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From: Gwen Tibbs <>
Subject: Tibbs
Date: Thu, 03 Jun 1999 06:41:52 -0500

Let me preface this note by stating that my husband Dean, is a
great grandson of Henry
Clay Tibbs - his grandfather was James Oliver. I am a great
granddaughter of Henry Clay Tibbs
- my grandfather was William H. Tibbs.

That said, we are concerned about the information recently made
available on the Morman
Geneology site. Let me share with you the information we have, starting
as far back as I have
been able to find documentation:

1. I have a copy of the Marriage Bond between Nathaniel H. Parrish,
and Nancy Tibbs,
signed by William Tibbs (Nancy's father), and dated November 29th,
1839. This is not
the marriage date - I could find no copy of the Marriage License.
(Barren County Clerk's
Office, Glasgow, Kentucky)

2. I also have a copy of the Will of Nathaniel Parrish, Sr. , listing
his children -
Joel Parrish
Jachariah Parrish
Betsy Dykes
Nathaniel Parrish
Dolly Parrish

There is no date on this other than "December Court 1810" It also
states his father, Joel
Parrish of Louisa Co. Virginia, and "Polly Thomason of N.C.,
Grandmother to my
children above.

3. 1840 census of Barren county lists Henry Clay Parrish, born 1836.
1870 Census lists
Henry Clay Tibbs, age 36, married to Juanita (may be Arminta).
(Surce Western
Kentucky University, Bowling Green, Kentucky.

4. Marriage License of Henry Tibbs and Arminta Smith, Barren County
December 26, 1857. Arminta Smith daughter of Allen Smith.

5. Civil War Records of Henry C. Tibbs, Company F, 30th Regiment,
Kentucky Voluntary
Infantry, Union Army. Enrolled on the 26th day of December, 1863
at Metcalf County,
Kentucky for 1 year, reported on muster-in roll, Frankford,
Kentucky, March 30, 1864.
Mustered out with Company as Private, April 18, 1865, at Frankfort,

6. Application for Pension, for Henry Tibbs, age 47 years, 5 ft. 8 in,
complexion sullen, hair
very dark, eyes gray - found wo be "with rheumatism which was an
almost continuance
complaint with him - till in 1870 it settled in his right hand and
both knees, and slightly
in left hand. His right hand is essentially useless to him and
almost constantly painful.
The pain is excrutatory during damp weather, both in the knees and
right hand. The
disease is chronic and has been since he was first attached, or
became so after the acute
stage period. He was treated in camp in March, 1864 by Dr.Gardner,
surgeon of the
regiment who is now dead. Dr. Gardner treated him for about six
weeks. Also treated by
Dr. Cox Surgeon, and by other physicians since discharge.
7. Living children listed as -
James O, BD June 17, 1859
John A., BD January 19. 1961
Naomi, BD November 17, 1863
Lorena, BD March 27, 1868
Willie H., BD March 10, 1870
Letha E., BD May 15, 1874
David A., BD September 15, 1876
Lenora, BD February 14, 1880
Hubert R., BD June 23, 1882
Almeda J., BD September 23, 1885.

This affidavit is dated November 4, 1898, and signed by Henry C.

8. Widows Declaration of Original Pension or Increase of Pension,
dated April 25, 1908 (I
think). Stating that Arminta Tibbs, age 70, widow of Henry Tibbs
who died on March
30, 1908, of contracted rheumatism resulting in disease of heart;
who were married
January 2, 1858 by Rerv. Alston at the home of Arminta Smith.

9. Application for Reimbursement from Government, filed on February 9,
1920, by John A.
Tibbs, age 58, to obtain reimbursement from the accured pension for
expenses paid in
the last sickness and burial of Arminta C. Tibbs. Who died of
Pneumonia. Her doctors
were James Taylor, Edmonton, Kentucky; and P.D. Harvey of Knob
Lick, Kentucky.
Arminta lived with John A. Tibbs in Edmonton, Kentucky, died at the
home of Ellen
Brown, Knob Lick, Kentucky, on January 26, 1920. Buried near Knob
Lick, Kentucky.
John A. is asking for the following reimbursement for his mother -

Drs. P.D. Harvey and James Taylor $26.00
Medicine $5.00
Nursing and Care $8.00
Undertaker -- $40.00
Clothing $6.00
Lumber for grave $3.00,

For a total of $88.00.

Source - Civil War Records, National Archives, Washington, Ill.

NOTE: Although I have these Civil War Papers for Henry Clay, there
is no record in
Metcalf County, Kentucky of him serving. In the Brief History of
Metcalfe County,
l860=1970, there is a list of Civil War solders from Metcalf
County, but no mention of
him. Other family from Metcalf County state that Metcalf was a
Confederate County,
thus no mention of Union Soldiers.

10. James Oliver Tibbs, Dean's Grandfather, married to Martha Jane
Smith. I have no
records of marriage date or divorce date. Children born to them

Nannie Mizzel, Born 1892
Mattie Tibbs
John Tibbs
George H.
Andrew born 3/23/1885
James Luther, born August 16, 1887
Daniel B. Tibbs (my husband's father.

11. Family history indicates that James was a circuit preacher, who met
a younger woman in
his rounds, and he and Martha Jane were divorced and he married
Quintilla Douglas in
Metcalf County Kentucky, on May 12, 1896. Quintilla was 21 years
old, this was her
first marriage, and her father was James Douglas, mother Eldsaji
(spelling not legible).
James O. was 36 years old at the time of this marriage.

Information from family members indicate that after this second
marriage, James O. and
Quintilla left Kentucky, and all the children of Martha Jane except
for Daniel B; bound
for California, but decided to live in Wayne County, Missouri.
James O. was a
lumberman, operated several lumber camps in Wayne county, including
a "company
store". Dean has a metal Company Chip, which was used at the
Company Store. James
O. continues to be a preacher, founding a small country church in
Wayne County,
Missouri, the name of which is Camp 8 Church. It is still standing
and services are held
although not on a regular basis. Later in his life, he moved to
Arkansas for a time, and
made illegal whisky.

James O. And Quintilla had several children -

Joe Tibbs, BD April 9, 1906
Mary Ellen Tibbs Barks, born 1903
Minnie Tibbs Well, born September 4, 1914
Annie Tibbs Eads, born 1909
Adelis Tibbs Davenport, born November 25, 1910
Reuben Tibbs, born 1896

James and Quintilla are buried in Camp 8 Cemetery in Wayne County,

12. Daniel B. Tibbs, was 2 years old when his parents were divorced,
and he did not
accompany his father on the trip to Missouri. His mother, Martha
Jane, apprently lost her
mind, and spent several years in a mental institution in
Hopkinsville, Kentucky. Daniel
was raised by Henry Clay and Arminta.

13. Daniel B. and Lucy Faulkner were married in Metcalf County,
Kentucky where they lived
for several years. Lucy Faulkner was the daughter of Grider
Faulkner and Henrietta
Simons Faulkner. She ws born January 1894 and died in 1984. Both
Daniel and Lucy
are buried in Elkhart Cemetery, Logan County, Illinois.

Children of Daniel B. and Lucy are:

Homer Tibbs, born 2/19/1915 in Knob Lick, Kentucky. Married
Gerda Fischer (a
German war bride), died February 17, 1999. Homer is buried in
Mason City
Cemetery, Mason County, Ill.

May Tibbs, born October 7, 1916 in Knob Lick, Kentucky,
Married James Biggs
on 6/8/35. One daughter, Patricia Sailors of Pulaski,
Tennessee. Died September
6, 1994 in Lincoln. Both are buried in Mason City Cemetery,
Mason County,

Katherine Tibbs, born August 25, 1918 in Knob Lick, Kentucky.
Married Bud
Gaddie. One daughter, Janet Klokkenga, of Lincoln, Illinois.
Died March 10,
1981. Buried in Mason City Cemetery, Mason County, Ill.

Henry Tibbs, born September 22, 1920, in Knob Lick, Kentucky.
Married Lenora
Blaum. Died March 21, 1982. 1son, Nicholas and 2 daughters,
Cheryl and
Colleen Buried in New Holland Cemetery, New Holland

Between the birth of Henry and Paul, Daniel and Lucy moved their family
to Logan County,
Paul Tibbs, born April 24, 1922, in Logan County Illinois.
Married Ann Juhl. 3
sons, David, Dennis, and Darrell. Died January 18, 1988.
Buried in New
Holland, Ill.

Wilburn Tibbs, born October 6, 1923. Married Flora Anderson.
4 sons, Jeff,
Jerry, John, and Billy Joe; 1 daughter Jennie. Buried in New
Holland, Illinois.

Dean A. Tibbs, born February 12, 1925, in Logan County, Ill.
Married Nalene
McCoy. 3 sons - Terry, Michael, Steve; 2 daughters, Betty and
Mary. Divorced
in 1959. Married Gwendolyn R. Tibbs 6/28/68.

Daniel Jr. Born March 15, 1927. Married Marlene Kirby. 2
sons, Daniel and
Scott; 1 daughter Kay. Divorced and married Elsie anderson in
1971. 1 son,
Chuck. Died October 15, 1993. Buried in Irish Grove
Cemetery, Logan County,

Roland Tibbs, born September ,1928. Married Lottie Preston.
1 daughter, Linda;
4 sons, Gene, Don, Tim and Tom. Lives in Lincoln, Ill.

Wayne Tibbs, born 1931. Died in 1935. Buried in Elkhart
Cemetery, Logan
County, Ill.

James Tibbs. Born June 10, 1933. Married Hildur Huneke. 2
sons, Wayne and
Mark; 3 daughters, Barbara, Beverly, and Liz. Died August 14,
1996. Buried in
Atlanta Cemetery, Logan County, Ill.

Dale E. Tibbs, born December 10, 1936. Died September 17,
1980. No children

14. William Henry Tibbs. Born March 20,1971. Died September 19, 1946
in Lawndale, Ill.
When his truck was hit by a train. Married Lemara (Lee) Harper on
January, 1893.
Lemara was the daughter of Elijah Harper and Margaret Wells.

Children are -

Maude Tibbs Miller, born 1895, died 1981. Married Carl
Miller. 1 daughter,
Ann Marie. Buried in Elkhart Cemetery, Logan County, Ill.

Vera Tibbs Morris, born March 18, 1903, died January 16,
1987. Married Bryan
Morris. Buried in Elkhart Cemetery.

Lille Tibbs Morris Hymbaugh. Born March 3, 1905, died
September 21, 1994.
Married Milo Morris. One daughter Betty. Later married _____
Buried in Elkhart Cemetery.

Cecil Tibbs, born 1907, died 1976. Married Lucinda Kurtz. 4
sons, Edward,
Robert, Paul, and Harry. Buried in Logan County, Ill.

Clarence Gwin (my father). Born August 9, 1912 in Logan
County, Ill. Died May
1, 1984. Married Erlene Brooks (father Oakley Brooks, mother
Nona Ruth
Hudnall Brooks). Erlene died June 7, 1991. 5 children -
Gwendolyn Ruth,
Donald Eugene, Kenneth Lee, Gary Lynn, and Janet Kay.

Raymond Tibbs, born 1914, died 1963. Married Helen Hurley. 3
children, Bill,
Beverly and Patty. Buried in Elkhart Cemeter.

Alma Tibbs Fulton. Born 1909, died 1931. Married Harry
Fulton. Buried in
Elkhart Cemeter.y,

15. In no records can I find any record of Roy being born to Wm. H. And
Lemara. Family
members know of no Roy.

16. Almedia Tibbs. Born 1994. Died 1951. Married William Birth
Pediga, 1880-1957.
They lived in Metcalf County, Kentucky, migrated to Illinois after
Daniel B. and Lucy
came to Logan County. They lived in New Holland, Illinois where
Birth worked for the
Railroad and was a carpenter. They are buried in New Holland,

The Henry Clay and Arminta home stood in Metcalf County, Kentucky, a bit
North of the family
cemetery where they are buried. We were there again last moth, and it
was down. For many
years it held hay and farm machinery.

I have further details on many of the family, if anyone is interested.

I hope this helps someone, and perhaps the Morman records can be

Dean & Gwen Tibbs
1526 - 450th Avenue
New Holland, Ill. 62671
Phone 217/732-6840

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