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Subject: [THOMPSON-L] Revolutionary War Pensions - "T" - Part II
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Revolutionary War Pension applications for the surname Thompson and its'
Following are the pension application for the letter "T" taken from

Extracted from Revolutionary War Pension Films, With Addenda Supplied And
Compiled By J. E. RICCIO, 1999

Chapter Seventeen

THOMPSON Revolutionary War Pensioners

Christian Names Beginning With "T" - Part II
* * * * *

S 14692 THOMPSON, THOMAS, born 30 Mar 1764, Cherry Valley, Otsego Co., NY.
He served from Cherry Valley, NY as a Private in the NY Line under Capt.
Whittaker, Col. Campbells' Regiment for a period of three years, 15 [?]

In 1832, when he filed for his pension, his brother John Thompson testified
to his service, saying he had also served in the war. He resided at the
same place as Thomas at this time. See also John Thompson [Pension #
W18138], William Thompson [Pension # S14677] Alexander Thompson [Pension #
R22008], who are all his brothers.

* * * * *

S 14693 THOMPSON, THOMAS, born ca 1766, Dudley, Worcester Co., MA.

He filed for his pension for service as a Private in the MA and NY Line
while a resident of Renssalaer Co., NY, stating he served under Capt.
Corbin in Col. Hammonds' Regiment for a period of 8 months. He was a
resident of Sand Lake in said county. He first enlisted in 1780, and again
in the fall of 1781, while a resident of Kings' District, Albany Co., now
called Canaan, Columbia Co. Samuel Thompson was a Lieutenant during his

After the war he moved to Sand Lake where he has ever since resided, and
gives William Butts as a personal reference. His pension was suspended for
a time in 1835, and he reapplied in Nov 1836, stating that in Sept 1835 he
was thrown from a wagon and so seriously injured that he could not do
anything for some time.

* * * * *

W 4830 THOMPSON, THOMAS, born 9 June 1762, Chestnut Ridge [Bateman Town],
MA, d 14 Apr 1848 at Albion, NY.

He married 1] Experience Hopkins 2] Ruhama Grandy, born ca 1757.

Thomas Thompson stated that he served as a Drummer and Private in the CT
Line. He was married twice, first to Experience Hopkins, and second, on 2
Sept 1797 at Beekmantown, NY to Ruhama Grandy.

On 19 Sept 1832 at Montgomery Co., NY as a resident of Charleston, he
applied for his pension, giving his age as 70 years, and stating that on
the 9th of June 1833 he will be 71, "...that he was born at Chestnut Ridge
[Bateman Town]..." and lived there until he was married and had four
children [about 26 years]. He then removed to Stephentown, Rensselaer Co.,
NY, and finally settled at Charlestown about 26 years ago.

[There appears to be some confusion in this file, which seems to contain
papers from the pensions of two separate soldiers by the name of Thomas
Thompson. The second one, b 27 May 1762 at Halifax, MA, died 3 March 1827
at Stowe, Washington Co., VT. He was a son of Thomas Thompson and his
wife, Mary Loring, and a descendant of John Thompson of Plymouth, MA. He
married at Plymouth, MA 27 Dec 1783 Ruhama Barrows, who died 15 Jan 1852.
Shortly after his marriage he removed to Cornish, NH, and from there to
Stowe, VT. His pension was first filed at Stowe, VT and paid at
Montpelier, VT in 1819.]

Ruhama [Barrows] Thompson first applied at Geauga Co., OH on 21 Apr 1840,
with Spencer Barrows of Troy, Geauga Co., OH attesting for her.

Ruhama [Barrows] Thompson, widow of Thomas Thompson, received her pension
at Pittsburgh, OH as of 28 Oct 1843. Included in the file is a Public
Notice of an "...Intention betwixt Mr. Thomas Tomson Jr. [sic] and Miss
Ruhama Barrows of Plympton, Halifax, MA aforesaid, dated 27 Dec 1783",
which was signed by Ezra Sampson, Clerk.

Nathan Robinson Jr. was Executor of estate of Thomas Thompson's Last Will
and Testament, having been married [as his second wife] to a daughter
[unnamed] of Thomas and Ruhama [for] over 25 years. He made this statement
9 Oct 1839. A notation on the cover of this file says "Died 3 Mar 1827".
[Note: Ruth Thompson married 10 Nov 1816 at Stowe, Franklin Co., VT to
Nathan Robinson, Jr.]

On 24 Mar 1853, Moses Thompson, a resident of Perry Twp., Lake Co., OH, age
53 years [b ca 1800], stated Ruhama [Barrows] died 15 Jan 1852 leaving only
two surviving heirs; himself, and Deborah [Thompson] Stevens, wife of Wyman
Stevens. The four original children were Deborah Thompson, Lois Thompson,
Thomas Thompson and Moses Thompson. Moses Thompson was appointed
Administrator for the estate of Ruhama Thompson on 19 Apr 1852. Moses was
married at Stowe, VT 5 Dec 1822 to Rachel Dutton.

Ref: Vermont Families, p. 7 - 1860 Census, Lake Co., OH.

* * * * *

R 10557 THOMPSON, THOMAS, born 24 June 1754, Chester Co., PA.

He married twice, but the names of his two wives are unknown as this time.

In Hamilton Co., OH on 19 June 1834 he filed for his pension stating he had
enlisted in 1777 under Capt. John Noble Cummins; his field officers were
Gen. Maxfield and Col. Shreves at Princeton, NJ, and served as a Private in
the NJ Line as a substitute for his brother, Robert Thompson. He had
resided at Pitchgrove, Salem Co., NJ when he enlisted, and had lived at
Lycoming Co., PA and since about 1814, in Hamilton Co., OH.

[The records that were checked for proof of his service showed that Robert
Thompson was listed as "having deserted in November, 1777."] His claim was
not allowed as he could not prove six months' service.

In 1839, he made an additional declaration from Muncie, Delaware Co., IN
and stated that his brother, Robert Thompson, had since died. His first
wife, name unknown, died in 1833 in Ohio. He married again at Muncie,
Indiana, name of second wife not given.

On 16 Feb 1852 a claim was filed for one year service in the NJ Line by
Thomas Thompson as a substitute for his brother, Robert Thompson. This
claim was filed on behalf of the heirs of Thomas Thompson, deceased, of
Indiana, and included an affidavit from Jesse W. Thompson of Delaware Co.,
IN dated 20 Jan 1854, who was listed as one of those heirs.

A letter dated 6 Dec 1926 states the following: "Thomas Thompson lived in
or near Williamsport, Lycoming Co., PA until 1812 or 1813, when he and
family moved to Cheviot, near Cincinnatti, OH. His first wife died in 1833.
He went to Muncie, IN where he married a second time. He had received
Bounty Land in Kentucky for his service - afterwards the town of Proctor
was laid out on this ground. As his first wife refused to live in a slave
state, a squatter by the name of McQueen took possession of the land. My
great grandfather carried a bullet in the back of his neck from the war to
his grave." The above information was from Mrs. E. H. Koch, who resided at
2244 Beechmont Ave, Mt. Washington, OH in 1926.

* * * * *

S 6215 THOMPSON, THOMAS, born ca 1760, NC. He was age 72 years in 1832
when he made application for his pension at McMinn Co., TN. He stated he
entered the service in the NC Militia in 1778 as a substitute for Daniel
Robison in Cumberland Co., NC. He again enlisted as a substitute for Jacob
Miller under Capt. Charles Crawford. He stated that he resided in NC
"...until about 15 years ago" [ca 1817]. There is no family information in
this file.

* * * * *

S 3803 THOMPSON, THOMAS, born 2 Oct 1759, Guilford Co., NC. He stated he
emigrated to Kentucky in Oct 1779. He enlisted in KY as a Private in Capt.
Dagerty's Company. He again enlisted in Dec 1780 at Guilford Co., NC and
was taken prisoner by the troops of Lord Cornwallis, and later exchanged.
He was a son of Robert and Ann [Ferguson] Thompson, whose children were as

1] Rebecca Thompson, b 27 Jan 1752
2] Lelia Thompson, b 29 Aug 1753
3] Samuel Thompson, b 18 June 1755
4] Robert Thompson, b 15 Mar 1757
5] Thomas Thompson, b 2 Oct 1759; Res. Davidson Co., TN by 1820
6] Ephraim Thompson, b 23 June 1761
7] Levinah Thompson, b 28 Jan 1763
8] John Thompson, b 23 Feb 1765
9] Jason Thompson, b 27 May 1767; Res. Davidson Co., TN by 1820

Ref: Family Bible owned by Lillian and Rebecca Jetton of Murfreesboro, TN.

* * * * *

THOMPSON, THOMAS - PA - Died 17 Feb 1817, Dorchester Co., MD.

Wife, Unnamed.

On 14 Feb 1829 Bounty Land Warrant #1482 for 200 acres was issued to John
Thompson, son, and other heirs of Lieutenant Thomas Thompson [or Tompson],
late of Dorchester Co., MD, now dec'd.

The heirs were a widow, unnamed, John Thompson, James Thompson, Edward
Thompson, Mitchell Thompson, George Washington Thompson, and Nancy Thompson
now Nancy Harper, wife of John Harper, all residents of Dorchester Co., MD.
Lt. Thomas Thompson served in the PA Line.

Other data gives his birthdate as 1755, and the name of his wife as Mary

The spelling "Tompson" also used in this file.

* * * * *

R 10556 THOMPSON, THOMAS, born Dec 1744, Chester Co., PA. He stated he
lived in Cumberland Co., PA when called into service.

He was commissioned as a 1st Lieutenant in 1778 and served as a Captain in
1779 at Valley Forge.

Since the war he had lived in Huntington Co., PA, and later settled in
Ohio, where he lived in Huron and Ash Counties, but now lived at New
Lisbon, Columbiana Co., OH. He stated that he resigned his Captains'
Commission due to a loss of hearing, but continued in the service for two
years. His statement was witnessed by John Thomson [sic].

His claim was rejected, and a note on the back of one of the papers reads
as follows: "#28,490 - Thomas Thompson, Columbiana Co., Ohio. This man is
now dead and General Thompson says, he is reported to have been a Tory.
Wishes the papers to remain on file., Hon. John Thompson, Present."

* * * * *

S 6222 THOMPSON, THOMAS, born ca 1756, Bedford Co., VA. He entered the
service in Bedford Co., VA where he then resided, and served as a Private
and Artificer under Capt. Poindexter. He again entered the service in
1781, and enclosed two discharges with his pension claim.

He was a resident of Franklin Co., VA in 1832 when he filed his claim, and
also mentioned his brother, Samuel Thompson, who also resided there. See
Samuel Thompson [Pension # S3798].

* * * * *

S 38432 THOMPSON, THOMAS, born ca 1743, Augusta Co., VA, died 31 Oct 1825,
prob. Staunton, Augusta Co., VA.

Wife, Unnamed.

In 1819 he filed for his pension from Augusta Co., VA, stating he had
enlisted at Staunton in 1777 as a Private in the VA Line under Capt. John
[illegible]. He gave his occupation as that of a shoemaker, and stated
that he resided with Conrad Doome, who was not related to him, but that his
wife and children are now

* * * * *

W 15426 THOMPSON, TIMOTHY, born 25 Jan 1751, Woburn, MA, died 4 Feb 1834,
Middlesex, MA.

Wife, Mary Frothingham, born 18 Dec 1755.

In 1832 he resided at Charleston, Middlesex Co., MA, and gave his age as 81
years. He stated he served as a Sergeant in the Mass. Line and was in the
Battle of Bunker Hill, where he was shot in the groin.

On 30 Dec 1836 Mary [Frothingham] Thompson, a resident of Charlestown and
widow of Timothy, gave her age as 81 years on 18 December next, and stated
that she married Timothy Thompson 3 Jan 1775 at Charleston, MA, Rev. Thomas
Prentiss officiating. She had sisters Susannah [Frothingham] Lamson and
Deborah [Frothingham] Tufts who were living there in 1836. Richard
Frothingham also testified on her behalf in 1837.

She stated that she and Timothy had had 12 children, six of whom were
living in 1836, and submitted their family bible record for proof, as

Timothy Thompson, b 25 Jan 1751 - Mary Frothingham, b 18 Dec 1755; married
3 January 1775.

1] Joseph Thompson, b 12 Sept 1775, d 5 Apr 1782, 6 yrs 7 mos
2] Timothy Thompson, b 24 Feb 1777; m 14 Nov 1796 Sarah Calder
3] Samuel Thompson, b 5 Mar 1779, d 12 Sept 1815, 36 yrs 11 mos; m 1802
Mary Green
4] Abraham Thompson, b 20 May 1781; m 1803 Elizabeth Bowers
5] Joseph Thompson, b 12 May 1783 [the second child of this name]; m 23 Nov
1817 Susan [Pratt] Thompson, widow of Josiah Thompson
6] Mary Thompson, b 22 Feb 1785, d 1 Aug 1836, 51 yrs 5 mos 10 d; m 2 Nov
1808 Richard Frothingham.*
7] Lydia Thompson, b 6 Apr 1787, d Mar 1857
8] Susannah Thompson, b 30 Mar 1789, d 7 Sept 1790, 1 yr 6 mos
9] Susannah Thompson, b 24 Mar 1791 [the second child of this name]; m 20
Sept 1807 William Sawyer
10] Thomas Miller Thompson, b 24 Oct 1793, d 27 June 1836, 42 yrs 8 mos 2
d; m 17 Oct 1826 Hannah Swift
11] George Thompson, b 24 Dec 1796, d 16 Oct 1802, 5 yrs 10 mos
12] Benjamin Thompson, b 5 Aug 1798; m 20 June 1820 Mary Newell

*Her name was Mary [Thompson] Worthington at her death, husbands' name not

Benjamin Thompson [#12 above] was of Charleston in 1836, stating he had
"...always lived there, and most of the time with his fathers' family."
Timothy Thompson Sr. died 4 Feb 1834 " one of the clock p.m., aged 83
years and 10 days." Other data gives his birth date as 14 Jan 1750, which
must be O.S.

Note: Only the birth dates are recorded in the family bible. Spouse
information supplied elsewhere.
Ref: History of the Thompson Family, by Leander Thompson.

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