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Revolutionary War Pension applications for the surname Thompson and its'
Following are the pension application for the letter "B" taken from

Extracted from Revolutionary War Pension Films, With Addenda Supplied And
Compiled By J. E. RICCIO, 1999

Chapter Two

THOMPSON Revolutionary War Pensioners
Christian Names Beginning With " B "

Chapter Two

THOMPSON Revolutionary War Pensioners

Christian Names Beginning With " B "

* * * * *

S 46508 THOMPSON, BARABAY - See Bernard Thompson, Bounty Land Warrant #1698
for 100 acres. Served in Continental Army and the Virginia Line.
* * * * *
W 4085 THOMPSON, BARTHOLOMEW, born 16 May 1760, NC, died 17 Aug 1838,
Lincoln Co., NC.

Wife, Martha Scott, born ca 1763.

He was drafted in the Militia of Currituck Co., NC in Capt. James Phillips'
Company in 1778/79. He later served under Sgt. William Thomson [sic]. In
1781, he served in Capt. Powletts' Company. After the war he removed to
Charlotte in Mecklenburg Co., NC, and then to Lincoln Co., NC. On 4 Mar
1785 he married Martha Scott in Lincoln Co., NC. Moses Scott and B.
Thompson signed on the marriage bond, dated 14 Feb 1785. No other family
information in file.

* * * * *
S 32551 THOMPSON, BENJAMIN - SC - There are no papers in this file, but
believe this person was said to be a brother of Col. William Thomson [sic]
who served in the SC Line, and also brother to Charles Thomson, who was
Secretary of the Continental Congress.
The spelling "Thomson" also used in this file.
* * * * *
S 32016 THOMPSON, BENJAMIN, born ca 1725, IRE, w. d. 12 May 1796, Hancock
Co., GA, will proved 10 Mar 1797.

Wife, Ann [Unknown].

There appears to be some confusion in this file, with papers referring to
two separate people named Benjamin Thompson.

One Benjamin Thompson applied 4 Feb 1833, aged 75 years [b ca 1758],
stating he was born in Bute Co., NC, but had resided in Georgia upward of
sixty years [in 1833, meaning he had moved there ca 1773]. On 3 Mar 1834
he made another declaration regarding his service, and also stated that his
parents both died in 1834. He resided in Wilkes Co., GA when he entered
the service. His death was reported as 17 Mar 1840.

A letter dated 5 Aug 1855 at Sparta, Hancock Co., GA requested information
re: Benjamin Thompson who served as Private during the war, and who died in
March 1841 [see above]. His widow, Lustacia [Unknown] Thompson, died Sept
1849, leaving two surviving children, unnamed in letter. Another letter in
1917, inquired about a Benjamin Thompson Sr., who was born in Ireland, and
came to live in Hancock Co., GA. A third letter, dated 1928, inquires
about Benjamin Thompson and Benjamin Thompson Jr., whose wife was named
Charlotte. All of the above letters were in the same file, and presumably
refer to Benjamin Sr. and Jr. There is no other pension file for a
Thompson by this name who served from Georgia.
* * * * *
W 3738 THOMPSON, BENJAMIN, born 30 Mar 1764, Middleborough, Plymouth Co.,
MA, died 13 Sept 1851, MA.

Wife, Mary Bourne, born ca 1767. They were married 30 or 31 Aug 1788.

He was the son of Capt. Jacob Thomson and his wife, Freelove Finney.
Benjamin and Mary [Bourne] Thompsons' children were:

1] Betsey W. Thompson, b 20 Nov 1789; d 12 Dec 1822; m. Hon. Wilkes Wood
2] Mary B. Thompson, b 4 Nov 1792; m. Ebenezer Pickens
3] Sally Thompson, b 22 May 1795; d 16 Nov 1822; m. James M. Leonard
4] Benjamin Thompson, b 22 May 1795, twin to Sally; d 13 June 1795
5] Abner B. Thompson, b 22 Sept 1797; m. Eliza Williams and settled at
Brunswick, ME where he served as Adj. General of the Militia. They
had Sarah E., b 4 Feb 1823; Edward W., b 8 Oct 1824, d 27 Oct 1828; Eliza
S.; and Ellen M.
6] Freelove Thompson, b 2 Dec 1800; m. Gamaliel Rounseville
7] Benjamin Thompson, b 25 Nov 1803; m. Margaret Lindley
8] James D. Thompson, b 31 Oct 1807; m. 1] Abigail Kendrick; m. 2] Louisa
H. Farnham

Ref: Genealogy of John Thomson by Ignatius Thomson, 1841, p. 35.

She received Bounty Land Warrant, #14974, for 160 acres in 1855.

* * * * *
S 43996 THOMPSON, BENJAMIN, born Mar 1750, MA, died 9 Dec 1837, Andover,

Wife, Unnamed, born ca 1760.

He was a pensioner on the Rolls of Concord, NH. He applied on 17 Apr 1832
at Merrimack Co., NH, a resident of Andover, NH, aged 77 years [b ca 1755].
He stated at that time that his wife was age 72, [b ca 1760], but did not
name her.

He declared that his father and three brothers, "in fact, all the males in
his family except himself, perished in the Revolutionary War." He said he
participated in the Battle of Bunker Hill, and that he was born in March
1750. In 1831, Herod and Miriam Thompson appeared on behalf of this
* * * * *
W 26686 THOMPSON, BENJAMIN, born 26 Oct 1753, Topsham, Lincoln Co., ME,
died 9 Feb 1793, Topsham, Lincoln Co., ME.

Wife, Rhoda Hamm, born ca 1764/65.

He was the eldest child of Capt. James Thompson and his second wife, Mrs.
Lydia [Brown] Harris.

His father, b 22 Feb 1707 Kittery, ME, d 22 Sept 1791 Topsham, ME. He
married 1] 13 Apr 1732 Reliance Hinckley, daughter of Deacon Samuel
Hinckley, and she died 23 May 1751 after bearing him ten children. His
second marriage occurred in December 1751 to Mrs. Lydia [Brown] Harris of
Ipswich, MA, sister of Lt. Benjamin Brown. She died 10 Feb 1764 after
giving him six children. He married third, 22 Mar 1764 Mary Higgins, who
died 23 May 1790. There were no children by the third union.

The sixteen children of Capt. James Thompson were as follows:

1] Elizabeth Thompson, b 13 Mar 1733
2] Samuel Thompson, b 22 Mar 1735, Brig. General
3] James Thompson, b 22 Feb 1737, d 14 June 1757
4] Reliance Thompson, b 27 June 1738, d ca 1810
5] Adrian Thompson, b 9 Mar 1740, d 16 June 1740
6] Rachel Thompson, b 3 Jan 1741, d 28 Feb or 27 Dec 1762
7] Ruth Thompson, b 27 May 1743, d 21 Dec 1803
8] Aaron Thompson, b 29 May 1745, d ca 1763
9] Isaiah Thompson, b 17 Apr 1747, died young
10] James Thompson, b 22 May 1750, d 7 June 1751
11] Benjamin Thompson, b 26 Oct 1753, d 9 Oct 1793
12] Jemima Thompson, b 18 Oct 1755
13] Ezekiel Thompson, b 16 Sept 1757, d 25 Mar 1832
14] Sarah Thompson, b 16 Sept 1760
15] Rachel Thompson, b 29 Dec 1763 Twin, d 14 Jan 1794
16] Ruth Thompson, b 29 Dec 1763 Twin, d 17 Feb 1839

A Bounty Land Warrant, #2168, for 200 acres, was issued 10 May 1799 to
Marlbry Turner, assignee for service of Lieut. Benjamin Thompson of the
Mass. Line.

On 23 March 1840, Rhoda [Hamm] Thompson Johnson, a resident of Topsham,
Lincoln Co., ME stated she was married to Lt. Benjamin Thompson at Bath,
Maine by Rev. Francis Winter the early part of September 1782. Their
intention to marry reads as follows: "Lt. Benjamin Thompson of Brunswick
and Mrs. Rhoday Hamm of Bath intend marriage August third, one thousand
seven hundred and eighty two." This record is from Brunswick, Cumberland
Co., ME. Rhoda was a daughter of Benjamin Hamm, the title of "Mrs" on her
marriage record a simple one of courtesy for that time.

She stated that she had five living children by Benjamin Thompson, who died
about eleven years after their marriage of consumption. She had a brother,
Benjamin Hamm, Jr., who was born ca 1771, and who stated she was about six
years his senior. The five children were said to be one son and four
daughters, names unknown at this time.

On 9 Oct 1794, she married as her second husband, Isaac Johnson, and had
two children by him. He served in the War of 1812, from which he never
returned, dying in December 1813. Her affidavit was signed by John H.
Thompson, witness and Justice of the Peace for Lincoln Co., ME in 1840. The
spelling "Thomson" also used in this file.

* * * * *
S 19123 THOMPSON, BENJAMIN, born 1754, Arundel [which is now known as
Kennebunkport], ME., died Feb 1839 aged 85 years, Kennebunkport, York Co.,

He was the eldest son of Benjamin Thompson, b 7 Sept 1727, and his first
wife, Eunice Lord, daughter of Nathan Lord Jr. His parents had the
following children:

1] Benjamin Thompson, b 1754; m. 1] Elizabeth Lord; m. 2] Mrs. Hannah
[Unknown] Luques
2] Stephen Thompson, b ca 1759; m. Lois Taylor
3] James Thompson, b ca 1761; m. Anna Walker
4] Eunice Thompson, b ca 1763; m. Daniel Perkins
5] Lemuel Thompson, b 1764; m. Susanna Haley
6] Isaac Thompson, who died at sea
7] Hannah Thompson; m. Abner Littlefield
8] Ezra Thompson; m. May Merrill

Benjamin Thompson [b 1727] married as his second wife, Mary Foster and had
the following children:

9] Moses Thompson, unmarried
10] May Thompson, died young
11] Lydia Thompson; m. Israel Burnham

Benjamin Thompson, the pensioner, married 1] Elizabeth Lord; m. 2] Mrs.
Hannah Luques.

On 7 Aug 1832 at Kennebunkport, York Co., ME, he stated he was age 78
years. He enlisted at Portsmouth, NH. He was born in Arundel in 1754 and
had always resided there, the name having been changed to "Kennebunk
Port". No further information in file.

Ref: Thompson Genealogy 1907 by Rev. C. N. Sinnett.
* * * * *
W 26518 THOMPSON, BENJAMIN, born ca 1761, Chester, NH, died 6 Mar 1842, at
Salisbury, NH.

Wife, Abigail Hasletine, born ca 1768.

In 1832, he resided at Salisbury, NH, and stated that he enlisted at
Concord in 1775 under Capt. Joshua Abbot in the NH Line.

In 1843, his widow, of Pembroke, NH, said they were married on 29 Feb 1787
at Concord, NH, both being residents of Pembroke, NH at the time. Their
daughter Polly Thompson, was residing at Salisbury in 1843.

* * * * *
W 6269 THOMPSON, BENJAMIN, born 13 Sept 1757, Elizabethtown, NJ, died 14
Oct 1830, Chatham, Morris Co., NJ.

Wife, Melicent Burnet, d/o James, born 20 Oct 1758, Chatham, Morris Co.,
NJ, died 1838, Chatham, Morris Co., NJ.

Benjamin Thompson stated that when he was 14 years of age, his father,
Jonathan Thompson, removed with his family to Bottle Hills, Chatham [then
Hanover]. In 1837, Benjamin stated he served as an orderly sergeant in the
NJ Militia, Capt. Stephen Days' Company.

He was married 19 May 1779 by Rev. Aaron Richards of the Presbyterian
Church in Roxbury, to Melicent Burnet, at her fathers' home in Bottle Hill,
now called Madira. She also had a brother, Joseph Burnet, who was hit in
the leg by a musket ball and crippled for life.

Children of Benjamin and Melicent [Burnet] Thompson from the bible record
of the family which gives the following information:

1] Stillborn child, b ca June 1780
2] William Thompson, b 14 Jan 1782
3] Kitty Thompson, b 25 Aug [?] 1783
4] Elizabeth Thompson, b 8 July 1785, d 15 Feb 1803, age 17 y 7 m 7 d.
5] Polly Thompson, b 11 July 1788
6] John Thompson, b 29 June 1790, d 3 Feb 1792, age 1 y 7 m 6 d.
7] Jonathan Thompson, b 12 Aug 1792
8] Juliet Thompson, b 15 Apr 1795

Also recorded in bible: Jonathan Thompson [father of Benjamin], died 20 Dec
1817, aged 83 years, 11 months, 16 days [b ca 4 Jan 1734].

On 14 Sept 1917, William L. Thompson of Glen Ridge, NJ was a great grandson
of Benjamin. On 1 July 1929, Verna Thompson Dunn of Evanston, IL wrote
regarding her ancestor Benjamin Thompson.

* * * * *
THOMPSON, BENJAMIN - NY - Bounty Land Warrant #7871 was issued 2 June 1790
to Thomas Russell, assignee, for services of Private Benjamin Thompson in
the New York Line. No other papers in file.

* * * * *
W 1000 THOMPSON, BENJAMIN, born ca 1760, VA, died 12 July 1825, Coke Co.,

Wife, Martha Wade Walker, d/o Benjamin, born ca 1772, died 15 July 1864,
Bradley Co., TN.

Benjamin resided at either Mecklenburg or Brunswick Co., VA when he entered
the service. He served at the Battle of Monmouth, at Valley Forge, at the
Battles of White Plains and Stoney Point; also Battle of Brandywine. His
rank was Corporal of Infantry in the Continental and VA Line.

On 18 Aug 1791, he was married by Wm. Holt, Esq. to Martha Wade Walker,
daughter of Benjamin Walker, who gave them a deed of gift dated 27 Nov
1792, as follows:
"I, Benjamin Walker of Cumberland Co., NC, ...a negro girl named Cleo, one
featherbed, bed stand, one cow, one calf, one bridle,
one side saddle, two trunks, a spinning wheel, 200 acres land adjoining
Joseph Hinton [Hunter?] on Moor Co. which he purchased
of Abner Hill [?]."

Dated 27 Nov 1792. Witnesses: Benjamin Evans, Joseph Yarbrough, Edm.
Carlisle, Charles Maton [?].

The original bible of Benjamin Thompson, Sr. was The New Testament out of
the Original Greek, Printed at Cambridge by John Archdeacon & John Burke,
dated 1795. Children of Benjamin and Martha W. [Walker] Thompson:

1] Child, unnamed, d in infancy
2] Benjamin W. Thompson, b 11 Jan 1793
3] Amy Thompson, b 29 Dec 1794
4] John Thompson, b 8 Mar 1797
5] Jenny [Jane] Thompson, b 18 July 1800
6] Robert Harris Thompson, b 9 Feb 1805
7] Martha Thompson, b 6 May 1807
8] Claricy W. Thompson, b 14 Mar 1809, d 14 Mar 1827, aged 18 years

Benjamin W. Thompson [#2 above] married Keziah [Unknown] 25 Apr 1819. Some
of their children were:

1] John J. Thompson, b 11 July 1820
2] Henry L. Thompson, b 15 Mar 1822
3] Martha J. Thompson, b 21 Jan 1824

In 1852 Martha W. [Walker] Thompson was residing in Bradley Co., TN, aged
80. She received Bounty Land Warrant, #34994, for 160 acres in 1855. On 3
June 1867, Samuel Grigsby was appointed Administrator of her estate. He
was born ca 1794, and it seems he is apparently her son-in-law, having
married Jane Thompson, b 1800. Richard Dean, b ca 1783, was another
son-in-law, his wife being Amy Thompson. They had a son, Robert Dean, who
was 38 years of age in 1854 [b ca 1816]. They were all residents of
Bradley Co., TN in the 1860's. Robert Harris Thompson was also a resident
there in 1855. Her pension was paid at Nashville, TN.

* * * * *
S 46508 THOMPSON, BERNARD, born ca 1763, MD. He filed for his pension in
1829 in Washington Co., KY, stating he had served as a Private of Dragoons
in D'Armands' Company in the MD Line. He said he was a resident of
Virginia in 1781 when he joined as a substitute for Ambrose Thompson. On
25 Nov 1830, he said he was aged 65 years [b ca 1765]. No other
information. See also Barabay Thompson.

* * * * *
THOMPSON, BROTHERS - VA - Bounty Land Warrant, #12611, was issued 22 Oct
1791 to Jacob Clingman, assignee, for the service of Private Brothers
Thompson in the VA Line. No other papers.

* * * * *
S 3801 THOMPSON, BURWELL, born 4 Apr 1759, Granville, NC, died 19 Oct 1833,
probably Franklin Co., TN.

Married 1] Ann "Nancy" Wofford/Wooford; m. 2] [Mrs.] Margaret Reed.

In 1832 he filed at Franklin Co., TN giving his age as 73 years. He stated
that his brother, William Thompson, was drafted from Granville Co., NC for
six months in 1776 and he went as a substitute.

In 1777, his father removed with his family to Spartanburg Co., SC, and in
the spring of 1778 he was sent by his father to Charleston with a wagon and
teamload of produce for market. While there, "the wagon and team was
impressed for public service, and he drove the same." He served at the
Battle of Kings' Mountain 14 Oct 1780; also the Battles of Cowpens,
Guilford Court House, and Eutaw Springs.

In 1795, he removed to Madison Co., KY where he resided until about 1808,
when he removed to Franklin Co., TN, where he now lives. He had another
brother, Stephen Thompson, b ca 1762 [younger than himself], who testified
to his war service in 1832. Capt. William Thompson also made a declaration
on his behalf. See S 1595 for Stephens' pension and S 6217 for Williams'
pension. He had yet another brother named Samuel Thompson, see S31420 for
his pension record.

Note: He was the son of George and Lucy [Ivey ?] Thompson, as proved by the
Will of his father, who died in 1783. His estate was sold 12 Nov 1783 by
widow Lucy and Burwell Thompson, who lived next door to her in Abbeville
District, SC in 1790. Although they were said to have had ten children,
only the following are known:

1] Burwell Thompson, b 4 Apr 1759
2] William Thompson, b ca 1753/54 - Pension # S6217
3] Stephen Thompson, b Oct 1764 - Pension # S31420
4] Samuel Thompson, 14 Mar 1765 - Pension # S1595
5] Fanny [Frances?] Thompson
6] George Thompson Jr.
7] Selah Thompson
8] Balaam Thompson
9] Ephraim [?] Thompson
10] Daughter [Could this have been Mary Thompson, who married James Forbis
on 25 Oct 1798 according to the Cedar Springs Associate Reformed
Presbyterian Church Records for Abbeville Co., SC? On 16 Dec 1805
Archibald Thompson of Barren Co., KY issued a Power Of Attorney to James
Forbis empowering him to sell 150 acres of land on the waters of 'long
cane' in the county of Abbeville, SC. No relationship has yet been
established between Mary and Archibald Thompson, but it is known that he
was the son of John and Mary[Unknown] Thompson of Halifax and Pittsylvania
Cos., VA. Archibald migrated with his family to Cumberland, later
Barren/Monroe Cos., KY in 1797 from Montgomery Co., VA.]

These children are not necessarily named in the order of their birth.

In 1820, Burwell was residing in Franklin Co., TN as shown on the census
for that year with the following members in his household:

1 male under 10
1 male 16 to 18
2 males 16 to 25
1 male 45 and over
2 females under 10
2 females 10 to 15
1 female 16 to 25
1 female 26 to 44

He still resided there in 1832. He had the following children by his first

1] Sarah Thompson
2] Mary "Polly" Thompson; m. 1] Mr. Floyd; m. 2] Col. John McGown in 1815
3] George Wofford Thompson, b ca 1792, d 1850, who married 1] Miss McCown
[sic] and had:
1] William
2] George
3] Nancy
4] Carolina, b ca 1828, twin; m. 1] Coleman Hord; m. 2] E. M. Whitworth
5] Virginia, b ca 1828, twin; m. Wylie Hickerson

Burwell Thompson and his second wife Mrs. Margaret [Unknown] Reed had:

4] Samuel Thompson, b 1817
5] Malinda Thompson, b 1819

On 28 Dec 1804, a Burrell Thompson was married in Sumner Co., TN to Celia
Powell. It is believed this was a son of Samuel Thompson, and nephew of
Burwell Thompson, the pensioner. On 5 May 1926 J. C. Henley inquired for
Burwells' records in order to join the SAR.

Ref: GH Dec 55, p. 139.

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