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Subject: [THOMPSON-L] ARCHIBALD-JOSHUA-JULIA; John Thompson-Priscilla Line:Robinson
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FOR YOUR REFERENCE: My brother and I list all counties and states as
they appeared on the document from that date and time. Hence, if the
deed was documented prior to a county's division, the county as it
appeared in the document is how we list it., not its modern status. If
we do give a latter division, it will appear in a reference such as(
latter known as Barren County Kentucky)

Archibald Thompson 1788-1867 was born on Oct 15, 1788 in Orange Co
North Carolina and did on Sept 29 1867 in Macon COunty Tennessee. He
was married to Elizabeth Scott (1800-1879) daughter of Moses Scott, in
Smith County in August of 1819

Archibald served in the War of 1812 as a private in the company of Capt
John Byrn and Lt Josiah Walton, the unit was COl JOhn Coffee's Regiment
of Tennessee MOunted Volunteers. He was first mustered into service in
Nashville on Dec 10 1812 and honorably discharged there on May 1 1813.
He again entered service under Capt. Byrn in Sept 1813 and continued on
active duty until Jan 1 1814 when he was discharged at Huntsville
Alabama He filed for bounty land on May 5 1752 and received 80 acres.

On June 27 and Oct 7, 1878 Archibald's widow Elizabeth filed for a
pension under the act of March 9 1878. Her residence was given as Echo,
Macon Co, Tennessee. the application was rejected on March 23 1880 "on
the ground that the claimant died before the completion of the claim"

Archibald Thompson inherited 240 acres of his father's plantation. He
added to his holdings in 1816 by purchase of land on the east fork of
Goose Creek from Thomas Murry and Cyrus W. Brevard. On May 7 1836 he
and his wife Elizabeth sold to Cyrus W. Brevard their"one sixth equal
undivided interest in a 98 acre tract belonging to the estate of Moses
Scott, dec'd" A 27 acre tract "lying in the middle fork of Goose Creek"
ws purchased from Arthur Bransford on 20 August 1833, it was sold to
James Kerley, Sr on Oct 12 1837. In 1835 Archibald Thompson, Esq. was
appointed by the Smith County COurt as one of two commissioners to
superintend the building of a bridge across the mouth of Taylor's branch
on Goose Creek. He was also named "to take a list of taxable property
and polls in Capt Meadow's Company" for the year 1836.

When Macon County was formed in 1842, Archibald's land fell into that
area. The family of Archibald Thompson is therefore, listed in the
Smith County censuses for 1830 and 1840 and the Macon County censuses of
1850 and 1860.

The Archibald Thompson Bible contains a record of the births of the
children of Archibald and Elizbeth Scott Thompson, al of whom were born
in Smith County Tennessee. They include:
1. Abraham S born May 14 1820, died March 3 1874
2. Sarah born Dec 10 1821
3. Spencer S. born DEc 28 1823 married Hannah Brevard 21 Nov 1849 died
August 6 1881
children: Archibald "ARCH" born 1855 married Margaret Voorheis, Oct
8 1884 Farmer in
Obion Co. Tenn. His children being:
Voorheis married Paul E. SHaw
Helen Margaret
married John Harold White
Spencer S.
Married Zella Moss his children being:

Margaret Farrar

Catharine Sue mar. Joe Hudson
Harold B.
married Mildred Thompson their children being



Robert Lee
James Laurence
married Mazie Drury
4. Thomas born Jan 13 1825 died Jan 31 1836
5. Martha born March 27 1828
6. Laurence born May 18 1830 married March C. Bratton Oct 10 1860 Smith
County Tennessee died Aug 5 1904 their children
being: C.J. born Aug 19 1861
born Feb 1866 married Dr. W. Celsor
Joshua born May 1 1868 married Pearl Price their
being: Lavelle

Thomas Price SR.

Catherine"Kate" born 18 Sept 1871 mar W. M. Lamb their
being: Reginal



Ruth Murry
7. Ellen born Sept 10 1832
8. Joshua born Jan 23 1835 died July 2 1860
9. Susan born APril 8 1837 died March 10 1857
10 Anna Born Dec 8 1839

Archibald Thompson's lineage was:
his father Abraham Thompson who married Sarah Debow
Abraham was the youngest child (as far as I know) of Thomas Thompson who
married Ann Finney


Joseph Thompson born in Campbell County Kentucky moved to Missouri with
his family in 1810. He married first Louisa Yeager )1809-1829) on June
24 1826 on Vigo County Indiana. On Jan 25 1836 Joseph married her sister
nancy Yeager (1814-1900) He died on Jan 22 1849. Both Joseph and Luisa
are buried in the Prairie Creek Baptist Church Cemetery in Vigo, County
Indiana. Nancy and Louisa were the daughters of Nicholas

Child of first marriage:
1. Nichols born May 9 married Laura Coon(1828-1892) and died in 1909.
Children were Firmin b 1850, died 1913 , Nancy L. born 1858 died 1934,
JULIA ANN BORN 1862 died 1953, James born 1865 died 1945, Belle born
1868 died 1959. Maggie born 1870 died 1941, Nicholas and Laura are
buried in Mt Olive Cemetery near Martinsville, Illinois.

Children of second marriage
2. Clarissa born 1836 married Christopher T. Ash (1824-1897) died 1875.
Child Joe Murray born 1859 died 1934.

3. James born 1838 married Julia Cupp(1846-1900) died 1911 Children:
Cora b. 1875 died 1897,;EffieL. born 1888 died 1977: John William, born
1878, died 1959

4. Eliza born 1839 mar John P. Harris (1833-1911) died 1936 Children:
rosetta L. Born 1862 d 1942 : James born 1868 died 1886: Benjamin b 1872
died 1941: John L. born 1878 died 1979: William E.born 1866 died 1942:
Nancy A. born 1869 died 1959:Mark Herbert born 1876 died 1957: Elizabeth
born 1881 died 1950

5. Henrietta born 1840 married Stephan R. Johnson (1840-1914) died
1926. Children: Luticia born 1863 died 1952.; Mathilda E. Born 1866
died 1881; James P. born 1872 died 1962; Minnie B. born 1876 died 1950:;
Nancy Jane born 1865 died 1881; Lillie Ann born 1869 died 1952; Henry E.
born 1874 died 1882; Roscoe K. Born 1879 died 1963.

6. William Henry born 1842 married Eliza McKinney( died in 1928 ) while
he died in 1929. Children: James William b. 1868 died 1958, Joe Phoenix
born 1871, died 1959, Charles Vincent "Pete" born 1873 died 1927; Nancy
Rosa born 1876died 1959; William Elmer "Pat" born 1879 died 1955; John
A. born 1870 died 1946.

7. Nancy born 1844 married James A. Johnson (born 1843) died 1870 Child
Irena Ann born 1866 died 1867

8. Mary born 1845 died 1867

9. Martha born 1847 married James H. Harris (1845-1918) Children
American Elva born 1868 died 1949,:Charles b. 1874 died 1963; Carrie
born 1876 died 1963; Lula born 1884 died 1885; Joe Ben born 1870 died
1930? ; Mary E. born 1872 died 1945: Jay W. 1884 died 1969

10. Joseph b 1849 maried Susan E Gaskins (1854-1933) died 1914 Children
:Oliver b 1875 died 1876: Infant born and died in 1880: John Carl born
1884 died 1935. He married Osia Rebecca Yeager. Their son Laurence L. V.
Thompson of Crawfordsville, Indiana musician and poet who married
Princess L. Stone is one of the principal sources for this line.: Lester
T. born 1891 died 1963; Clennie H. Born 1876 died 1941; Lula E. born1882
died 1946; Nola N. born 1886 died 1973.

ROBINSON REFERENCES related to Thompson records I can find
It is probable that James McAllister married Margaret Robinson born
April 1762
Source: Bedford County Tenn. Deed Book, A:350, Lincoln Co, Tenn. Deed
Book G-1:267
daughter of Michael and Mary (REa/Ray) Robinson in Orange Co NC before
the move to Tennessee. Margaret's maternal grandparents, William and
Catharine Rea/Rhea had been near neighbors of James's father and uncle
in Derry Township, Lancaster Co, Penn.
Source: Williamson COunty Tennessee COurt Minutes (1800-1812), 160, 196,
and moved into Orange Co. NC along with other Lancaster Co families.
Although the will was probated in Orange County the inventory was filed
in Williamson County Tenn. where he had moved with all the members of
the family

A Mary Simpson Thompson called Polly was born on AUg 17 1791 in Madison
Co Ky. She married Raney Laforce and appeared with one child in the
1810 census of Fayette Co Ky. He was listed as 1 male ages 26-45, along
with 1 female under 10, one female 16-26, and 1 slave. In 1820 the
family was in Clark Co KY with 5 M under 10, 1 M (16-26), 2 M(26-45) 1 F
(10-16, 1 F (26-45) and 10 slaves. In 1822 Raney bought a one acre tract
from David McGee in Clark Co which he and Polly sold on April 25 1826 to
Robert V. Bush. By Jan 1 1829 Raney and Polly were living in Henry Co
KY where they purchased from Walter Preston, executor of the estate of
COL WILLIAM ROBINSON, a 103 acre tract in Clark County. The property
was sold the same day by Raney and and Mary Laforce to James Taggart.
The 1830 Henry County census gives the following household: 2 Males
(10-15), 3 M(15-20), 1M(40-50), 1 F(30-40), and 2 slaves.

Before Feb 3 1834 the Laforces had moved again as Raney Laforce of
Jefferson Co KY and David Laforce of Meade Co KY sold to Wm. C. Prewitt
the 58 acres residue of COL. DAVID ROBINSON's land in Clark COunty, The
deed states this land was a special legacy from the deceased colonel who
is assumed to be their mother's brother. ONe of the witness to the
transaction was Lewis Hickman husband of Polly's sister Sarah.

David Robinson's will dated 27 May 1805 pvd. April 1806, Fayette Co KY
named among other legatees nephews Robinson, David, and Reynolds Laforce
and niece Mary Laforce. Also "Reynolds Laforce late husband of my
sister Agnes and all his children not named in this will are excluded
from inheriting any part of my estate."Source: Fayette County KY
Willbook A:305

Raney Laforce is said to be the fourth male in as many generations to
bear the name of the original immigrant, Rene Laforce who died in
Goochland County Virginia on Sept 27 1728

Col William ROBINSON IS possibly the brother of Agnes Robinson, who
married Raney Laforce, Sr, assumed to be the father of the Raney LaForce
who married Mary S. Thompson mentioned above. Agnes Robinson also had
brothers, Col. David Robinson and John Robinson. Col David and Col
William did not marry. Their estates settlements give information about
their Laforce nephews.

JOHN THOMPSON AND PRISCILLA VA mid 1750's, to Orange Co NC to Rowan Co
NC to KY

not to be confused with any other Thompson lines I have ever mentioned
to the group except
John is probably a brother or cousin to Lawrence, Thomas and /or Closes
Thompson) This John who married Priscilla had as children:
1 John Thompson,
2Ann Thompson,
3Lawrence Thompson born 1755 in Virginia who first married Eleanor
Thompson and then Martha McNee having as his second wife Frances
Thompson who married first James Booth and then Thomas Wheeler and John
D. Thompson who married Elizabeth A. Elsey. This Lawrence is often
confused with he other Lawrence Laurence Thompsons living in North
Carolina during the mid to late 1700's and later in Kentucky
4 Evan Thompson who married Chloe Bennett.and had as children Daniel ,
John, Lucy who married first Joseph Duncan and second Allen Vaughn,
David , Gabriel, Nancy , Rice, Austin, Chloe, and Sarah Evan's
revolutionary war pension application shows Orange Co 27 Aug 1765 as the
place and date of Evan's birth.

This 2ANN THOMPSON MARRIED JOHN ROBINSON and had Elizabeth "Betsy"
This family is not of my direct line however, they have been proven to
lived in Frederick Co Va during the Mid 1750's to Orange County NC in
1760 on to Rowan Coun NC and then into Kentucky about 1783
John Thompson and Lawrence Thompson received land warrants in Lancaster
Co, Pennsylvania on March 17 1738 No. 64 and 65, It is probable that the
recipient John is the John in this paragraph in my opinion

An entry was made by John Thompson on 31 Oct 1778 for 500 acres in
Rowan Co NC . The tract was surveyed on 21 July 1779 the grant issued on
21 March 1780. Chain carriers were listed as Lawrence and Evan
Thompson. The descripton of the 500 acre tract on the north side of the
S. Yadkin River states that included his improvemnt, indicating that
John and Priscilla live on the land some time prior to receiving title
for it.
While residents of Rowan CO two or possibly three of John and
Priscilla's sons served the Revolutionary cause. Lawrence and Evan
services are documented by pension applications. John did not live long
enough to receive a pension.
A tract of 400 acres"on a branch of Holeman's Creek including where he
now lives" was surveyed for John Thompson of Augusta Co Va by John
Rutherford on Nov 28 1751. Closs Thompson served as marker, John and
Reese Lewis were chain carriers. Another survey of 55 acres which
joined the first tract and lands of Thomas Moore, was made on 1 May
1754. A note on the cover of each survey states that it was paid for by
Evan JOnes. The land where the Thompsons lived actually lay in Frederick
Co as was made clear by the deeds issued by Thomas Lord Fairfax in APril
of 1760. In all probability plans for the move to Orange Co NC had been
made well before the deeds were issued. On Sept 19 1760 John and
Priscilla Thompson of Orange Co NC sold both properties to Thomas Heaton
of Frederick Co Virginia. T

The 300 acre tract John and Priscilla purchased in Orange County
bordered the land of Robert Thompson and Thomas and Ann Finney
Thompson. On Feb 19 1765 they deeded this tract to Jonas Chamberlain of
Lancaster CO. Pennsylvania. The exact date of their move to Rowan
COunty is not known, but I found Evan, their son's birth there in the
Revolutionary war pension records as mentioned elsewhere in this

In 1783 these Thompsons moved again, this time to the recently opend
Blue Grass section ofKentucky of which they had sold on Aug 5 1783 the
500 acres on the Yadkin river to Joseph Pearson. One of their contact in
Kentucky was Capt. Laurence Thompson, son of Thomas, under whom
Lawrence, son of John, had served in the Revolution, and who appears to
have acted as the latter's security in in April 1779 marriage in Rowan
County. The signature of Evan . JOhn and Lawrence are affixed to a
petition of inhabitants of Lincoln Co KY to the General Assembly of
Virginia for a town in that county. The petition was not dated, but it
is believed to have been drawn up about 1783 or 84.
In less than 10 years after this family's move to Kentucky John Thompson
died in Mercer County. His will, dated 20 Aug 1792 names his wife
Priscilla and sons John and Evan. Priscilla and John were named
executors; John Bennett and John Wilcoxon witnessed the document. IT
was proved on Jan 29 1793 before the Mercer County Court. ,

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