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Subject: Re: TMG-L: printing lists
Date: Thu, 6 Jan 2000 12:55:51 EST

Judy wrote:
> First, how do you print a name list that is sorted by ID#?

Use a List of People or List of Names report, and in the Output Columns
section, enter "1" in the Sort column for ID Number (List of People) or
Linked Subj: ID# (List of Names). This sorts the list by ID numbers.

> Second, is it possible to print a source list that shows the ID# of
> the person with whom it is associated? I have printed 27 pages of my
> sources that need editing but I have no idea which source goes to which
> person? Is the "person view" the only way you can make the connection to
> the source and am I relegated to doing a person by person search to find
> the sources that need editing? This seems a bit cumbersome.

For this, you need the List of Citations report. Filter for:
Source Number Equals [?]
Then enter the desired source number each time you run the report. This will
list all the citations referencing that source, and will include tags, names
and ID numbers.

> Third, would someone give me a simplified explanation of what all the
> codes and sentence talk is all about? I'm lost in these discussions and
> it is all new to me. Is this only for advanced users of the program or is
> this something I should be tuning into now as I am setting up and editting
> things?

I'd suggest forgetting about the codes and sentence variables until you
become more familiar with the program. I was rather intimidated by them at
first glance, and used the program for a couple of years or so before getting
into them. Once I did start working with them, I found them relatively easy,
perhaps partly due to having learned some programming years ago. (As is
often mentioned here, Lee Hoffman's website is an excellent resource:

Fran Anderson
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