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From: "Jeff Miller" <>
Subject: TMG-L: Source Entry - married or maiden surname?
Date: Sat, 1 Jan 2000 06:40:26 -0500

The following names are made up to explain my question.

I have a new source - a desecendant of a collateral line.
Her current married name is Merry Moe. That is the name that jumps to mind
when I receive an email or letter from her.
Her name at birth was Merry Miller. But I don't know her as Merry Miller so
when I want to enter a new piece of information she sends me, I can't find
her in the MSL without some extra thought.

She was previously married to Fred Thurwachter. If she divorces Mr. Moe and
remarries, .....

In the long run, is it "better" to enter her in the master source list as:
Moe, Merry
Moe, Merry (Miller)
Moe, Merry (nee Miller)
Miller, Merry (Moe)

I have multiple female sources where I run into this question.
The allocated space for source names is limited to about 30 characters, so I
frequently run out of room before I can enter both the married and the
maiden name, e.g. Thurwachter, Elizabeth R. (Luchenbill)

How have others handled this?



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