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From: bob gillis <>
Subject: Re: TMG-L: Source Surety Values
Date: Mon, 03 Jan 2000 11:06:26 -0500

Gary D. Kee wrote:
> I'm new like Connie and also like Connie would like to get a better handle on
> using the surety values so I don't wind up with them unusable when I get
> everything changed over. >

I don't understand this comment. Change over form BK to TMG? Does BK
use sureties? If you import from another program that does not use
sureties, then you will have to add them. I would add the sureties as I
revise tags or just start with the people you are most interested in and
do each tag one by one. Yes it is a very time consuming task.

Actually if you don't have too many people, <1000, you might want to
consider entering them via the keyboard. You can set up your sources
and review your data and sources.

>However, unlike Connie, I just know :) that this is one
> on the good points of TMG if it is worked right. Right off, I like to share
> GEDCOM but sometimes I have some relationships or "facts" that I am working on
> that I would rather not send out to just anybody but want then in the database to
> help me work. Maybe some specific examples would give us newcomers some
> insight.
> Right now I am going through some birth dates, death dates, and burial places
> using a published cemetery listing for a particular county. I've used it enough
> in the past to feel good about it being accurate as to what is actually on the
> tombstones as it matched the tombstones I had read. I am assigning a value of 3
> for the person, 2 for the date and 3 for the place. (Right now, I am certain that
> the tombstone is the person the person I am working with, if I had reservations
> about that I would probably move that down a level or two along with the other
> values.) Comments?

What date are you assigning a 2 to: birth, death or burial? For birth I
use a 1. For death or burial I use at most a 2, not because the
transcript is suspect but because the information on the stone is.

> Been a lot of discussion about census records. What kind of values does
> everybody assign them?

That is a big subject in itself. I assign from 3 to - depending on the
tag and the information.

> Now, if I have three source that indicate the same birth date, say three census
> records that I have assigned a value of 2, and no source that would indicate
> otherwise, I would tend to believe that the date itself is as sure as I will
> ever be of it. How would I get it to a level 3 surety for report purposes
> without changing one of the census record surety values? >

You won't get to a 3. The best you will get from a census is a 2 and
more likely lower as the 1900 census is the only one with a Month and

But you don't need a 3 level for report purposes. You can explain lower
surety data in the memo. The people who read your reports that are
intersted in the data will want all the information. The people who
read just to learn something about the family won't care about how valid
the information is. If some of you information is wrong, then you might
get feedback on the correct informtion if you include it.

>The only thing I have
> thought of is to create something like a 'preponderance of evidence' source with
> a value of 3. Is something like that logical give how TMG works?
> The negative sign for false data could be of great value. There are some false
> dates that are often quoted in my tree that I would like in what I send out. How
> would you get a report to print with surety values of 2, 3 and - but not 0 and 1?
Unfortunatly you cannot.

> One great thing about TMG that I have already discover is the ability to assign
> sources globally with surety values. I have some 'branches' that I have received
> through GEDCOM's. I imported the whole file, split off the branch that I want
> into a separate TMG file and assign a source and surety value to everything.
> Everything great so far. Now after working with the data (and importing it into
> my main database) I find it is either better or worse than I first thought, can I
> reassign a different surety value globally to just that source GEDCOM?

bob gillis

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