuel Thompson of Nottoway Parish, Amelia Co.

Sarah (Sally)

Anne (b. 1736 Hanover Co., d. 1811) married in 1752 Samuel Thompson (or
Thomson) b. 1728, d. Sept. 1779, will recorded Sept. 7, 1779 in Amelia

Their issue:

Dr. Jennings Thompson married Miss Street, Pittsylvania Co., VA
Dr. George Washington Thompson married Jane Storr (Stott), Amelia Co.,
William married 1. Dorothy Stockton 2. ______Pickett
Samuel married 1. Martha (Peggy) Carter (b. 1779, d. 1849 Va.) and 2.
Patsy (Farmer) Terry, Ky.
Waddy E. married Katherine E. James in Franklin Co.
Nancy married Culbert Price
Mary Pulliam (Polly) married Edward Robertson (G.G. father of Dr. A.J.
Robertson, Louisville Seminary, Ky.)
Mildred (Milly) married Christopher Robertson, d. July 1833, will is
recorded July 15, 1833 at Chatham, VA. Pittsylvania Co.
John married, no heirs, died very soon.

The children of Mildred Thompson and Christopher Robertson were:

Christopher Thomas Robertson (b. 2/9/1779, d. 6/17/1849) married on
2/25/1807 Sally Petty (b. 1/8/1794, d. 10/29/1853)

Nancy Robertson married 12/1/1806 to Joseph Carter

Martha Robertson (buried at Cascade, VA) married 07/16/1804 to Matthew

George Robertson (b. 1/11/1786, d. 09/24/1848) married 12/7/1810 to
Elizabeth Coleman

William Robertson, never married

Edward Robertson (b. 5/17/1790, d. 06/20/1842) married on 12/9/1816 to
Nancy S. Thompson

Mary (Polly) Robertson married 04/21/1817 to Allen Stokes, Jr.

Samuel Robertson married 12/14/1818 to Elizabeth Shelton

Sarah (Sally) Robertson married on Nov. 29, 1824 to James Fowlkes (no

Lucy W. Robertson married 7/31/1820 to Sam Hutchings

Elizabeth Robertson married 2/5/1821 to William Smith

Nathaniel Thompson Robertson (b. 12/17/1800, d. 5/13/1851) married
07/15/1822 to Priscilla Stokes (b. 11/20/1804, d. 7/20/1865)

Mildred (Milly) Robertson married 07/21/1820 to Joel Coleman

These are Bible record dates. Marriages are on record at Chatham, VA.,
Pittsylvania Co. See Marriage Bonds p 76 for bond of Nathaniel and
Priscilla, bondsman was Allen Stokes, Jr.; married by Jas. Beck.
Priscilla was daughter of Allen Stokes, Sr. and sister of Allen Stokes,
Jr. I think that this family of Stokes was living at Stokesland, Va.
near Caswell Co., NC.

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