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Subject: [THOMPSON-L] Revolutionary War Pensions - "R" - Part I
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Revolutionary War Pension applications for the surname Thompson and its'


Following are the pension application for the letter "R" taken from

Extracted from Revolutionary War Pension Films, With Addenda Supplied And
Compiled By J. E. RICCIO, 1999

Chapter Fifteen

THOMPSON Revolutionary War Pensioners

Christian Names Beginning With "R" - Part I

* * * * *

W 1512 THOMPSON, RACHEL - There is a file for Rachel Thompson, former widow
of Ephraim Foster, but there are no papers in the file.

* * * * *

S 14674 THOMPSON, RALPH, born 14 June 1756, Stoughton, MA, died 4 May 1836,
Croydon, NH.

Wife, Mary [Unknown], b ca 1755, d before 1836.

He filed for his pension at New Grantham, NH. He stated he served as a
Private, Sergeant, 1st Lieutenant, 2nd Lieutenant, and Captain in the
Massachusetts Line.
He gave his occupation as that of a farmer, and in 1820, his family
consisted of his wife, Mary, age 65 years, and daughter, Polly P., age 32
years [b ca 1788].

In 1848 at Sullivan Co., NH, his children filed for pension benefits,
giving the date of his death as above stated, and saying that his wife had
predeceased him.
Children surviving at the time of his death were: Ralph B. Thompson, Polly
P. Hyde, and Chester Thompson, who had died since the death of his father
[between May 1836 and Oct 1848].

* * * * *

S 11540 THOMPSON, REUBEN, born 5 Sept 1762, Gloucester, RI, died 16 June
1844, Pomfret, NY. He is buried at Fredonia, NY. He was a son of Ichabod
and Elizabeth [Unknown] Thompson, and brother of Peter and Nathan Thompson
[Pension #'s S6214 and S14682].

He married 1] Rachel Thomson; m. ca 1785 2] Chloe [Unknown] Dodge, b 4 Mar
1766, d 5 Apr 1828 at Harmony, NY. She in interred at Blockville,
Chautauqua Co., NY.

He filed for his pension in 1832 at Chautauga Co., NY. In his declaration
he said he had enlisted in 1778 in the Company of Capt. Dansforth. In June
1779, he again enlisted at Charlton, Worcester Co., MA.

After the war he moved to Windsor, MA. Since then he had resided at
Rensselaer Co., NY, Shrewsbury, VT, and Argyle, Steuben, Deerfield,
Marcellus, and Harmony, NY.

His brother, Nathan Thompson [Pension #S14682], b ca 1764, stated that
Reuben enlisted as a Private in the Continental Army - MA Line in 1778, and
that he [Nathan] had entered the Massachussetts Militia the same year.
Reuben served in Col. Thomas Nixon's Regiment, and had enlisted at
Charlton, Worcester Co., MA.

In 1839, he stated that he lost his pension certificate in 1837 when he
removed to Ohio to reside with one of his sons [unnamed], and he got a new
one while he was there. He also said that he now resides in Sherman, NY
with his son-in-law, Joseph A. Hubbard.

While in Ohio, he filed for a replacement certificate at Gallia Co., OH.
His reason for going to reside in Sherman, NY was that his wife, who was
his second wife, had three children residing in Genesee Co., NY and two
children living in Western Pennsylvania. [Some of his family may have gone
to Wisconsin in 1840.]

Reuben and Chloe [Unknown] Dodge Thompson had the following children:

1] Elizabeth Thompson, b 9 Mar 1786; m. Joseph A. Hubbard [2nd]
2] James Thompson, b 3 May 1787
3] Nathan Thompson, b 13 July 1789
4] Sarah Thompson, b 27 Mar 1791; m. John Mather
5] Lyman Thompson, b 19 Feb 1793
6] Reuben Thompson, b 9 Jan 1795; m. Esther McMillin [widow Robinson]
7] Polly Thompson, b 16 Dec 1796; m. Joseph Pember
8] Chloe Thompson, b 21 Sept 1798; m. Nathaniel Sessions
9] Elihu Thompson, b 26 Aug 1800
10] Clarissa Thompson, b 18 Apr 1802; m. Mr. Carver
11] Earl Bill Thompson, b 13 Jan 1804; m. Eleanor Putney
12] Ichabod Thompson, died young
13] Matilda Thompson, died young
14] Harvey Thompson

Ref: DAR National Member #231169; Whiteside Co., IL Histories for 1877,
1883, 1900; Soldiers of the American Revolution, Chautauqua Co., NY, DAR.

* * * * *

S 35658 THOMPSON, RICHARD 2nd, born Apr or May 1755, Lincoln Co., ME.

Wife, Mary [Unknown], born ca 1768.

He filed for his pension in 1820 for service as a Private in the MA Line.
He served in Col. Phinney's Regiment, along with another Richard Thompson,
who was his cousin, and who was born in Wells. He lived in the town of
Wales, and had resided there for more than thirty years. Wales was located
in York Co., ME.

In 1820, his family consisted of his wife, Mary, age 52 [b ca 1768], and a
son, Joseph Thompson, [b ca 1805]. He signed his petition as Richard
Thompson, 2nd.

* * * * *

S 35659 THOMPSON, RICHARD, born ca 1756, Brunswick, ME.

Wife, Bathsheba [Unknown], born ca 1770.

He was born in Brunswick, District of Maine, and in 1820 was a resident of
Wales, Lincoln Co., ME. He served as a Private with Col. Phinney, and was
in the Battle of Hubbardton and the taking of Burgoyne. On 6 July 1820 he
took the benefit of "an act for the relief of poor prisoners confined for
debt." He was released from gaol at that time. He stated in 1820 that his
family consisted of his wife, Bathsheba, age 50 yrs, [b ca 1770] and a son,
Robert Thompson, age 12 [b ca 1808]. Note: He was a cousin to Richard
Thompson of Wales, who had served with him in the Revolutionary War.

* * * * *

W 22398 THOMPSON, ROBERT, born 28 Aug 1748, York Co., ME, died 6 May 1824,
Newfield, York Co., ME.

Wife, Hannah Berry, born ca 1764/65.

He enlisted at Scarborough and served at Boston, MA under Capt. John Rice.

His widow, Hannah [Berry] Thompson, stated they were married 26 Feb 1784 by
Rev. John Adams. She was a resident at Newfield in 1838 when she applied.

His brother, Thomas Thompson [Pension # S7725], a resident of Parsonfield,
York Co., ME, testified that he would be 80 years old next Oct [b ca Oct
1758], and that his brother Robert Thompson, formerly of Scarborough and
late of Newfield, had died about 14 years ago [ca 1824]. Cyrus Thompson [a
son of Thomas] attested to his declaration.

Robert Thompson gave his age as 65 years in 1818 when he filed for his
pension. He is known to have had at least one son:

Robert Thompson, b 1787.

On 10 May 1927 Ethel Swanson of Long Beach, CA wrote that she was a great
granddaughter of Robert and Hannah [Berry] Thompson and John and Anna [ ]
Moore. He also had a brother, George Thompson [Pension # W22404] in the

* * * * *

S 37486 THOMPSON, ROBERT, born ca 1748/49, DE, died 9 July 1826, prob.
Scott Co., KY.

Wife, Seely [Unknown], born ca 1767.

He filed for pension as a resident of Great Crossings, Scott Co., KY in
1819, stating he had enlisted as a Private and Musician in the Delaware
Line a short time after the Battle of Long Island.

In 1820, he gave his occupation as that of a farmer, and stated that his
family then consisted of his wife Seely, age 53 [b ca 1767], Nelly Maxwell,
age 31, [b ca 1789], who was a widow with four children [and probably was a
daughter]; Nancy Thompson, age 18 [b ca 1802], and Bartholomew Thompson,
age 19 [b ca 1801].

He declared that he also served in the Battle of Brandywine, and that he
was discharged at Dover, Delaware. His statement was attested to by Jno.
Thomson [sic], P.J., Superior Judge of the Court of Scott Co., KY. Robert
signed his name "Thompson".

* * * * *

THOMPSON, ROBERT - MA - A Bounty Land Warrant, #5159, for 100 acres was
issued 13 Feb 1795 to Abner Stowe for the service of Robert Thompson as a
Private in the Massachusetts Line. No other papers in this file.

* * * * *

S 42484 THOMPSON, ROBERT, born [see below], died 6 May 1828, prob. Essex
Co., NY.

Wife, Hannah [Unknown], born ca 1750.

In 1818, Robert filed for a pension giving his age as 87 years [b ca 1733].
On 26 Sept 1820 as a resident of Elizabethtown, Essex Co., NY, he made a
further declaration, stating that he was a farmer, aged @u[109] years [b ca
1719], and that "...he came to this country as a soldier in the year
succeeding Braddock's defeat, and thinks he was then about 45 years of
age." [Note: Braddock's defeat occurred in 1755.]

He stated he served as a Private in Capt. Wheelers' Company, under Col.
Thomas Allen or Col. Nixon, and then under Col. Tippet or Tibbits. He was
in the Mass. Line at the Battle of Lexington, and also saw service at the
Battle of Bunker Hill. In 1820, his family consisted of his wife, Hannah,
who was about 70 years of age and totally blind.

* * * * *

S 42480 THOMPSON, ROBERT, born ca June 1759, Mansfield, Sussex Co., NJ,
died 27 Jan 1848, Staten Island, NY.

He married 1] [Unknown] 2] Susannah Hue.

He served as a Private in the NJ Line, and received Bounty Land Warrant
#2500 for 100 acres.

His son James Thompson applied for benefits for his fathers' service, and
stated that he was the youngest child of Robert Thompson and Susan Hue. He
named the surviving heirs as follows:

1] Thomas C. Thompson, b ca 1788
2] Robert Thompson
3] Susan [Thompson] Elsey
4] Margaret [Thompson] Davis, b ca 1800
5] Elizabeth [Thompson] Allen, b ca 1807 at Castleton, Richmond Co., NY
6] James Thompson, bapt 14 June 1812 [b ca 1810]

Thomas C. Thompson of Muir Co., NY stated that he was the eldest surviving
son of Robert Thompson, and that his father had died on or about 27 Jan
1848 at the age of 88 years and several months. He stated that he also had
a sister, Margaret Davis, who resided at Waterford, CT. He declared that
his father had been a native of Mansfield, Sussex Co., [now Henry Co.] NJ,
and after the war, he had settled in Middlesex Co., CT for several years
and then moved to Staten Island, NY.

Margaret [Thompson] Davis, a resident of Waterford, New London Co., CT gave
her age as 52 years [b ca 1800], and stated she was a daughter of Robert

Oliver Cromwell, aged 100 years in 1852, a resident of Bennington Co., NJ,
attested to the war service of Robert Thompson, and referred to him as

Daughter Elizabeth [Thompson] Allen, age 46 years [b ca 1807], stated that
she was about 18 years of age when her mother, Susan Hue died, and that her
mother had been the second wife of Robert Thompson. She also stated that
they were married at New Brunswick, NJ about one year before the birth of
her eldest brother Thomas C. Thompson, who was about 65 years of age [b ca
1788]. She also stated that her mother, Susannah [Hue] Thompson, died ca
Sept 1827 from severe burns at Castleton, Richmond Co., NY.

The Rector of St. Andrews Church attested to the baptism of the youngest
son, James Thompson on 14 June 1812 by David Moore, then Rector, and
stated that Robert Thompson had removed to Staten Island, NY from NJ about

Elizabeth [Thompson] Allen stated that Robert and Susan [Hue] Thompson had
had ten children, four of whom are now dead. Her brother James attested to
her statement, confirming that they had "...a large family of children." He
also stated that Robert had been a resident with him at the time of his

Robert Thompson served in the 2nd NJ Regiment under Capt. De Hart and Col.
Shreve from 1 Feb 1777 to 1 Aug 1780. He was a cooper by trade.

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