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Subject: [THOMPSON-L] Revolutionary War Pensions - "J" - Part II
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RE: Revolutionary War Pensions - "J" - Part II

Revolutionary War Pension applications for the surname
Thompson and its' variations.
Following are the pension application for the letter "J" taken from

Extracted from Revolutionary War Pension Films, With Addenda Supplied And
Compiled By J. E. RICCIO, 1999

Chapter Ten

THOMPSON Revolutionary War Pensioners
Christian Names Beginning With " J " Part II

* * * * *
S 40563 THOMPSON, JAMES, born ca 1757, New York City, NY. He was placed on
the Pension Roll of Ohio in 1818, where he resided near Portsmouth, Scioto
Co., OH.
He stated he enlisted in 1777 as a Private in the PA Line under Cpl. Walter
Stuart in a Company commanded by Capt. Pugh. He was present at the Battle
of Brandywine and Battle of Germantown. He was transferred to the 13th
Regiment in the Continental Line and served until 1781. He was discharged
at Trenton [NJ] by Gen. Wayne. He was at the taking of Stony Point in the
Battle of Springfield. He was taken prisoner and sent to Halifax, where he
was detained until peace. His occupation was that of a farmer. On the
jacket of this file is the notation: "Indian War of 1794, War of 1812".

* * * * *
W 18125 THOMPSON, JAMES, born ca 1762, Cherry Valley, NY, died 22 Mar 1821,
Cherry Valley, NY.

Wife, Elizabeth McGill, born ca 1767.

In 1818 he applied for his pension, being a resident of Cherry Valley,
Otsego Co., NY. He enlisted in 1777 in Company of Capt. Robert McKean as
Private in the NY Line, and served until 1783.

He was married 20 Jan 1785 [at Cherry Valley] to Elizabeth McGill, and has
had seventeen children by one wife. [Unfortunately, the children were not

In 1838, his widow, Elizabeth [McGill] Thompson was living in the home of
Lanson Hamilton at Cherry Valley, who stated she had lived there for many
years. Ann Hamilton [probably a daughter] also testified on 3 July 1843.

On 27 Aug 1838, William J. Thompson of Otsego Co., NY stated he was a son
of James and Elizabeth [McGill] Thompson, aged 35 years [b ca 1803], and
that he had six brothers and sisters older than himself, the eldest being
52 years of age [b ca 1786].

On 1 Sept 1838, John Thompson, age 81 [b ca 1757] attested to the marriage
of James and Elizabeth, and said he also received a pension for service in
the war. [See W 18138 for what is probably his widows' pension.] If so, and
John was a brother, then James also had brothers William [S 14677],
Alexander [R 22005], and Thomas [S 14692].

In 1894, Francis M. Fox requested information for SAR, saying that
Christopher Fox and James Thompson were his paternal and maternal great
grandfathers. He was a resident of Cherry Valley, NY at the time.

In 1921, a letter from Florence W. Wald [Mrs. Edward] of Lytton, Iowa
stated she was great granddaughter of James Thompson.

* * * * *
S 32014 THOMPSON, JAMES, born 18 Dec 1763, PA, died after 1833, Madison
Co., GA.
He filed for his pension 6 May 1833 from Madison Co., GA. Stated he
enlisted in 1776 at Burkes Co., NC where he then resided. After the war,
he removed to Wilkes Co., GA, and from there to Madison Co., GA where he
now resides. He mentions Barthol[omew?] Thompson, who moved from Georgia
to North Carolina, but does not state relationship. He served as a Private
in the NC Line. See also W 6268 for John Thompson, who may be a brother.

* * * * *
S 6220 THOMPSON, JAMES, born 1 May 1744, Chester Co., PA, died 9 or 28 Feb
1837, PA. He filed for his pension 4 Sept 1832 at New Berlin, PA. His
service was as a Captain in the PA Line from Buffalo Valley, Northumberland
Co., PA., and he stated that he had been captured by the Indians. He
mentions that he had an elder brother, but did not name him.

He seems to have been a son of James Thomson [sic], brother of John
Thomson, both of whom emigrated to Cross Roads, Chester Co., PA circa 1735
from County Antrim, Ireland, both natives of Scotland. See the pensions
for Isaac Thompson [# W 4523] and Robert Thompson [#S 3800], who are
probably cousins, sons of his uncle, John Thompson.

At Springfield Twp., Summit Co., Ohio on 22 Apr 1856, James Thompson, aged
82 years [b ca 1774] stated that he and Mary [Thompson] Smith of Millhall
in Centre Co., PA were the only heirs of James Thompson of Millhall. He
also stated that his father died 28 Feb 1837, leaving no widow.

Thomas Armstrong Thompson and Robert F. or J. Thompson, both of Summit Co.,
Ohio also attested to the statement of James Thompson [Jr.].

On 2 Mar 1910, Harry M. Thompson, a druggist of Carnegie, PA wrote that he
was a great grandson of the soldier, James Thompson.

* * * * *
THOMPSON, JAMES - PA - Bounty Land Warrant #10508 for 100 acres was issued
4 Mar 1794 to Michael Stiver, assignee for the service of Private James
Thompson of the PA Line. No other papers in this file.

* * * * *
S 3805 THOMPSON, JAMES, born ca 1760, Amhurst Co., VA, died prob. Union
Co., OH.
On 25 June 1833, he made his declaration for a pension as a resident of
Mill Creek Twp., Union Co., OH. He stated he entered the service as a
Private in 1777 or 1778 at Amhurst Co., VA where he then resided. He
served with Capt. Gallant Burley and in the 6th Regiment of the VA Line
under Col. Francis Taylor and Major Roberts. There was also a Lt. or
Ensign Taylor who was a nephew of Col. Francis Taylor, with whom he served.
He left the service in 1780. At the time he entered the service, he was
apprenticed to be a weaver. He was drafted to march against Cornwallis,
and was discharged at Winchester.

A letter dated 15 Oct 1860 at Watkins, Union Co., OH was from James
Thompson Jr., and requested information regarding entitlement for back pay
for the service of James Thompson, deceased. Note: The cover sheet in
this file reads as follows:

Ohio 22,337 John Thompson, of Union Co., OH - Private in VA Line Pension
Roll as of 4 Mar 1831. Also, 26,505 John Thompson
[The name "John" instead of "James" was evidently in error.]

* * * * *
S 41247 THOMPSON, JAMES, born ca 1738, VA, died prob. Frederick Co., VA.
In 1818, he filed for pension at Frederick Co., VA, giving his age as 80
years. He entered the service in that county at Winchester in 1776 in the
Company of Capt. Peter Brain in the 11th Regiment. He was in the Battles
of Brandywine, Germantown, Monmouth, and Stoney Point. No family
information in this file.

* * * * *
S 7722 THOMPSON, JARREL, born ca 1762, Northampton Co., NC, died after
1848, prob. Jackson Co., NC. He served as Private in the NC Line from
Northampton Co., NC, stating he had lived there all his life except for
three years in Greenville Co., VA. He enlisted 1 May 1780 near Halifax. A
pension certificate was issued 7 June 1845. He was residing at Jackson
Co., NC in 1848. His name is shown spelled Thomson. No family information
in file.

* * * * *
R 10536 THOMPSON, JEDEDIAH, born 5 June 1747, Preston, CT, died after 1835,
Preston [now Griswold], CT.

A statement by Bishop Tyler of Griswold, New London Co., CT said that
Jedediah Thompson was born in that town, formerly known as Preston, CT in
1747, and resided there until 21 years of age, at which time he went to
Florada, Granger Co., NY, where he resided until ten years ago. At that
time, he was brought back to Griswold, and " . . . was without friend or
relative living" in 1835. The town records confirmed his birth date [see
above], stating he was a son of Benoni Thompson.

Note: Jedediah was the son of Benoni Thompson of Canterbury, who married
Abigail Adams of Preston on 28 Mar 1744. Their first child was Asahel
Thompson, b 22 Dec 1744, d 10 June 1747. Abigail [Adams] Thompson died 26
Nov 1756. Benoni was probably a descendant of Hugh Thompson of Windsor or
Ellington, CT. Ref: The Name & Family of Thompson, Media Record Bureau, p

* * * * *
S 7717 THOMPSON, JENNINGS, born 19 Dec 1761, Amelia Co., VA, died prob.
Pittsylvania Co., VA. On 17 June 1833 he appeared in Pittsylvania Co., VA
and stated he enlisted and served as an Orderly Sergeant on 12 Apr 1781 in
Amelia Co., VA. until his discharge in Nov 1781.

Washington Thompson, who lived with him at the time, could attest to his
service. After the war ended, he moved to Pittsylvania Co., VA. There is
also an declaration by Washington Thompson as to his service in the file.

Jennings Thompson was the eldest son of Samuel Thompson, and grandson of
Samuel Thompson of Amelia Co., VA. His father Samuel, b 1738, died between
1 Sept and 23 Sept 1779, the dates his Will was written and estate
appraised. He married in 1752 Anne [Nancy] Jennings, b 1736 Hanover Co.,
VA, died 1795 Pittsylvania Co., VA. She was the daughter of William
Jennings, b 10 Nov 1676, d 1775 and his wife, Mary Jane Pulliam. They had
the following children:

1] Milly Thompson; m. Christopher Robertson
2] Mary Pulliam Thompson; m. Edward Robertson, bro of Christopher
3] Jennings Thompson - Pensioner
4] [George] Washington Thompson, b 1 May 1766; m. Amelia Co., VA 26 Oct
1785 Jean Stott, daughter of James Stott
5] Samuel H. Thompson Jr.; m. 1] Peggy Carter; m. 2] Mrs. Patsy Terry
6] Nancy Thompson; m. Cuthbert Price
7] William Thompson; m. 1] Dorothea Stockton; m. 2] Miss Pickett
8] Waddy Thompson; m. Katherine Esom James
9] John Thompson

In his Will, he named the following children: Milly, Mary Pulliam, Nancy,
Jennings [eldest son]. He also mentions other sons, but not by name, who
were each given a horse and saddle.

In Aug 1790, William Thompson, orphan of Samuel, chose his eldest brother
Jennings Thompson to be his guardian. At the same time, Edward Robertson
was appointed guardian of orphan Waddy Thompson, another son. Two other
sons were Samuel Thompson and Washington Thompson.

In 1850, the heirs of [George] Washington Thompson were: Nancy, wife of
Edward Robertson, Jr.; Martha [Thompson] Womack; George W. Thompson; R. S.
Thompson; and John Thompsons' heirs which appear to be three daughters who
married Banister A. Anderson, James Jones, and Churchill Anderson

Ref: TFN Vol. 7, pp 66-67.

The Will of Samuel H. Thompson Jr., dated 29 Feb 1856 was probated in
Pittsylvania Co., VA 19 May 1856. In it he names his wife Mary; his four
eldest daughters - Elizabeth, who m. 16 Feb 1824 George R. Sutherlin;
Lydia; Mary; and Martha. He also named sons Samuel and Jennings.

Jennings Thompson and Elizabeth Street were married in Pittsylvania Co., VA
8 Sept 1790 by Rev. Richard Elliott. Ref: TFN Vol. 4, p 46. Pyant Easley
was surety. Among their children were:

1] Elizabeth Thompson, b 1805, d 1863; m. 21 Dec 1826 Catlett James, b
1786, d 1863. Pyrant Thompson signed their marriage certificate. Ref: TFN
Vol. 8, p 146.
2] Rawley Thompson, d 6 Nov 1842; m. 1] 25 May 1818 Jane Anderson; she died
29 May 1826; m. 2] 24 Jan 1827 Ann D. Clement, b 1802.
He served in War of 1812 - Pension # 9818.

>From a letter dated 3 Dec 1916 at Dawson, GA from Mary C. Dozier, it
appears that Jennings Thompson had a son, William Thompson, born at
Pittsylvania Co., Va, who married Judy Pickett in Virginia and died in
Kentucky. Other children of Jennings Thompson were Dolly Thompson, Lucy
Thompson, Jennings Thompson, George Thompson, Edward Thompson, Washington
Thompson, and Waddy Thompson, according to the same letter.

Ref: BS Mss File - Samuel Thompson, Jennings & Allied Families.

* * * * *
THOMPSON, JESSE - MD - Bounty Land Warrant #11779 for 100 acres was issued
1 Feb 1790 for service of Private Jesse Thompson of the Maryland Line.

* * * * *
S 35097 THOMPSON, JESSE, born ca 1756, St. Mary's Co., MD.

Wife, Unnamed. born ca 1760.

In 1828, he resided at Bloomsburg, MD with five children between the ages
of 35 and 22, being four girls and one boy. He enlisted as a Private in
the Maryland Line in 1776, and was discharged at Annapolis. He gave his
occupation as that of a bricklayer. He stated that his wife [unnamed] was
about 60 years of age, that he had five children, the eldest about 35 years
and the youngest about 22 years, and they work for their family.

* * * * *
S 14678 THOMPSON, JESSE, born ca 1748 Washington, Dutchess Co., NY. He
resided at Cayuga Co., NY when he filed for his pension. He enlisted as a
2nd Lieutenant in the NY Line in the Company of Capt. Rufus Herrick. He
lived at Washington Co., NY when he entered the service. His occupation is
that of a farmer and surveyor, and he has served in the military, civil,
and legislative departments of his state.

* * * * *

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