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Subject: [THOMPSON-L] Revolutionary War Pensions - "S" - Part I
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Revolutionary War Pension applications for the surname Thompson and its'
Following are the pension application for the letter "S" taken from

Extracted from Revolutionary War Pension Films, With Addenda Supplied And
Compiled By J. E. RICCIO, 1999

Chapter Sixteen

THOMPSON Revolutionary War Pensioners

Christian Names Beginning With "S" - Part I

* * * * *

S 43998 THOMPSON, SAMUEL, born 18 June 1760, Canterbury, CT, died 23 Feb
1846 at Newport, NH. He was a son of Samuel and Lucy [Armstrong] Thompson.

Wife, Patience Emery, born ca 1761, of Croydon. They were married at
Newport, NH 2 July 1782.

He filed for pension in 1818 while residing at Newport, Cheshire Co., NH,
stating he enlisted at Canterberry, CT in 1777 as a Private under Capt.
Bacon. He said he served in the Battles of Monmouth and Germantown, and
served in the CT Line for a total of five years, from Apr 1777 to Jan 1782.

His occupation was that of a husbandman, and his family consisted of his
wife, Patience, aged 59 [b ca 1761]; daughter Sarah Thompson, aged 24 [b ca
1796] who was "subject to fits"; daughter Lucy Thompson, aged 21 [b ca
1799] who was "subject to fits"; and three grandchildren - Adeline Thompson
age 10 [b ca 1810], Hudson Thompson age 8 [b ca 1812], and Emery Thompson
age 1 [b ca 1819].
He stated that "...the father of these children, having gone to parts
unknown, leaving no property, and their mother being dead...depend on him
for their support." His signed his statement with his mark.

Their children were as follows:

1] Sabra Thompson, b 16 Mar 1783
2] Samuel Thompson, b 13 Nov 1784
3] Eunice Thompson, b 29 May 1786
4] John Thompson, b 8 Jan 1788
5] David Thompson, b 14 Jan 1790
6] Mary Thompson, b 1793, d 21 Nov 1825
7] Sarah Thompson, b ca 1794/6
8] Lucy Thompson, b ca 1797/9

* * * * *

S 11537 THOMPSON, SAMUEL, born 23 Sep 1767, East Haven, CT. He filed for
his pension in 1832 as a resident of Bath, Steuben Co., NY. He enlisted in
the summer of 1782 at a Private at Fort Black Rock at the mouth of New
Haven harbor, and served as a substitute for his brother, Jared Thompson.

He lived at East Haven, CT until 1805 when he removed to Ulysses, Tompkins
Co., NY, and where he resided for 13 years before coming to Bath, NY.

* * * * *

W 18298 THOMPSON, SAMUEL, born 1733, Coventry, CT, died Jan 1793. He was a
son of Samuel and Thankful [Unknown] Thompson of Mansfield, CT.

He married as his first wife in April 1754 Abigail Eldredge, daughter of
Jesse and Abigail [Smith] Eldredge. She was born 27 Oct 1735, d 17 Aug
1786 at Mansfield, CT. His second wife, whom he married 21 May 1788 Hannah
Welch/Welsh, born ca 1752/3, d 26 Dec 1844. Mansfield, Tolland Co., CT.

On 30 Oct 1838 Hannah Waldo filed for a pension on behalf of Capt. Samuel
Thompson, her first husband. She stated the record of their marriage was
in Hartford Co., CT and they were married 21 May 1788 by Moses C. Welch,
D.D., who was her brother. She also stated she was in her 36th year at the
time of her marriage to Samuel Thompson. After his death, she married as
her second husband, Capt. Jesse Waldo, who died in Feb 1823.

Samuel and Abigail [Eldredge] Thompson had the following children:

1] Samuel Thompson, b 3 Aug 1755, d 29 Nov 1813; m. Eunice [Unknown]
2] Joseph Thompson, [See Pension # W2488]
3] Abigail Thompson, b 27 Oct 1758
4] Eunice Thompson, b 28 Sept 1760
5] Asa Thompson, b 6 May 1763; m. Elizabeth Taylor 12 Oct 1786
6] Dr. Gurdon Thompson, b 22 Feb 1767, d 28 May 1829 Tolland, CT;
m. Elizabeth "Betsy" [Unknown]
7] Elijah Thompson, b 17 Dec 1768
8] Jesse Thompson, b 28 Feb 1771; m. Mary "Polly" Parker, Mansfield 31 Dec
9] Horatio Thompson, b 10 Nov 1777

On 29 Dec 1852 at Mansfield, Tolland Co., CT appeared Levi Turner, who was
the Administrator for the estate of Hannah Waldo. No other family

* * * * *

S 14680 THOMPSON, SAMUEL, born 9 May 1760, Brimfield, MA.

Wife, unnamed

He enlisted at Hampshire Co., MA while a resident of Amhurst. He stated he
was born at Brimfield, MA on the above date, and lived there 23 years.
Afterwards, he removed to Wilmington, VT until about 1822, and then to

He declared that he enlisted and served as a substitute for his brother,
Sylvanus Thompson, who also testified to the service of his younger
brother, Samuel. Major Joseph Thompson of Col. Thomas Nixons' Regiment was
his uncle, and he served as a Drummer and Private under Lt. Col. Calvin

A letter in the file dated 4 Feb 1907 from Miss Vessie Riley of Greenburg,
IN inquired about a land grant of his believed to have been in Illinois,
and states his wife was named Jane Lowrie. A Bounty Land Warrant, #26183
for 160 acres was issued in 1855.

* * * * *

S 42475 THOMPSON, SAMUEL, born ca 1754, MA.

Wife, Mary [Unknown], born ca 1749.

On 5 July 1820 at Cayuga Co., NY he filed for his pension as a Private in
the Massachusetts Line under Capt. Smith, Col. Timothy Bigelows' Regiment.
He gave his age as 66 years [b ca 1754] and his occupation as a farmer. He
stated that he originally filed for his pension at Ontario Co., NY. His
wife, Mary, was 71 years of age [b ca 1749].

The spelling "Thomson" also used in this file.

* * * * *

W 14006 THOMPSON, SAMUEL, born ca 1755, MA, died 5 June 1812, prob.
Marblehead, MA.

Wife, Jane Bray, born ca 1759.

On 13 Aug 1838, while a resident of Marblehead, Essex Co., MA, his widow,
Jane [Bray] Thompson filed for a pension, stating he enlisted in 1775 as a
Private in the Mass. Line.

William Thompson of Marblehead, MA declared he was in the 82nd year of his
age, [b ca 1756], and that he entered the service [and goes on to give his
service history], and knows that Samuel Thompson also served.

A marriage record at Marblehead, Essex Co., MA states that "Samuel Thompson
and Jane Bray, both of this town, were married 15 June 1779."

The spelling "Thomson" also used in this file.

* * * * *

W 22408 THOMPSON, SAMUEL, born 30 June 1754, Ipswich, MA, died 13 Dec 1833
at Boothbay, Lincoln Co., ME. He was a son of Joseph and Elizabeth
[Unknown] Thompson of Beverly, MA.

Wife, Mary Reed, born ca 1762.

She filed for benefits for his service as a Private in the Mass. Line and
for Sea Service, being a resident of Boothbay, Lincoln Co., Maine.

The intention of their marriage is filed at Boothbay, Lincoln Co., ME, and
is dated 1 Nov 1781. They were married 18 Dec 1781 by William M. Cobb,

According to the Vital Records of Beverly, MA, Joseph and Elizabeth
[Unknown] Thompson had the following children:

1] Elizabeth Thompson, b 3 Mar 1751
2] Mary Thompson, b 29 Dec 1752
3] Samuel Thompson, b 30 June 1754
4] Joseph Thompson, b 2 Jan 1755
5] Sarah Thompson, b 28 Dec 1757
6] Joanna Thompson, b 31 July 1759, d 20 Oct 1763
7] Susannah Thompson, b 24 Jan 1761
8] Ruhame Thompson, b 11 Nov 1762
9] Joanna Thompson [2nd], b 29 July 1764
10] Jeremiah Thompson, b 28 Dec 1765

* * * * *

THOMPSON, SAMUEL - NH - Bounty Land Warrant #3530 for 100 acres was issued
30 Oct 1789 to Ephraim True, assignee for the service of Private Samuel
Thompson in the NH Line. No other papers in the file.

* * * * *

W 19442 THOMPSON, SAMUEL, born ca 1756, at Sandwich, NH, died 29 Dec 1834,
at Strafford, NH.

Wife, Tabithy "Dorcas" Choat, born ca 1760 [see below].

In his original application for pension in 1818, he gave his age as 64
years, [b ca 1756], his wife [unnamed] age 50 years [b ca 1770] [see
above], a daughter aged 13 years [unnamed, b ca 1807]; being all of the
family presently residing with him. His pension certificate number was

His widow applied for benefits from Sandwich, Stratford Co., NH, giving her
age as 68 [b ca 1760] and stating they were married 6 May 1789. The
marriage record says "Samuel Thompson and Tabathy Choat, both of Sandwich,
were married May 6th 1789 by Jacob Jewell, Elder." Elisha Weed and Polly
[Choat] Weed, his wife, testified that Tabithy [sic] Choat and Dorcas
Thompson were the same person.

* * * * *

S 3798 THOMPSON, SAMUEL, born ca 1754, Augusta Co., VA, died 8 Jan 1839,
prob. Blount Co., TN.

Wife, Martha Hoosong.

He filed for his pension at Blount Co., TN in Aug 1832, giving his age as
78 years [b ca 1754], and stating that he was a resident of Augusta Co., VA
when he was drafted in 1774. He served as a Sergeant in Capt. Samuel
McDonalds' Company and went against the Shawnee Indians. In May 1776 he
volunteered under Capt. John Lisle, and in 1778 he was again drafted as an
Orderly Sergeant under Capt. Samuel McCuchin [sic].

He later removed to Sullivan Co., NC. [See also Thomas Thompson, Pension
#S6222, who was his brother.]

* * * * *

W 4605 THOMPSON, SAMUEL, born 23 June 1750, Bucks Co., PA, died 24 Oct
1837, Orange Co., NC. He appears to have been a son of Thomas and Ann
[Finney] Thompson of Eno, Orange Co., NC. [See Buchanan's book on Thomas
Thompson and Ann Finney, p 132.]

His fathers' Will may be found in Orange Co., NC Will Book C, p 70, and is
dated 9 Dec 1795, proved Feb 1796. In it, he names his wife Ann, and
leaves to his son Samuel ". . . 150 acres of land on which he now lives
joining Madden's and Chamberlain's land", and to his son Abraham, he leaves
". . . home tract on which I now live." He also names a grandson, John
Debow, and son Abraham Thompson is named as sole executor, which might mean
that he was the eldest son. Witnesses were Jacob Lake and William McMunn.
He did not name any daughters, so the parentage of the grandson "John
Debow" is in question.

Wife, Elizabeth Debow, died 10 Jan 1841 Eno, Orange Co., NC. She was a
daughter of Solomon and Hannah [Unknown] Debow, as proved by her fathers'
Will, which can be found in Book A, p 74, Orange Co., NC Wills. It was
dated 1 Sept 1767 and proved in Court November, 1767. In it, he names his
wife Hannah, sons John and Benjamin, and daughters Ann, Mary, Sarah and
Elizabeth. Samuel Thompson married Elizabeth 29 Aug 1785, and it is
believed his brother, Abram Thompson, married her sister Sarah Debow on 7
May 1782. This marriage was witnessed by Benjamin Debow and Jesse Benton,
and can be found in the Orange Co., NC Marriage Bonds. [The name "Debow" is
sometimes shown as "Debolt" in some records.]

He enlisted as a Private in the Company of Capt. Alfred Moore in 1775;
enlisted again in 1776 under Capt. Hugh Tennin [sic]; served a third tour
in the NC Militia under Capt. William Williams. His residence was Eno,
Orange Co., NC. It should be noted that Hugh Tennon married Zebullon
Thompson, daughter of Lawrence Thompson [see Pension # R10546], so it seems
there is a close family tie between this Samuel and Lawrence Thompson.

On 18 Feb 1843 at Orange Co., NC, John Thompson Sr., aged 72 years [b ca
1771], said he was a relative of Samuel Thompson, who intermarried with
Elizabeth Debow in 1785. The marriage bond is dated 29 Aug 1785, and they
were married the same day by Rev. Mr. Lake.

John Thompson further stated the date of Samuels' death as above given, and
said that Elizabeth died 10 Jan 1841 leaving the following children
surviving her:

1] Rebecca Thompson, b 10 Feb 1786; d 14 Nov 1844; m. 27 Aug 1812 Joel
2] David Thompson, b ca 1788; m. 14 Oct 1812 Jane Strayhorn
3] Rachel Thompson, b 15 July 1790; m. 14 Jan 1808 James Lindley
4] Nancy Thompson, ca 1794; m. 7 April 1812 William Strayhorn
5] Solomon Thompson, b 27 Feb 1799, d 29 Jul 1868; m. 30 Jan 1828
Orange Co., NC to Elizabeth Pickett

[Note: It seems John Thompson Sr. was probably a nephew or some near

On 1 Mar 1843 Solomon Thompson, aged 44 [b 1799], and a resident of Orange
Co., NC testified that his father, Samuel Thompson volunteered under the
command of Capt. Thomas Thompson; that he was born at Burks Co., PA 23 June
1750 and removed with his parents to Orange Co., NC at a very early age.
[Could he have served under his father?]

He also stated that Samuel had died in Eno Community, near Hillsboro,
Orange Co., NC. Note: Eno is the name of a Presbyterian Church in that
area located near Cedar Grove, which was established in 1755. Among the
records for this church are the following:

Solomon Thompson, b 27 Feb 1799, d 29 July 1868
Wife, Elizabeth P. [Pickett], b 8 Dec 1808, d 1 Mar 1891
Joseph Thompson, b ca 1742, d 24 Dec 1792
Wife, Sarah [Unknown], b ca 1748, d 1 Sept 1831
Sarah Thompson, 1847-1902
William P. Thompson, 1834-1854

* * * * *

S 31420 THOMPSON, SAMUEL, born 14 Mar 1765, NC, died 22 May 1843,
Notchitoches Parish, LA. He was a son of George and Lucy [Ivey ?]
Thompson of Old 96 District, SC.

Wife, Precious [Unknown].

He filed for his pension 27 Aug 1833 at Parish of Notchitoches, LA, giving
his age as above stated. He also declared that he had enlisted as a Private
under Capt. Joseph Walford/Wofford of SC in 1778 or 1779. He served from
four to six months time, part of which was for his elder brother [unnamed]
in the Company of Col. Thomas of 96 District, where he then resided. He
was in the Battle of Cowpens.

He had lived since the war in South Carolina, Kentucky, Missouri, and
Louisiana. [John Cloud and Bailey Anderson also filed for their pensions
from this place.]

On 27 Feb 1847 Burwell J. Thompson filed an application for the pension of
his father, Samuel Thompson. [See also Pension # S3801 for Burwell
Thompson, who was a brother of Samuel; also Pension # S1595 for Stephen
Thompson and Pension # S6217 for William Thompson, who were also brothers.]

Samuel and Precious [Unknown] Thompson had at least five children, and
perhaps more:

1] Martha Thompson; m. Allison Lewis
2] Burwell J. Thompson
3] Charlton Thompson
4] Napoleon Thompson
5] William A. Thompson

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