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From: Terry Reigel <<A HREF="mailto:"></A>>
Subject: RE: TMG-L: Custom Source Elements & Nested Cites
Date: Sat, 3 Jul 1999 11:40:43 -0400

Message text written by William L. Pratt:

>We need a new "source element" that would have a conceptual form something
>like [cite source of source]. It would be used something like "[cite
>not seen, cited in [full] [footnote] [source] [elements]". This would
>function to reference the full footnote format (or short footnote, or
>bibliographic format) of the source of the source. This would allow the
>appropriate note form for a source seen only in quotation. The cd would
>then read something like "p xxx cited on p xxx".

Will --

I think you have it!

I assume the [cite source of source] element would have to include some
way to specify which source, and would itself have full, short, and
bibliography forms.

I've thought about it a bit, and think what you suggest would work either
in the sentence structure you suggest, or the reverse: [secondary source]
citing [source of source] [CD]. But knowing when to use the full or short
formats could get a bit complex.

On reflection, maybe not. You could just use the full form the first time
it appears in the document and the short form after that, just like it does
now, and ignore whether the occurance is a primary listing or as a source
of source.

I think you have solved the problem I posted on how to get the CD to
reflect details of both cites. In fact, your CD wording seems to work with
either sentence order.

Now, what do other users, and Bob V. think?

Terry Reigel
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