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From: "J.O.Baker" <>
Subject: Re: [TMG] Ref: TMG 4.0d
Date: Thu, 06 Jan 2000 01:27:17 -0800
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Hello Lee, You are the only one who suggested a remedy, but that did not
do anything to the remove the problem, e.g. the errant colour showing up in
parts of the display. Since this is not crucial to any production in Ver.4.0d,
and since it now seems that our 20 month wait is almost ended (Ver5 .final) I
guess I will just ignore Ver 4.0d as is and wait until I see how it might
resolve itself. But I do thank you for your input. Incidentally i had tried
that myself beforehand, and since that did not clear up the colours, I decided
the List might have an
answer. If I do locate the problem and its cause, I'll get back to you for
future reference. Thanks again.

Lee Hoffman wrote:

> J.O.Baker wrote:
> > This question has to do with Accent, and unwanted colour
> >tones in the wrong places. With Accent turned OFF, I have overiding
> >colours showing up as follows
> >Person View: the printed headings 'Type,Date, Name/Place, Ages' and all
> >dotted lines within this window are showing in a Reddish/brown tint
> >rather than usual black.
> >Family View: The Subject, and Parents and below that the Spouse and
> >Parents are correct in 'black' but all below, the labels Children, Sex,
> >Birth, Death, Spouse' as such and all the dotted lined, etc. have this
> >reddish/brown hue, regardless of Accent OFF. The entries as I have made
> >them are perfectly done (blue0.
> >Tree View: Here all is as it should be, except the window frame for
> >'Siblings' and 'Children' and the dotted lines making up that window....
> >same stupid reddish/brown colour.
> >
> >Does anyony know how I accomplished this or how I can correct it. I know
> >it is incorrect since I have two computers and only my 'good computer'
> >exhibits this problem .
> The color scheme for this is controlled by Windows. Right-click on an
> empty area of your Windows Desktop and choose the Properties menu option
> and click on the Appearance tab. Choose the Scheme that you want or select
> each Item and the settings for it.
> Hope this helps -
> Lee Hoffman/KY
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