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Subject: Early Timmons Families
Date: Mon, 16 Jun 1997 11:29:30 -0400 (EDT)

The earliest record in America I've found for a person with this surname is
Thomas Timonds in Northumberland Co VA, 9 Oct 1674 when he purchased a plot
of land. Westmoreland Co was formed from Northumberland, and in 1664
Stafford Co was organized out of part of Westmoreland. On 29 Oct 1681 Ann
Timens, daughter of Thomas, was born, and on 29 Sep 1684 Thomas had a son
Thomas born in Northumberland Co. On 22 May 1695 there was a deed for
Richard Oldham adjoining the land of Thomas Timmons and others.

In 1697 there was a motion in court by Mary Timmons, widow of Thomas Timmons.
On 17 May 1704 Mary Roberts received the consent of the court to allow her
soon to be ten year old son, Samuel Timons, to serve Mr. George Dawkins until
he reached 18 years of age. Mary had married again to a Roberts and had
moved inland one county to Westmoreland, but she and her son Thomas "heir
apparent to Thomas Timmunds late deceased" sold land on 16 Dec 1707. This
was the property Thomas purchased in 1674. The transaciton was signed by
Mary Roberts with an "X" and Thomas Timmons. Thomas (Jr.) by this time was
living in the Middle Parish of Stafford Co.

On 28 Aug 1711 Thomas Timmons of Stafford Co gained title to a tract of land
on Aquia Creek. The 1723 Quit Rent Roll shows Thomas Timmons with 243 acres.
On a list of tenders of tobacco in 1724 there was a Samuel Timmons, living
between the Aquia and Quantico Creeks, with 2,860 tobacco plants. Thomas
Timmons appears in the Stafford Court records in 1722-24. In 1725 Samuel
Timmons was the executor of a will, and he administered several estates in
the early 1730s.

Thomas Timmons (Jr.) died in 1734 at the age of 50, and his brother Samuel
was executor of his estate. On 14 May 1749 Thomas Timmons married Susanna
Owens in St. Paul's Parish, Stafford County. I am unsure this Thomas was a
son of Thomas (Jr.) or Samuel Timmons.

Samuel Timmons appears on Stafford Co tax lists as late as 1762 living at
Acquia Creek on Beaverdam Run and Long Branch. During the period 1783-1790
John Timmons was on the county tax rolls, and William Timmons is carried for
the year 1787. I found no cemetery records for this family nor additional
land grants for the period 1742-1775. Unfortunately, most of the Stafford Co
records were destroyed over the years, especially since it was a central area
for many Civil War battles.

I believe it is possible Thomas Timmons in Northumberland Co VA may have been
related to William Timmins who was in Somerset Co MD by 27 Mar 1680 when
James Sangster traded the cost of William and Priscilla Timmons'
transportation for their settler's rights to 50 acres of land. James
Sangster was a man of some means. He was sworn into the office of "Attorney
for Their Majesties" on 14 Jun 1692. He married Mary Benston on 13 Nov 1679.

William Timings bought property called "Carters Lott" on 21 Nov 1687 and
George and Mary Ca This land was on the south side of the Pocomoke River,
near the head of Prices Creek, and contained "two hundred acres more or
less." It cost William 3,000 pounds of tobacco. The witnesses to this deed
were two justices of the peace, John Winder and James Dashill. The witnesses
deserve our attention. John Winder came to Somerset Co in 1665 from VA and
lived on the Wicomico River and served on the county court for many years.
He was an officer in the local militia. Two of his children lived in
Northumberland Co VA where Thomas Timmons lived!
James Dashiell was a Scotchman by birth who came from Northumberland Co VA to
the Wicomico section of Somereset Co MD. Other residents of Somerset had
lived in Northumberland Co VA: William Brerenton moved about 1672 and it is
likely David Spoence and George Betts also lived in both counties. While
this is not proof that Thomas and William were related, there was significant
movement between the two counties which are only about 50 miles apart, across
the Chesapeake Bay.

More on the Maryland Timmons later. Bill Timmons

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