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From: "Terrence W. Reigel" <>
Subject: Re: TMG-L: New version wish list
Date: Thu, 06 Jan 2000 15:42:16 -0500

Bob Velke wrote:


> I have to say that, of your suggestions (most of which were already on the
> wish list), the only one which I would classify as "doubtful" is the
> "automatic quick-fill."

I, too, missed the quick-fill at first. But I've grown rather fond of the repeat
key method, particularly since it adapts so well to the CD field in addition to
the date and name fields. I do think it might be nice if it were a bit longer
than 15 items -- it often seems the name I want has just been scrolled off the
end of the list.

My real #1 wish if for a modern Windows interface -- where fields behave as you
expect when you click on them (it seems I can never remember to wait after
clicking a flag -- I often open the first flag on the list instead of the one I
want; and I don't know how many times I've carefully selected a bit of text in a
field to delete only to have the selection drop as I look away to enter the new
data.) I just have a hard time remembering to allow for the little quirks. But I
assume this will all get fixed in a new 32-bit version.

Perhaps more difficult, I would like to see the ability to open at least two
files at once. I generally open Gedcoms I receive in FTM so I can have them open
at the same time as my TMG file. I would prefer to have them both open in TMG.
Then, the drag and drop idea someone else mentioned would be a great value.
Without having actually tried it, it seems the ability to drag whole people, full
tags, or individual bits of text (names, dates, etc.) would all seem useful.
Obviously, lots of questions appear, like what do you do with the attached

Looking forward to an even better product,

Terry Reigel

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