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Mark Thornton II, believed to be the son of Mark and Mary Thornton was born
by 1712 to have been old enough to sell the property (Feb 1733/343) he had
inherited from his grandfather Luke Thornton4. He married Elizabeth
Dozier5, daughter of Leonard and Elizabeth Ingo Ascough Dozier and resided
in Orange Co. Va.6 He removed to Lunenburg Co. Va. by 17487, possibly with
brothers John Thornton and Thomas Thornton. He is of record in Lun. Co.
until 1766 when he and wife Elizabeth sell property in Lun. Co. to Warren
Beauford of Amelia8. The 1771 Bute Co. NC tax lists show Mark Thornton Sr.
and his son Dozier Thornton together. This is the last mention I have found
of Mark II. Children include Mark Thornton III (born by 1741 9), Thomas
Thornton (born by 17509), John Thornton (born by 17509), Dozier Thornton
(born 17559) and possibly Joel Thornton (born by 17509). (Note: This list
of children is based on the 1771 tax list of Bute Co. NC. I believe Mark
married Elizabeth shortly before or just after he sold the property he
inherited, perhaps to obtain income for the start of his marriage.)

Mark Thornton III, son of Mark and Elizabeth Dozier Thornton, and his wife
Mary migrated to Wilkes Co./Elbert Co. Ga10. There are two Georgia Bible
records that together provide proof of the children of Mark and Mary
Thornton. One is the Jeremiah White Bible11 which lists the pertinent dates
and children of Thomas Thornton and his wife Lucy Kidd White daughter of
John Martin and Milley White. The other is the Thomas Thornton Bible12
which shows the same dates for Thomas Thornton as the J. White Bible, his
children and some grandchildren as well as the birth dates of his siblings
and an age at date of death for Mary Thornton, his mother. The Thomas
Thornton Ledger12 contains a list of birthdates for Thomas's siblings,
himself, his wife and children, some grandchildren and a brother John
Thornton's children. There are several published works that list records
from the Bible but none that give as comprehensive a list as the above.
Most of the dates shown on my group sheets for Mark and family are from
these records.

Mark Thornton III, son of Mark Thornton II, was probably the same as the
Mark Thornton who was overseer for Sylvanus Walker in 1764 Lun. Co. Tithe
Lists. He may have been the other tithable enumerated with Mark Thornton in
1751 Lun. Co.Va. If so he would have been born by 1735. (Note: This tax
list supports Mark and Elizabeth having married as early as 1733/1734 with a
son born early enough to be enumerated in 1751.) Mark III migrated to Bute
Co. NC as early as 21 Oct 176513 when he purchased 150 ac. in Bute Co. He
sold this land to his brother Thomas a year later14. He is enumerated on
the 1771 Bute Co. NC tax lists, purchased 238 ac. in 177213 and with his
wife (unnamed) sold land in 177814. He provided bond in 1780 (Franklin Co.
NC) for a marriage between Humphrey Garland and Elizabeth Blankenship.

Mark Thornton III migrated to Wilkes Co. Ga. by 1784 as shown by a land
grant of 200 ac. on Coldwater Creek.15 He most likely came with brothers
Dozier and Thomas who also obtained grants in Wilkes Co. All three are of
record in Wilkes Co. tax lists 1785-1790 as well as records of the Vann's
Creek Baptist Church. The lands granted in Wilkes Co. were in Elbert Co.
Ga. when the county was formed from Wilkes. Mark's wife Mary is mentioned
on two deeds in Elbert Co. one in 1797 and in 1805 when they sold 15 ac. to
John Johnston. The Thomas Thornton Bible notes Elizabeth Johnston, dau. of
Alexander Johnston was born in 1818. I have not been able to find a direct
connection between these families. However, when Mark sold the land he lives
on to his son Thomas Thornton in 181416 the deed was witnessed by Jeremiah
S. Warren and J. Johnston. Mark's wife was still living when this deed was

>From the Bible and Ledger records, the children of Mark III and Mary
Thornton include:

Sarah/Sally Thornton b. 2 Sept 1768, Prior Thornton b. 7 Apr 1770d. 1821
Jackson Co. Ga. wife Elizabeth, Susanna Thornton b. 11 Apr 1772, Elizabeth
Thornton b. 4 Dec 1773, John Thornton b. 14 Dec 1775 d. 1818 Jackson Co. Ga.
wife Penelope, Patty Thornton b. 22 Dec 1777, David Thornton b. 1 Dec 1779,
Thomas Thornton b. 8 Apr 1782 wife Lucy Kidd White and Mary/Polly Thornton
b. 5 Feb 1787 may have married Neal McMullen 1807. A son Mark born by 1791
is not listed in the Bible records. He was noted in 1809 on Lindsay's store
accounts as the son of Mark.17

Thomas Thornton b. 1782, son of Mark III and Mary, married Lucy Kidd White
and had children Elzabad Thornton, Elizabeth (Betsey) Thornton, Micajah
Thornton, Memorable Thornton, Eppy White Thornton, John Martin Thornton,
Sarah/Sally Thornton, and Mark Thornton. Jeremiah Stansfield Warren married
24 Oct 1823 Elbert Co. Ga. to Elizabeth Thornton daughter of Thomas b. 1782
and had Lucy Emily 1824, Mary Elizabeth 1826, Sarah Frances 1828, William H.
1830, Thomas I. 1832, Mary A. 1834 and Thomas M. 1836.11 Memorable
Thornton, son of Thomas b. 1782 and wife Permelia Higginbotham had children
James A. 1832, William M. 1834, Thomas B. 1836, Sarah F. 1839, Jefferson L.
1844, Simeon C. 1846, Tinsley 1850.11 Eppy White Thornton, son of Thomas
b. 1782, and wife Mary Higginbotham had Lucinda 4 Oct 1823 and Tabitha 22
July 1836.

Prior Thornton, son of Mark III and brother of Thomas b. 1782, was living in
Jackson Co. Ga. as early as 1799. Records in Jackson Co. show Prior
Thornton died c. 1821, wife was Elizabeth and children include Mark d. 1849
Jackson Co. and married Mary Borden, Willis/William and Thomas A. who
married Mary Mitchell in 1827, Edwin Green Thornton, Harriet H. Thornton and
Elizabeth Ann Thornton. The children of Mark and Mary Borden Thornton
include Stephen A., Isaac R., John C, Zembrey C. and Zemily/Emily.

John Thornton, son of Mark III and brother of Thomas b. 1782, was living in
Jackson Co. Ga. as early as 1809. Records in Jackson Co. show John died
1818 Jackson Co., wife was Penelope and children include Middleton b. 30 Nov
1799, Sarah/Sally b. 4 Jan 1802, Micajah b. 3 July 1809, Benejah b. 15 Dec
1811, Lavinia b. 1813, and Cynthia b.1815.

Nancy Royce


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