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From: "Hugh Wilding" <>
Subject: Re: TMG-L: Source Entry - married or maiden surname?
Date: Sun, 2 Jan 2000 13:22:40 -0000

Tony Hall wrote:

> So now I use "Mrs Merry Moe (née Miller)" in source citations.

This may be down to the old one about "a common people divided by a common
tongue". Am I right in thinking that North Americans would normally express
this lady as "Merry (Miller) Moe"?

> Elizabeth? (sorry, haven't bought your book yet!)

What you good folks over there won't realise is that until
opened for business, neither Lackey nor Mills were available for sale
through the "normal" retail distribution chain here in the UK (copyright
reasons). Log onto the British Library site and observe that neither are
carried in the catalogues and the title don't appear in Whittaker's "Books
in print" either.

Mills is good on women - here's her example of a primary citation for a
letter she holds:

Letter from Maude (King) Hawkins (Mrs. R. O. Hawkins: Route 2; Cedar Vale,
KS 67024) to Elizabeth Shown Mills, 16 April 1972; held in 1996 by Mills
(1732 Ridgedale Drive; Tuscaloosa, AL 35406). The late Mrs. Hawkins was
granddaughter to the couple she discusses.

And for an interview:

Interview with Bessie (Shown) Dean (Mrs James Dean: 79 Washington Street:
Clarendon, AR 72029), by Elizabeth Shown Mills, 20 October 1968. Transcript
held in 1996 by Mills (1732 Ridgedale Drive, Tuscaloosa, AL 35406). Mrs
Dean is now deceased.

I don't think that there's much doubt here about who, where, when and why
(and even the state of their marriages at the relevant date).

> I'm open to reasoned improvements!

Tell me, Tony, are you more comfortable with "Merry Moe (née Miller)" or
"Merry (Miller) Moe"? (There's some wonderful alliteration here <g>!) I
know that personally it's the first for me because that's the way I've bin
brung up...

Hugh Wilding
Berkshire, England

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