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Subject: [THOMPSON-L] Revolutionary War Pensions - "A" Part II
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Revolutionary Revolutionary War Pension applications for the surname
Thompson and its' variations.
Following are the pension application for the letter "A" taken from

Extracted from Revolutionary War Pension Films, With Addenda Supplied And
Compiled By J. E. RICCIO, 1999

Chapter One

THOMPSON Revolutionary War Pensioners
Christian Names Beginning With " A " Part II

* * * * *
S 32555 THOMPSON, ALEXANDER, born 3 Sept 1758, Cumberland Co., PA, died 25
Sept 1840, Newton, Whiteside Co., IL.

Wife, Sarah Scroggs, born 1780.

He served as a Private in the war. His pension, #34879, was issued in
Indiana, as that pension office was closer to his residence in Illinois
than the Illinois agency.

His widow stated that they were married 11 March 1800 by Mr. McConnel at
Cumberland Co., PA, where Alexander resided for eighty years. They removed
to Vermillion Co., IN in May 1839, and were members of the Presbyterian

John Thompson and James Miller attested to her statement, made in Whiteside
Co., Illinois 20 Apr 1855. She was awarded Bounty Land Warrant, #31325,
for 160 acres in 1855, and the warrant was sent to Bellevue, Jackson Co.,

Note: It seems logical that Sarah Scroggs was a second wife, both from her
age, and the date of their marriage.

* * * * *
S 14691 THOMPSON, ALEXANDER, born 29 Mar 1763, Augusta Co., VA., died prob.
at Kanawha Co., VA.

He resided at Kanawha Co., VA in 1833 when he applied for his pension. He
was drafted as a Private in 1781 from Augusta Co., VA in Capt. Cunninghams'
Company. He lived in that county until 1819 when he moved to where he
presently lives. He served a second time in 1783 under Capt. John
McKittrick. He had a brother who settled in Missouri in 1811, but did not
name him. No other family information.

* * * * *
W 16440 THOMPSON, ALPHEUS, born 12 Jan 1758, Brimfield, MA, died 22 Jan
1816, Smithfield, Madison Co., NY. He was a son of James and Mary
[Hitchcock] Thompson.

Wife, Beulah Blodgett, b 1759. They were married on Thanksgiving Day,
November 1782 at Weston [now Warren], Massachusetts. She was a daughter of
Joseph and Hannah [Haynes] Blodgett, and died in 1841.

They were the parents of at least four children, as follows:

1] Mary Thompson, b 14 Mar 1783, d 2 Jul 1872; m. 1810 John Dorrance
2] Joseph Thompson
3] Erasmus Thompson
4] Daughter, who married Samuel Record

Ref: Tuttle records at Sherburne Library, Madison Co., NY.

Beaulah filed for a pension from Madison Co., NY on 6 Jul 1839. They were
married on Thanksgiving Day, 1782, at Weston [now Warren], Massachusetts by
Rev. Mr. Jones. They resided at Brimfield, MA. Their oldest child, Mary
Dorrance, made the statement [in 1839] that she was 56 years old, being
born 14 Mar 1783.

Ref: James Thompson of Woburn, Massachusetts by Rev. Leander Thompson, p 39
[#196]. According to this work, Alpheus was the grandson of James and Mary
[Unknown] Thompson and son of James Thompson, Jr., b 7 May 1724, who
married 28 Apr 1749 Mary Hitchcock, referred to as "Widow Hitchcock", and
resided in Brimfield, Mass. Alpheus had brothers James, [II] b 2 May 1750,
d 4 Nov 1754; Alpheus [I], b 13 Aug 1752, d 6 Nov 1754; James [III], b 31
March 1755, d in captivity at York, 1776; and Solomon, b 3 Nov 1761, who m.
Polly Smith 13 July 1786, and also served in the war. Alpheus also had a
sister, Bathsheba, b 24 May 1751, d 31 Oct 1754, another brother named
Solomon, baptized 23 Nov 1760 who died young, and an unnamed sibling b Oct
1756 who was stillborn.

* * * * *
S 19122 THOMPSON, AMHERST, born 20 May 1762 Brimfield, Hamden Co., MA, died
21 Mar 1857 Peru, Berkshire Co., MA.

Wife, Sarah Clark, born ca 1767, died 15 Jan 1852 Peru, Berkshire Co., MA.

He was a son of Joseph and Abigail [Sherman] Thompson of Brimfield. He
served as a Private and Lieutenant in the Massachusetts Line. His wife was
a daughter of Joseph and Sarah [Unknown] Clark, both of whom died at
Northampton in 1816.

His father served as a Colonel in the War. Amherst filed for his pension in
1832, stating that his family moved to Peru, MA in 1783, and that his
father then removed to Marietta, OH. Sylvanus Thompson testified that
Amherst Thompson was residing with his [Sylvanus'] father, Jonathan
Thompson, when he entered the service. Smith and Hannah Thompson of Peru,
MA testified for him on 31 Mar 1855. A Bounty Land Warrant, #7101, for 160
acres was issued in 1855.

Mrs. E. E. Everson of Washington, IA wrote in 1896, stating she was a great
granddaughter of Amherst and Sarah [Clark] Thompson, as did Myrtel [sic] M.
Frissell, who was a resident of Miami, FL in 1908.

Amherst and Sarah [Clark] Thompson had ten children:
1] Sally Thompson, b 3 July 1788
2] Joseph Thompson, b 4 June 1790, d 19 Dec 1827; m. 16 Apr 1817 Hannah
Payne; She m. 2] 3 May 1830 his brother, Smith Thompson
3] Sherman Thompson, b 5 Mar 1792, d April 1792
4] Nabby [Abigail] Thompson, b 4 May 1794; m. 24 May 1815 David Thom[p]son
5] Amherst Thompson, b 2 Feb 1796; m. Susan Dorrance Lord of Saybrook, CT
11 May 1821
6] Almira Thompson, b 14 Dec 1798; m. 26 Sept 1844 David Worthington at
7] Smith Thompson, b 27 Nov 1800; m. Hannah [Payne] Thompson, widow of his
brother Joseph. She died 5 Nov 1879.
8] John Thompson, b 2/27 Nov 1802; m. Electa Ferris Feb 1829
9] Lavinia Thompson, b 15 Oct 1806
10] Angeline Thompson, b 25 Mar 1808; m. 14 Oct 1835 Samuel Hedge of
Montreal, Canada

Of the above children, Joseph and Hannah [Payne] Thompson had:

1] Clark Paine Thompson, b 5 Feb 1818, d 7 Feb 1838
2] DeWitt Clinton Thompson, b 1 Sept 1826; married 16 Jan 1852 Marion

Children of Hannah [Payne] Thompson of her second marriage to Smith
Thompson were:

1] Joseph Allen Thompson, b 19 Dec 1830, d 9 Jan 1831;
2] Malvina Murry Thompson, b 4 Dec 1833; m. 4 Mar 1853 Martin Pierce of
Peru and had three children
3] Henry Smith Thompson, b 23 July 1838; m. 24 Oct 1863 Sarah F. Clark.

Abigail [Nabby] Thompson, [#4 above] m. David Thompson, b 21 July 1782
Peru, MA, son of Daniel Thompson, b 22 Dec 1731, d 2 Apr 1814, and his wife
Jemima Legg, b Bellingham ca 1741, died Peru 15 Sept 1823. They were
married 11 Apr 1761, and she was the daughter of John and Temperance
[Thayer] Legg.

David and Abigail [Thompson] Thompson had the following children:

1] Daniel Almerin Thompson, b 1 Apr 1816
2] Almira, b 14 Jan 1818; m. 1 Jan 1845 Henry P. Eames
3] Louisa Thompson, b 1 June 1822
4] James Thompson, b 1823; m. 1855 Leonora Frances Williams
5] Sarah Clark Thompson, b 10 Feb 1831, d 8 Mar 1838
6] Son, b 7 Oct 1833, d 8 Dec 1833
7] Samuel Dwight Thompson, b 4 Aug 1837

* * * * *
S 22016 THOMPSON, AMOS, born 18 June 1763 near Coventry, Tolland Co., CT,
died 6 Oct 1846 Mequanago, WI. [Note: He MAY have been a brother of Nathan
Thompson, see # S41241.]Wife, name unknown. He was a resident of Tolland
Co., CT when he entered the service as a Private at Mansfield in 1778. He
stated he originally entered at New London, CT as a substitute for Joseph

He had resided at Mansfield and Ashford every since. He filed for his
pension in April 1833 at Mansfield, Tolland Co., CT, and stated that his
father moved there ". . . before I can remember." He had a brother, Elias
Thompson, b ca 1761, who resided at Peru, MA who testified to his service.
Elias was living in Berkshire Co., MA in 1833.

In 1837, Amos Thompson removed to Portage Co., OH where Isaac Thompson
resided. In the autumn of 1839, he requested a transfer of his pension to
Milwaukee Co., Wisconsin Territory, where he had gone to live with his son.
George P. Thompson of Milwaukee Co. also testified. He is known to have
had at least two children, one being George P. Thompson, b 1798, who
married twice. The name of his first wife is unknown, and only the first
name of his second wife, Mary, b 1807 NY. The other known child of Amos is
Jared Thompson, b 1805, who married Frances A. [Unkown].

* * * * *
S 17145 THOMPSON, ANDERSON, born 4 Sept 1755, Hanover Co., VA, died Jan
1835, Russell Parish, Bedford Co., VA. He was a son of Waddy and Elizabeth
[Anderson] Thompson.Wife, Anne Clopton Anderson, d/o Col. Nelson and Ann
[Ball] Anderson. They were married at Louisa Co., VA on 4 May 1784 or 1785,
and his name was also written Thomasson.

He resided at Russell Parish, Bedford Co., VA in 1833 when he filed for his
pension, stating he enlisted from Louisa Co., VA in 1776 as 2nd Lieutenant
in the 3rd VA Regiment under Capt. Thomas Johnson. He served again under
Capt. Robert Barrett.

He removed from Louisa Co., VA in 1802 to Goochland Co., VA where he
resided for one year, then moving to Bedford Co., VA where he now resides.
David H. Thomson [sic] of Baltimore, MD on 9 Feb 1836 was his son. In
1833, when he applied for his pension, he was bedridden and paralytic. His
Will was dated 20 Jan 1834, and proved 22 June 1835.

There are many records pertaining to the purchase and sale of property by
Anderson Thompson in Goochland and Bedford Cos., VA. On 8 Jul 1800 he sold
196 acres on Roaring Run in Bedford Co. to David and Patsy Jones. He was
styled as "of Goochland Co." at that time. On 27 May 1815, he and his wife
[written as Nancy] signed an indenture to Hardaway Hatcher for 19 acres. On
27 Mar 1827, John W. Thompson and his wife, Nancy F. Thompson, of Botetourt
Co., VA sold to Anderson Thompson of same county, 1/6 part of an 800 acre
parcel in Bedford County formerly belonging to John Thompson, deceased,
John W. Thompson being entitled to this portion as an heir of John
Thompson, deceased. On 30 Nov 1827, John Stiff [Stith ?] and Bathsheba, his
wife, also sold Anderson Thompson their 1/6 share, being 200 acres, in the
estate of John Thompson, deceased, as did Elias M. Eubanks and his wife,

Anderson and Ann C. [Anderson] Thompson had the following children:
1] Alexander Spotswood Thompson, b 26 Jan 1785
2] Frances J. Thompson, b 24 Dec 1785; m. 7 Oct 1809 at Bedford Co., VA to
James Noell. On 23 Aug 1840, James Noell of Bedford Co., VA deeded to David
H. Thompson of Baltimore, MD all the rights due Noell from the estate of
Anderson Thompson, dec'd.
3] Nelson Anderson Thompson, b 1787. On 4 Aug 1841 he deeded all his rights
to land in Ohio to his brother David.
4] Elizabeth Thompson, b 1789; m. 25 Jul 1812 James Higgenbothan
5] Anna B. Thompson, b 1791, d by 1823 [?]; m. Charles Whitely and had at
least one daughter, Ann C. Whitely. She deeded her rights to property from
the estate of Anderson Thompson to David H. Thompson on 19 Oct 1841.
6] David A. or H. Thompson, b 1793; resided in Baltimore, MD in 1840/41,
when it appears he purchased the interest of his brother and sisters in his
fathers' property.
7] Jesse L. Thompson, b 1795, d 4 May 1842; m. 15 Sept 1826 Rhoda Morris
Wharton, b 1 Jul 1798, d 8 Sept 1864, d/o John and Sally Lilburne [Logwood]

Of these children, Jesse L. and Rhoda M. [Wharton] Thompson were the
parents of eight children:

1] Alexander Spotswood Thompson, b Jul 1827, d 15 Sept 1907; m. 25 Jan 1845
Margaret R. Hatcher
2] Nathaniel W. Thompson, b 7 Dec 1829, d 10 Dec 1918; m. 21 Dec 1850 as
his first wife, Nancy Ann Logwood White
3] Sarah Thompson, b ca 1830; m. Dr. John Temple
4] Catherine Thompson, b ca 1832; m. John Henderson
5] Sophia Doris [Davis] Thompson, b ca 1834; m. Mr. Griggs
6] Isabella Thompson, b ca 1836; m. William Allen Hayden
7] Charlotte F. Thompson, b 3 or 5 Mar 1838; m. 17 Feb 1855 Col. Jesse S.
8] Jesse Lewis Thompson, b ca 1841; m. Anna (verbatim)

Alexander Spotswood Thompson, b Jul 1827, Bedford Co., VA, d 15 Sept 1907
in that county. He married 25 Jan 1845 Margaret R. Hatcher, b 11 Oct 1823,
d 15 June 1908, the daughter of Henry and Elizabeth [White] Hatcher. Their
children were eight in number:

1] Sallie W. Thompson, b 21 Dec 1849, d 11 Nov 1852
2] Demaris Ann Thompson, b 4 Oct 1851; m. 11 Apr 1876 Callohill M. Gibbs
3] Emily Morris Thompson, b 21 Mar 1854
4] Lula Thompson, b 2 Dec 1856, d 9 June 1858
5] Mary Louise Thompson, b 16 Jan 1859
6] Olivia Alexander Thompson, b 30 Jan 1861
7] Spotswood Edward Thompson, b 30 Jan 1864; m. Dec 1888 Jessie F. Penn
8] Henry Thompson, b 21 Dec 1868; m. 18 May 1892 Lola May Lupton

Ref: Thompson Family Magazine, Vol 1, p. 75, Vol 17, p. 34. The spelling
"Thomson" also used in this file.

* * * * *
THOMPSON, ANDREW - A Bounty Land Warrant, #2189, for 200 acres was issued
on 2 Sept 1790. There are no other identifying papers in the file.

* * * * *
S 30736 THOMPSON, ANTHONY, born 19 Mar 1759, Chester Co., PA, died 22 May
1834, Daviess Co., KY.

Wife, Rachel Handley.

He entered the war in 1776 in Capt. William Hutsons' Company as a Private
at Cumberland Co., PA. He was in a number of battles, but took camp fever
after the Battle of Trenton.

He resided in Cumberland after the war where he was married 6 Mar 1781 at
Westmoreland Co., and in 1785 removed to Kentucky, where he has ever since
resided in Daviess Co. Phillip Thompson is mentioned, but no relationship
is stated.

* * * * *
S 11541 THOMPSON, ASA, born 22 Aug 1751, Canterbury, CT. He was the son of
William and Prudence [Herrington] Thompson, who were married 4 Feb 1734 at
Groswold, CT. He resided at Canterbury and she was a resident of Norwich at
the time of their marriage. William died 24 July 1777. They were the
parents of at least eight children, as follows:

1] Prudence Thompson, b 27 Oct 1734 Norwich, CT; m. 20 Mar 1754 Benjamin
Johns at Exeter, RI
2] David Thompson; m. 27 Feb 1760 Patience Russ at Lisbon, CT
3] James Thompson; m. 1770 Rachel Enos
4] Elizabeth Thompson, b 2 Oct 1745 Canterbury, CT
5] John Thompson, b 2 Oct 1748 Canterbury, CT; m. 4 Oct 1770 Sarah
Chamberlin at Ashford, CT
6] Asa Thompson, b 11 Aug 1751; m. 6 May 1773 Dorothy Green at Stafford, CT

7] William Thompson, twin
8] Mary Thompson, twin; m. 1776 Lt. James Sprague

Asa was residing at Tyringham, Berkshire Co., MA in 1833 when he filed for
his pension. He enlisted at Stafford, CT as a Drummer in Capt. Ellsworths'
Company. He mentions Jacob Green, his brother-in-law. His various places
of residence were Stafford, and Ashford, CT and Tyringham, MA. In 1836, he
requested his pension be transferred to Cayuga Co., NY. At the same time,
James Thompson of Cayuga Co., NY said he had known Asa Thompson for more
than fifty years. [Probably his brother].

His son, Asa and Dorothy [Green] Thompson had at least one child: Dolla
[?], b 12 Sept 1776. The spelling "Thomson" also used in this file.

* * * * *
R 106957 THOMPSON, ASA, born 10 Dec 1759, Wallingford, CT, died 17 Aug
1795, NY. He was a son of Samuel and Rachel [Bunnel] Thompson.

Wife, Sarah Cook, born ca 1759. His widow stated they were married at
Cheshire, CT 16 Oct 1781. She was aged 96 years in 1855.

He entered the service in 1785 at Horse Neck. They had resided at
Burlington, Hartford Co., CT. In 1855, she was residing at Huntington, CT,
where Jarvis and Benoni Thompson attested to her statement, saying they had
known her for sixty years.

* * * * *
W 18127 THOMPSON, ASA, born 5 Jan 1763, Brimfield, MA, died 14 July 1836,
Madison Co., NY. He also resided at Manlius, Onondaga Co., NY where his
Will was probated.

Wife, Nancy Gray, born 30 Oct 1767.

Asa Thompson was the son of David and Hannah [Unknown] Thompson of
Brimfield, MA. He was married 19 Jan 1790 at Holland, Hamden Co., MA to
Nancy Gray. Jacob Thompson [brother of Asa] was present at the marriage.

He enlisted in 1779 in Capt. Kees' Company in So. Brimfield [later named
Holland, MA]. They later settled at Manlius, Onondaga Co., NY.

The family bible record reads as follows:
David Thompson, b 2 Oct 1723
Hannah [Unknown], b 20 Oct 1726 [wife of David]

Their children:

1] Sibil Thompson, b 14 Oct 1750
2] Daniel Thompson, b 30 Aug 1752; m. Abigail Belknap
3] Lucy Thompson, b 7 Feb 1757 or 8 Feb 1758
4] Asa Thompson, b 5 Jan 1763
5] Abiel Thompson, b 9 Feb 1770
6] Jacob Thompson, b 12 July 1772, d 3 June 1863; m. 1] Hadassah Stone of
Brimfield, who died 4 Mar 1835; m. 2] 8 Nov 1836 Elizabeth Converse; no
issue by second wife

Asa Thompson [#4 above] and wife, Nancy [Gray] had the following children:

1] Louis Thompson, b Friday 14 May 1790 Holland [MA]
2] Pardon Thompson, b Tuesday 7 Feb 1792 Holland, [MA]; marriage intention
dated 24 May 1814 at Sturbridge to Calista Allen. Oren Allen Thompson, b 2
Oct 1814 was their son. Pardon may have married 2] 24 June 1841 Amelia
Breed, b 2 July 1801, daughter of Allen Breed, a Baptist Minister at
Manlius, NY. Ref: Descendants of Allen Breed, 1892.
3] Harriet Thompson, b Saturday 3 Oct 1795 Holland [MA]

Ref: James Thompson of Woburn, Mass by Rev. Leander Thompson, pp 39-40.
According to this book, Asa Thompson was the son of Daniel Thompson, b 3
Oct 1725, [see above] who married Hannah [Unknown], and resided at
Brimfield, Mass. This Daniel was s/o James [14 Nov 1696-25 May 1776] and
his wife, Mary Hancock, who was d/o Samuel Hancock and cousin of John
Hancock, the patriot. This James was s/o Jonathan [b 28 Sept 1663] and his
wife, Frances Whitmore, who was d/o Francis Whitmore. This Jonathan was
s/o Jonathan [b England] m. 1655 Susannah Blodgett, a d/o his fathers'
second wife by her first marriage. This Jonathan was s/o James, b 1593, d
1682 and his first wife, Elizabeth [Unknown], who was the first to come to

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