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From: "George W.King" <>
Subject: Re: TMG-L: Buying a used laptop, what should I do?
Date: Sat, 16 Oct 1999 10:18:23 -0400

On Thursday Johanna Myatt asked:

> This is a similar question to the other one posted about laptops. I am
>wanting to buy an inexpensive laptop for travel and only have TMG and my
>database on it. Currently I have 3.7, I've not upgraded as of yet to 4.0.
>I am running it on a 333 desktop with W98.
> I am looking at something like a P100 machine with maybe only 8-16 megs
>of memory and no modem.
> So I know first I'd have to make sure I have W98 on the laptop.
> The question is to transfer my TMG file I would have to zip everything
>in TMG? Should I upgrade to 4.0 first or can I do it without the upgrade?
>Then to transfer the information back to my desktop can it be done with just
>a backup from the laptop?

Johanna, you have already received a couple of good comments. Here are two
comments for questions that you did not ask.
... First, Windows 98 requires more computer resources than Windows 95 -
W98 is a resource hog. So you will want to be sure that the used lap top
has enough main memory (RAM) and disk memory. I suggest a disk drive of 1
MB and main memory of at least 32 MB. You will find that Windows 98 "boots
up" very slowly with a P100 processor.
... Second, TMG runs much better with a larger amount of main memory. Again
I suggest at least 32 MB of main memory. TMG will run quite well with a
P100 processor if you have enough memory.

You can use either TMG 3.7 or 4.0 but you must have the same version on
both machines as TMG 3.7 will not restore data sets from TMG 4.0.

Depending on your financial resources and age of your desk top computer,
you may want to consider a new lap top computer. I have a Dell lap top with
a "port replicator". The port replicator allows me to use my lap top
computer as a desk top machine at home. That is, my standard keyboard,
mouse, monitor, power, printer, and other peripherals attach directly to
the port replicator. The lap top also attaches to the port replicator. When
I travel, I simply pull a handle on the port replicator. The lap top slips
out and becomes a portable, stand alone device.

Hope this helps,


George W King
Williamsburg, VA
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