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From: "Will Pratt" <<A HREF="mailto:"></A>>
Subject: RE: TMG-L: Custom Source Elements & Nested Cites
Date: Thu, 1 Jul 1999 16:01:10 -0700

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> From: Terry Reigel
> Sent: Thursday, July 01, 1999 2:43 PM
> So now I'm back to my basic question. I got into this trying to deal with
> sources that themselves contain useful cites for the data I am
> recording.
> Anybody found a better way to handle this?

Why not use source of a source? Go to any source and look at the bottom of
the attachments tab. When you have a source which is actually deriving it's
information from a cited source (A genealogy book, citing _sources_? Surely
not!) you can cite the source from which the information was originally
derived in this window. You have to have the source of the source already
entered in the master source list, or enter it when you cite it (it works
like any other citation, in other words). There are two basic approaches
here. You can simply cite all the sources cited by your source, and sort
them out, if at all, in the cds, or you can establish a separate source
listing for your immediate source for each original source. In a word
processor, you would edit the note to the form "'Original source', p xxx,
not seen, cited in 'derivative source', p xxx." If you _had_ seen it,
presumably you'd just cite it directly.


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