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Subject: [THOMPSON-L] Revolutionary War Pensions - "J" - Part VI
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RE: Revolutionary War Pensions - "J" - Part VI

Revolutionary War Pension applications for the surname
Thompson and its' variations.
Following are the pension application for the letter "J" taken from

Extracted from Revolutionary War Pension Films, With Addenda Supplied And
Compiled By J. E. RICCIO, 1999

Chapter Ten

THOMPSON Revolutionary War Pensioners
Christian Names Beginning With " J " Part VI

* * * * *
R 10553 THOMPSON, JOHN, born 12 June 1762, Goochland Co., VA, died Feb or
Apr 1810, Clark Co., GA, son of Richard and Elizabeth [Unknown] Thompson.

Wife, Sarah Strong, born 12 July 1767, died after 1846.

His widow stated that he was a resident of Goochland Co., VA when he
entered the service as a Private in the VA Line. She was resident of
Walton Co., GA in 1846.

They were married in Goochland Co., VA in 21 Mar 1785, John Strong signed
the marriage bond as security.

Her brother, Charles Strong, who was residing at Oglethorpe Co., GA in May
1846, gave his age as 84 years [b ca 1762], and stated he knew of the
service of John Thompson during the war. He also attested to the marriage
of John Thompson to his sister, Sarah Strong in Goochland Co., VA in 1785.
He stated that he married John Thompsons' sister [unnamed)] about 1786.

The family bible record was submitted and shows the following information:

John Thompson, born 12 June 1762 - Sarah [Strong], born 12 July 1767

1] Richard Thompson, b 9 Mar 1786; Doctor, of Clarke Co., GA
2] Frances Price Thompson, b 2/22 Dec 1787; m. 1806 Clarke Co., GA Andrew
3] Elizabeth Thompson, b 13 Dec 1789
4] William Thompson, b 7 Apr 1792; m. 1805 Clarke Co., GA Margaret "Patsy"
Kunum; resided in Oglethorpe Co., GA in 1846
5] Sarah Jane Ball Thompson, b 25 May 1795; it is said she married Charles
Holton in 1805, Clarke Co., GA

Mary Thompson and Martin Thompson were also said to have been their
children, but are not shown in the bible record submitted.

William Thompson, of Oglethorpe Co., GA in 1846, stated that he was a son
of John and Sarah [Strong] Thompson, and that his father died in February
1810. [April 1810 date was also given in this record.] He said that his
father resided in Goochland Co., VA during the war. He also stated that
Robert Strong, who is now deceased, and was a brother of his mother, wrote
the family record.

* * * * *
S 17144 THOMPSON, JOHN, born ca 1760, Caroline Co., VA, died 21 Dec 1835,
Madison, Knox Co., IN.

Wife, Anna [Unknown].

He enlisted as a Private in a Company of Horsemen at Caroline Co., VA in

His widow made statement 27 Feb 1837 at Quincy, Pike Co., Illinois,
regarding his service, and stated that he died at Knox Co., Indiana.

A letter in the file said that he was pensioned while residing in Indiana,
but subsequently moved to White Co., Illinois where he died. [See widows'

* * * * *
S 7716 THOMPSON, JOHN, born ca 1756/57, Fairfax Co., VA, died ca 1839,
prob. Muskingum Co., OH.

He stated he was of Farquar, VA, and had served as a Lieutenant in the VA
Line from Fairfax, VA in 1780.

He had removed to Muskingum Co., OH in 1836 to be near his children, but
none were named. Samuel Thompson was Justice of the Peace at Muskingum
Co., OH in 1836, and may have been related. A notation was made that John
Thompson, Pension # S3796 and this one were supposedly father and son.

* * * * *
W 26529 THOMPSON, JONATHAN, born 26 Apr 1760, Woburn, MA, died 20 Nov 1836,
Woburn, MA.

Wife, Mary Richardson of Woburn, MA; born ca 1764, died 1 May 1854; m. 9
Aug 1781. They resided for two years at Nelson, then called Packersfield,

He served as a Private and Fifer in the Massachusetts Line. He married 9
Aug 1781 at Middlesex, MA to Mary Richardson.

In 1832, Jonathan Thompson Jr. was named as his guardian in Woburn, MA, his
father being non compos mentis, having been deprived of his speech and
hearing since Dec 1826. Sons Cyrus and Abijah Thompson also attested at
this time. Cyrus Thompson was a Justice of the Peace of Middlesex Co., MA.

A brother of Jonathan Thompson Sr. served as a Lieutenant in Capt.
Pettingills' Company during the war.

Ref: Memorial to James Thompson of Woburn, Massachusetts, by Rev. Leander
Thompson, pp 44-47 and pp 92-95.

According to this genealogy, he was the second son of Samuel Thompson, Esq.
[30 Oct 1731-17 August 1820] of Woburn, MA by his first wife, Abigail Tidd,
[d 1768], and was of the sixth generation of this Thompson family to be
born since his immigrant ancestor, James Thompson, came to this country.
Their children were:

1] Samuel Thompson, b 22 Feb 1783, d 13 Sept 1802
2] Mary Thompson, b 25 Feb 1785, d 4 Sept 1787
3] Jonathan Thompson, b 24 Apr 1787, m. Margery Fowler/Fowle 1808; d 30 May
4] Luke Thompson, b 20 Jan 1789, m. Betsy Chamberlain 1815; d 13 Nov 1856
5] Mary Thompson, b 25 Feb 1791, m. Benjamin Wood 2 Dec 1810; d 1870
6] Cyrus Thompson, b 10 Mar [1793?], m Abigail Noble 1816; d 26 May 1873
7] Emily Thompson, b 28 Jan 1795, d unm. 10 Dec 1860
8] Lydia Thompson, b 29 Mar 1798, m. Thaddeus Parker 6 Feb 1821; d 1870
9] Abigail Thompson, b 23 Aug 1800, m. Joshua Jones 6 May 1824; d 28 Dec
10] Samuel Thompson, b 13 Nov 1803, d unm. 1 Aug 1848
11] Albert Thompson, b 13 May 1808, m Seviah B. Nichols in 1834; d 31 Dec
* * * * *
S 42491 THOMPSON, JOSEPH, born ca 1753, CT, died 13 Jan 1821, prob.
Renssalaer Co., NY.

Wife, Unnamed, born ca 1755.

In 1818 he was residing at Schodack [?] Renssalaer Co., NY; he declared he
enlisted as a Private in Jan 1777 at Norwalk, CT. and was discharged in NY
in 1783. By profession he was a weaver.

On 12 Feb 1831 Elizabeth Goodwin, wife of Aaron, received Bounty Land
Warrant, #1705 for 100 acres, declaring she was a daughter of Joseph
Thompson. On outside cover of pension is written "Coventry, Tolland Co.,

* * * * *
W 2488 THOMPSON, JOSEPH, born [see below], Coventry, Tolland Co., CT, died
27 Dec 1829, Tolland Co., CT. He was a son of Samuel Thompson [b 1733] and
his first wife, Abigail Eldredge, [b 27 Oct 1735, d 17 Aug 1786]. See
Pension # W18298 for information regarding his fathers' service.

He married thrice, his wives being 1) Jemima Fletcher 2) [Unknown] 3) Ruby
Russ. [Her name was shown elsewhere as Rust]. His marriage to Jemima
Fletcher, daughter of Capt. Richard and Lois [Unknown] Fletcher took place
6 Aug 1778. She was born 17 Jan 1759, d 19 June 1796. The name of his
second wife has not yet been determined, but it is evident they were
married between June 1796 and Mar 1803, the date his first wife died, and
the date of his third marriage. His third wife was Ruby Russ or Rust, b 10
Jan 1782 Coventry, CT, d 20 Jan 1856 Royal Oak, MI, daughter of Nathaniel
Wilson Russ and his wife, Rachel Babcock.

He resided at Coventry, Tolland Co., CT in 1820 when he applied for his
pension for service as a Private in the CT Line under Capt. James Dana. At
that time, he stated his wife, Ruby, was 38 years old [b ca 1782]. His
birthday is given as 6 May 1755 or 6 Aug 1755, and he is supposed to have
been a descendant of John Thompson of Brookhaven [#328].

Other data gives the children from the first marriage as follows:

1] Joseph Thompson, b 8 Jan 1779, d 10 Mar 1791
2] Clarissa Thompson, b 1 Aug 1780
3] Roxellana Thompson, b 7 Oct 1782
4] Orpa Thompson, b 10 Jan 1784, d 11 Apr 1784
5] Betsey Thompson, b 30 Sept 1785
6] Abigail Thompson, b 20 June 1787
7] Louis/Lois Thompson, b 9 Oct 1789
8] Joseph Thompson, b 14 Jan 1793
9] Olive Thompson, b 14 Oct 1795

It is possible that he and his second wife were the parents of two
children, #'s 10 & 11, names unknown.

On 24 Mar 1803 he married, at Coventry, CT as his third wife, Ruby Russ,
Abiel Abbott, Minister of the Gospel officiating. In 1853, his widow was
residing at Royal Oak, Oakland Co., Michigan with her son, Ephraim D.

On 26 June 1820, when he made his claim, his wife and seven children were
residing with him as follows:

Jemima Thompson, age 15; Chauncey, age 11; Em. Dwight, age 9; Amanda, age
6; Josephus, age 4; Rachel, age 2; and Eunice, age 3 weeks. His age at
this time was 63 years, and that of his wife, Ruby, was 38. His wife was
lame in one ankle.

In a letter from a daughter dated 1851, it was stated that Ruby's youngest
brother was John A. Russ. This daughter stated that her parents had had
eight children, but that four of the eight were dead as of 31 Jan 1851, and
that her father Joseph Thompson, was the father of nineteen children in
all, she [Rachel] being his eighteenth child. At the time, she was
residing at Utica, NY and was married to Marion H. Lines. She also signed
her name as Louisa R. Lines.

On 25 Apr 1884 Josephus W. Thompson of Peoria, Illinois stated that his
mother was the 3rd wife of Joseph Thompson, and that only two of their
children were now living, himself and one sister. He gives the following
record of the children of his parents:

12] Jemima Thompson, b 19 Feb 1805, d 18 Jan 1883;m. 3 Nov 1822 Samuel
13] Josephus Thompson, b 6 Jan 1806, d Oct 1806
14] Chauncey G. Thompson, b 3 Sept 1807, d 15 Sept 1832/3; m. Cynthia B.
Harding; she m. 2] 11 Sept 1840 Herman Storrs
15] Ephraim D. Thompson, b 11 Nov 1810, d 1 or 12 Mar 1864; m. 15 Mar 1838
Emily Squires
16] Amanda P. Thompson, b 6 July 1813, d 8 Sept 1851
17] Josephus W. Thompson, b 2 Aug 1815
18] Rachel Louisa Thompson, b 29 Sept 1817; m. 15 Oct 1835 1] Garret
Houghteling; m. 2] Marion H. Lines
19] Eunice S. Thompson, b 3 June 1820, d 10 Aug 1847

Rachel mentioned as a reference for herself Mr. Samuel Thompson, residing
in Utica, NY, who was a son of Dr. Girdon [sic] Thompson, deceased, of
Tolland, CT, who was a brother of her father. No mention by name is made
of the first eleven children of Joseph Thompson.

The spelling "Thomson" also used in this file.

* * * * *
THOMPSON, JOSEPH, - MA - born ca 1759, Colerain, Hampshire Co., MA.

Wife, Jane McClellan, born ca 1759.

She filed for a Bounty Land Warrant at Franklin Co., MA in 1856, giving her
age as 97 years. Gurdin and Calvin Thompson attested as witnesses for her.

She gave her husbands' service as follows: "He served from 22 Sept to 18
Oct 1777 at Burgoynes' Defeat in the Company of Col. David Wells' Regiment
under Capt. Hugh McClellan," [who might have been his father-in-law]. She
was awarded Bounty Land Warrant 49030 for 160 acres.

* * * * *
W 14010 THOMPSON, JOSEPH, born 2 Jan 1756, Beverly, MA, died 1 Nov 1841.

Wife, Mary Acores [Akers/Acres?], born ca 1757, died 17 Feb 1844.

In 1820 he was residing at Lewiston, Lincoln Co., ME. He stated he resided
at Beverly, MA about 11 years, then his father removed to Townsend, ME. He
had lived at Salem, Essex Co., MA for over 50 years [in 1832].

On 6 Oct 1845 at Essex Co., MA, Joseph A. Thompson declared he was a son of
Joseph and Mary Thompson, who were both deceased, and that they left five
children surviving:

1] Mary [Thompson] Andrews
2] Elizabeth T. [Thompson] Brookhouse
3] Abigail S. [Thompson] Eustus
4] William A. Thompson
5] Joseph A. Thompson

In 1843, Lydia Marston, born ca 1772, stated she was a sister of Mary who
married Joseph Thompson. The license was issued 4 July 1781 and returned
by Rev. Nathaniel Whittaker. Elizabeth T. Brookhouse was 46 years of age
in 1843 [b ca 1797] and stated that they had three children older than
herself, and one younger. The eldest child, [unnamed] was 61 years of age
in 1843.

Elizabeth Thompson Brookhouse Jr., age 22 in 1843 [b ca 1821], stated she
witnessed the death of her grandfather, Joseph Thompson, in 1841. He
served as a Private in the Massachusetts Line.

The spelling "Tomson" also used in this file.

* * * * *
S 40572 THOMPSON, JOSEPH, b 23 Nov 1761, MA, died after 1841.

Wife, Thankfull [Unknown], born ca 1772.

He filed for pension in 1818 at Belmont Co., OH. He enlisted as Private at
Roxbury, MA in 1776, and was discharged at Newburgh, NY. He stated his
discharge was destroyed when his home was burned in Luzerne Co., PA.

In 1820, his family consisted of his wife, Thankfull age 48 [b ca 1772];
son Joseph, age 18 [b ca 1802]; daughter Thankfull, age 16 [b ca 1804]; son
Samuel, age 14 [b ca 1806]; daughter Maretta, age 12 [b ca 1808]; daughter
Ruth, age 10 [b ca 1810]' daughter Mary, age 8 [b ca 1812].

* * * * *
THOMPSON, JOSEPH - MA - Bounty Land Warrant #2139 for 450 acres was issued
11 Oct 1791 for service of Lt. Col. Joseph Thompson in the Massachusetts
Line. No other papers in this file.

* * * * *
S 35649 THOMPSON, JOSEPH, b 2 Feb 1755, Falmouth, ME; died 26 May 1827,
prob. Lewiston, ME.

Wife, Kerrenhapach "Happy" Proctor, born ca 1759; married 18 July 1782.

He filed for his pension in 1820, giving his residence as Lewiston, Maine.
He stated that he had served as a Private in the Massachusetts Line. His
brother, William Thompson, [Pension #S 35660] also served, and can attest
to his service.

He had living with him at that time [1820], his wife, Happy, aged 61, son
Isaac, aged 19 [b ca 1801], and a granddaughter Catherine, aged 13 [b ca

His death date is noted as June 1827, but a letter in his brother Williams'
pension file gives the above birth and death dates for Joseph.

Joseph and "Happy" [Proctor] Thompson had the following children, all born
at Lewiston Plantation, Greene Co., ME:

1] Samuel Thompson, b 6 Apr 1783
2] David Thompson, b 14 Sept 1786, d 30 Dec 1874; m. 26 Mar 1808 Lydia
3] Sally Thompson, b 5 Apr 1789
4] Charity Thompson, b 16 Sept 1791
5] Jerry [Jeremiah ?] Thompson, b 1 Mar 1794
6] Nehemiah Thompson, b 8 Oct 1796, d 6 Nov 1802
7] Isaac Thompson, b 23 June 1800

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