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The following data was extracted from "The Titus, Sadorus and Jordan
Families in America," by Allison Jordan McNay, and obtained on microfiche
from the Genealogical Department of the Church of Jesus Christ of
Latter-day Saints. Fiche # 6046739. Also from data compiled by William B.
Moore of Cochranton, PA.

I presume that you already have most of it. Notice that I have Peter Titus
who m. Mary Williams as the son of John, not the son of the original
Daniel. I would like your comment. Also I would appreciate having the
details on your aunts and uncle, etc., and other descendants of the Stearns
family to bring at least that portion up to date.

I can't help but think that there might be some relationship between this
Daniel Titus and the family of Titus Syrach de Vries. What do you think?

-1. Daniel Titus.. b. Nov. 10, 1687. m. Alvina Addams. She b. Jul. 15,
1689. Raised near Amsterdam, Holland and d. there. Their children:

1. Daniel Titus. William B. Moore record.

1. Peter Titus. William B. Moore record.

1. John Titus. Came to America from Holland, and probably originated in
Germany. The family settled on Staten Island, NY in the middle of the 18th
century. m. _____ _____. Their children:

2. Peter Titus. b. ca. 1730. Emigrated from Germany with his three brothers
and settled on Staten Island, Huntingdon Co., NY before 1768 (William B.
Moore record says 1739). He moved to Carlisle, Cumberland Co., PA a few
years later. m. Mary Williams either before leaving or soon after (William
B. Moore says 1742). She b. ca. 1734. Their children:

3. John Titus. b. ca. 1761 (William B. Moore record). m. _____ _____. Had
18 children.

4. Child Titus.

4. Child Titus.

4. Child Titus.

4. Child Titus.

4. Child Titus.

4. Child Titus.

4. Child Titus.

4. Child Titus.

4. Child Titus.

4. Child Titus.

4. Child Titus.

4. Child Titus.

4. Child Titus.

4. Child Titus.

4. Child Titus.

4. Child Titus.

4. Child Titus.

4. Child Titus.

3. Peter Titus. m. Jane Kerr in Frankstown, Blair Co., PA in 1766. Their

4. Jonathan Titus. b. May 27, 1772 in or near Frankstown, Blair Co., PA. d.
Feb. 2, 1857. According to the Allison Jordan McNay genealogy, he was the
founder of Titusville, PA. m. 1st Mary Martin of Chambersburg, Franklin
Co., PA on May 10, 1804. m. 2nd Rebecca Chase, daughter of Rev. Amos Chase
who had organized the Presbyterian Church of Titusville, Crawford Co., PA.
Their children:

5. Peter Augusta Titus. b. ca. 1812. d. Jul. 17, 1837. Buried at Pioneer
Park, Titusville, Crawford Co., PA.

5. Maxwell Titus. d. Dec. 6, 1894. Never married.

5. John Martin Titus. Was in the California gold rush. Never married.

5. Susan Jane Titus. m. Joseph L. Chase.

5. Sarah Ann Titus. m. Edward Huntingdon Chase. Their child:

6. Mary Maxwell Chase. b. Dec. 25, 1778. d. Apr. 12, 1849. m. _____ Titus?
Buried at Pioneer Park, Titusville, Crawford Co., PA.

5. Lavinia Titus. b. ca. 1811. d. Jun. 17, 1814.

5. Lavinia Titus. m. Parker McDowell (her mother's cousin).

5. Mary Lewis Titus. b. ca. 1822. d. Feb. 2, 1824.

5. Olivia Mary Titus. m. John Moore (his 2nd wife).

4. Daniel Titus.

4. Ruth Titus.

4. Fanny Titus.

4. Olivia Titus. m. _____ Moore.

4. Susan Titus.

3. Daniel Titus. b. Oct. 3, 1756. d. May, 1813 at Oil Creek Twp., Crawford
Co., PA. From Tyrone, Blair Co., PA. m. Nancy Lowry on Feb. 1, 1781. She b.
ca. 1759. From Frankstown, Blair Co., PA. According to Charles A. Titus in
his "Titus Family History," "Daniel Titus purchased a claim on Frankstown
Creek, about a mile from the Old Town, in 1774. This was in what is now
Frankstown Township, Blair Co., PA. He received a warrant from the state
for 300 acres there on Dec. 31, 1785, and he appeared on the tax list there
in 1788, and served as overseer of the poor in 1790. According to the
county history, he lived in what is now Allegheny Twp., Blair County in
1787 and 1794. Daniel sold his 300 acres on May 2, 1796 for ten pounds, and
sent his son, James and his cousin, Robert Curry, to Oil Creek Township, in
the spring of 1797 to make a claim for land at what is now Hydetown. They
built a cabin that summer, and in the fall, the whole family moved to Oil
Creek. That same year, Nancy's brother, Mr. Lawry, was captain of the troop
in Frankstown." Their children:

4. Lettis Titus. b. Nov. 17, 1781 in Frankstown Twp., Blair Co., PA. d.
1885. m. Isaac Bloomfield, son of Thomas and Elizabeth (Morris). He b. ca.
1776 at Woodbridge, Middlesex Co., NJ.

4. Mary Titus. b. Sep. 6, 1781. (Oct. 7, 1783 in Frankstown Twp., Blair
Co., PA according to LDS). d. 1847. m. Henry S. (Grandpap) Sadorus, son of
William, in 1811. He b. May 26, 1783 in Bedford Co., PA. d. Jul. 18, 1878.
He enlisted in the War of 1812 in Aug. 1812 and served under Capt. Adam
Holliday in forces commanded by Maj. Andrew and Gen. Meade. He was
discharged in Crawford Co., PA in Mar., 1814. The family moved from
Crawford Co., PA to Sadorus, Champaign Co., IL. Their children:

5. William Henry Sadorus. b. Jul. 4, 1812 at Titusville, Crawford Co., PA.
d. Jun. 18, 1899. Buried at Sadorus, Champaign Co., IL. m. 1st Mary Ann
Moore of Lake Fork, Logan Co., IL on Mar. 11, 1838. She b. Apr. 9, 1815 in
KY. d. ca. 1848. m. 2nd Jincey Ann Brumley. She b. Dec. 26, 1818 in
Crawford Co., PA. m. 3rd Mrs.Charity Hastings. Their children:

6. George Wade Bacon Sadorus. (by Mary). b. Dec. 18, 1838 at Sadorus,
Champaign Co., IL. Entered the Army in 1862 in Co. E, 125th Ill. Reg.
Became Captain of the Company in 1865. m. Phoebe J. Brown.

6. Henry Washington Sadorus. (by Mary). b. Apr. 1, 1840 at Sadorus,
Champaign Co., IL. Enlisted in Co. G., 25th Ill. Reg. on Aug. 25, 1861.
Mustered out on Sep. 1, 1864. m. Marvilla Frances Pagett.

6. Margaret E. Sadorus. (by Mary) b. Jun. 6, 1842-43 at Sadorus, Champaign
Co., IL. m. Oberline C. McConney.

6. Samuel Suver Sadorus. (by Mary). b. Apr. 7, 1844 at Sadorus, Champaign
Co., IL. m. Celia Marinda Whitaker. She b. Aug. 27, 1851 at Ogden, Weber
Co., UT. Their children:

7. James Samuel Sadorus. b. Dec. 4, 1871 at Willard, Box Elder Co., UT. m.
Violet Olive Blanch Noble. She b. Jun. 12, 1885 at St. Joseph, Buchanan
Co., MO. Their children:

8. George Samuel Sadorus. m. 1st _____ _____. m. 2nd _____ _____.

8. Berthie Juanita Sadorus. m. 1st George Delbert Shelton. He b. Mar. 6,
1903 at Teton, Fremont Co., ID. m. 2nd _____ _____.

7. Mary Sarilda Sadorus. b. Aug. 9, 1874 at Willard, Box Elder Co., UT. m.
John Moon. He b. Jun. 21, 1870 at Farmington, Davis Co., UT. Their

8. Celia Pearl Sadorus Moon. b. Sep. 9, 1899 at Sarilda, Fremont Co., ID.
m. 1st _____ _____. m. 2nd _____ _____.

8. Samuel Ray Moon. b. Jan. 24, 1902 at Sarilda, Fremont Co., ID. m. Ivy
May Dixon.

8. Thomas Earl Moon. b. May 4, 1904 at Sarilda, Fremont Co., ID.

8. Opal Janette Moon. b. May 6, 1907 at Sarilda, Fremont Co., ID. m. 1st
_____ _____. m. 2nd _____ _____.

8. Fay Malinda Moon. m. _____ _____.

8. Iola J. Moon. m. _____ _____.

7. Jerusha Malinda Sadorus. b. May 8, 1878 at Willard, Box Elder Co., UT.
m. Joseph Wilson Bowman. He b. May 3, 1864 at Richmond, Cache Co., UT.
Their children:

8. James Lavoy Bowman. m. _____ _____.

8. Coquella Fay Bowman. b. Jun. 5, 1902 at Sarilda, Fremont Co., ID. m.
_____ _____.
8. Celia Laverla Bowman. m. _____ _____.

8. Enoch Sadorus Bowman. b. Aug. 16, 1909 at Sarilda, Fremont Co., ID. m.
Olive Louisa (Iris) Barney. She b. Jan. 28, 1913 at Lakeshore, Utah Co.,

8. Edward Ray Bowman. m. _____ _____.

8. Joseph Thor Bowman. m. _____ _____.

7. Jesse Ray Sadorus. b. Sep. 8, 1888 at Sarilda, Fremont Co., ID. m.
Rachal Fanny Mason.

6. Sarilda J. Sadorus. (by Mary). b. Aug. 19, 1846 at Sadorus, Champaign
Co., IL. m. Thomas Hixon.

6. Sarah S. Sadorus. (by Mary). b. Oct. 14, 1848 at Sadorus, Champaign Co.,
IL. m. Charles Mills.

6. John T. Sadorus. (by Mary). d. at 3 1/2 mo.

6. Son Sadorus. (by Jincey).

6. Daughter Sadorus. (by Jincey).

6. Ida Sadorus. (by Charity).

5. Eliza Jane Sadorus. b. Feb. 24, 1814 at Titusville, Crawford Co., PA. d.
Dec. 11, 1909. m. John Jordan on Mar. 22, 1832. He b. Feb. 5, 1807 in IL.
They travelled by boat down the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers to Shreveport,
then by wagon to Mexico and Texas. They homesteaded in Van Zandt Co. and
founded Jordan's Saline (now called Grand Saline). They then moved by wagon
train to California in 1850, first to San Diego, then to Monterey, and
finally settling in Tulare Co. near the mouth of the Yokohl Valley, in
1856. Their children:

6. Mary Ann Jordan. b. Mar. 1, 1833 in IL. d. Oct. 5, 1915 in CA.

6. William Francis Jordan. b. Nov. 14, 1838 in TX. d. Sep. 1, 1901 in CA.
m. Henrietta Ann Brooks. Their child:

7. Laura Frances Jordan. b. ca. 1855. m. Henry Watts. He b. ca. 1853 in MO.
Their child:

8. Daughter Watts. m. George Eugene Hauck. He b. Feb. 1, 1877 at Cleveland,
Cuyahoga Co., OH.

6. Silas Tolbert Jordan. b. Sep. 8, 1840 in TX.

6. Charles Henry Jordan. b. Feb. 6, 1835 in TX. d. Sep. 8, 1843 in TX.

6. Levi Henderson Jordan. b. Nov. 28, 1836 in TX. d. Jul. 23, 1850 in AZ.

6. Allen Marshall Jordan. b. Sep. 23, 1842 in TX. d. 1887.

6. Henry Sadorus Jordan. b. Jan 2, 1845 in TX. d. Aug. 25, 1847 in TX.

6. John Jordan. b. Jan. 18, 1847 in TX. d. Sep. 19, 1937 in CA.
.6. Elias Francis Jordan. b. Jan. 28, 1850 in TX. d. Aug. 27, 1934 in CA.

6. Thomas Jefferson Jordan. b. Sep. 8, 1852 in CA. d. Feb. 8, 1928.

6. Frederick Omega Jordan. b. Dec. 28, 1854 in CA. d. Dec. 8, 1942 in CA.

6. James Buchanan Jordan. b. Nov. 27, 1856 in CA. d. Mar. 18, 1924 in CA.

5. Adula Sadorus. b. Dec. 12, 1815. d. Aug. 28, 1852.

5. Melissa Sadorus. b. Dec. 22, 1819. d. Aug. 30, 1877. m. Samuel Suver of

5. Allen Marshall Sadorus. b. Mar. 13, 1821 in Rush Co., IN. d. Jul. 11,
1895. m. Margaret Hamilton, daughter of John and Elizabeth (Cook) of IN on
Jul. 12, 1846. She d. Sep. 22, 1867. Their children:

6. Mary Jane Sadorus.

6. Melissa Ann Sadorus.

6. Sarah Frances Sadorus.

6. John H. Sadorus.

6. Charles W. Sadorus.

5. Henry Titus Sadorus. b. Jun. 23, 1823 in Rushville, Rush Co., IN. d.
Jun. 11, 1895. Buried at Sadorus Grove, IL. m. Sarah Fields of Kankakee,
Kankakee Co., IL. She b. Nov. 21, 1847. d. Jun. 18, 1885. Their children:

6. John Sadorus. Died young.

6. Jessie M. Sadorus.

6. Melissa Sadorus.

6. Adula Sadorus.

6. Jordan Sadorus.

5. Mary Sadorus. b. Jun. 9, 1830. d. 1833.

4. James Titus. b. Jan. 12, 1786 at Frankstown, Blair Co., PA. d. 1865. m.
Nancy Agnes Gilson in 1826. She b. Jun. 27, 1801 in Oil Creek Township,
Crawford Co., PA. d. 1842. Their children:

5. Alice Titus. b. Dec. 28, 1826 in Oil Creek Twp., Crawford Co., PA. d.

5. Lettis Titus. b. Aug. 18, 1828 in Oil Creek Twp., Crawford Co., PA. d.
1850. m. David (Daniel) Titus.

5. Ann Titus. b. May 10, 1830 in Oil Creek Twp., Crawford Co., PA. d. Aug.
7, 1900. m. 1st Jeremiah R. Stearns, son of Joseph & _____ (Gibson) from
Crawford Co., PA, in 1858. He b. Apr. 7, 1827. d. 1864. m. 2nd Frederick
Squire. He b. 1811. d. 1885. Their children:

6. James Titus Stearns. b. 1859. m. Minnie E. McKittrick. She b. 1869. d.
1963. Their children:

7. Paul Mack Stearns. b. 1897. d. 1977. m. Margaret Frances Cunningham. She
b. 1896. d. 1967. Their children:

8. Helen Maxine Stearns. b. 1924. d. 1983. m. Carl Clay Cooper. He d. 1981.

8. Richard Alan Stearns. b. 1930. m. Joanne Cantrell. She b. 1931.

8. Mary Elizabeth Stearns. b. 1936. m. John Furman Baker. He b. 1934. Their

9. Shawn Baker. m. _____ Jones. Shawn has supplied data for this section.

7. Ray Stearns. m. Grace _____.

6. Mary B. Stearns. b. 1860.

6. John G. Stearns. b. 1863.

6. Joseph R. Stearns. b. 1864.

6. Alta Maria Squire. b. 1869. m. J. Ross Clark.

5. Nancy Titus. b. Dec. 11, 1831 in Oil Creek Twp., Crawford Co., PA. m.
Isaac Vrooman.

5. James Titus. b. Nov. 12, 1833 in Oil Creek Twp., Crawford Co., PA. d.
1926. m. 1st Alta M. Hill. m. 2nd Elvira Miller.

5. John Gilson Titus. b. Oct. 5, 1836 in Oil Creek Twp., Crawford Co., PA.
d. 1925. m. 1st Katherine Gilson. m. 2nd Viola Winans. m. 3rd Mrs. Emma O.

5. Daniel Titus. b. Oct. 20, 1838 in Oil Creek Twp., Crawford Co., PA. d.

5. Josephine Titus. b. Dec. 23, 1840 at Hydetown, Oil Creek Twp., Crawford
Co., PA. d. 1893. m. 1st George O. Jones in 1859. m. 2nd Fredrick Edmund
Squire, son of Frederick and Sarah (Bullock), on Jun. 15, 1874. He b. Jul.
25, 1843 in Evans Twp., Erie Co., NY. d. 1920. Their child:

6. John Jay Squire. b. Nov. 28, 1874 at Erie, Erie Co. PA. d. 1946. m.
Laura May Page. She b. Sep. 10, 1876 at Wattsburg, Erie Co., PA. Their

7. Edmund Page Squire. b. May 4, 1900 at Spartansburg, Sparta Twp.,
Crawford Co., PA.

7. Mary Josephine Squire. m. Lynn Peterson. He b. Jan. 12, 1902 in Union
Twp., Erie Co., PA. Their children:

8. Jay Allen Peterson. m. Cleora Thayn. Their children:

9. Gregory Kent Peterson. m. _____ _____.

9. Renae Peterson.

9. Stacey Linda Peterson.

9. Mark Allen Peterson.

9. Jared Thayn Peterson.

8. June Ann Peterson. m. Marvin Wilcox Hollingsworth. Their children:

9. Robin Ann Hollingsworth.

9. Clifford Scott Hollingsworth. m. _____ _____.

9. Peter John Hollingsworth. m. _____ _____.

9. Collette Hollingsworth. m. _____ _____.

7. Son Squire. m. Miriam Helena Burton. She b. May 19, 1892 at Fortune,

7. John Theodore Squire. b. Nov. 23, 1910 at Fredonia, Chautauqua Co., NY.
m. Gladys Lucille Bennett. She b. Oct. 2, 1912 at Union City, Erie Co., PA.

7. Elizabeth May Squire. b. Aug. 23, 1913 at Corry, Erie Co., PA.

4. Peter Titus. b. Mar. 10, 1788 in Frankstown Twp., Blair Co. PA. d. 1865.

4. David Titus. b. Jun. 4, 1790 in Frankstown Twp., Blair Co., PA.

4. Jane (Jeannette) Titus.. b. Oct. 17, 1792 in Frankstown Twp. Blair Co.,
PA. m. Gilbert A. Gerow.

4. Thomas Titus. b. Mar. 24, 1795 in Frankstown Twp., Blair Co., PA. m.
Agnes Gorman.

4. Jonathan Titus. b. Aug. 29, 1797 in Frankstown Twp., Blair Co., PA.

4. Samuel Titus. b. Apr. 1, 1805 in Oil Creek Twp., Crawford Co., PA. m.
Mary Titus.

4. Nancy Titus. b. May 21, 1807 in Oil Creek Twp., Crawford Co., PA. m.
Isaac Fetterman.

3. Oliva Titus. m. _____ Evans.

3. Mary Titus. m. _____ Clawson.

3. Sarah Titus. m. Midian Garwood.

2. Daniel Titus. Settled at Hydetown, Crawford Co., PA in 1796.

2. Son Titus.

2. Son Titus.

1. Alvina Titus. William B. Moore record.

1. Ruth Titus. William B. Moore record.

1. Sarah Titus. William B. Moore record.

1. David Titus. William B. Moore record.

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