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From: robin lamacraft <>
Subject: [REFUGEES] Future Ideas - HRE
Date: Sat, 25 Oct 2014 10:52:29 +1030

Hi All,

You probably know me as a long time TMG user and expert on Visual Chart

I am slowly documenting a design for a replacement TMG application that
is not intended to compete with Family tree Maker or Roots Magic or
Legacy or Family Historian.

It is aimed at a broader serious history researcher user base. It is
History Research Environment (HRE). I have about 90 pages in a private
wiki describing these ideas.

Soon I will invite knowledgeable TMG users or TMG users who have used
TMG in ways outside of the norm to make comments on this design.

It will not become public until there is something concrete to demonstrate.

Expected time-line at least 2 years to an example demo.

Priority is to creating a new database that will capture all TMG project

Some data will be reformatted to match new internal storage
requirements, but every data value in TMG v9.03+ will have a storage

This will be an open-source, free application, built by a number of
teams, aiming for a multi-platform, Unicode enabled result.


Robin Lamacraft, Adelaide, Australia

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